This clip focusing on knowing ‘why you are doing what you are doing’. It came out of a comment about creating illness as a way of connecting with the collective consciousness. Here are a few quotes from the 5 1/2 minute clip:

You want to heal the world? Heal yourself first!

You need to take care of your own self, your own business, your own closet, your own list, your own soul in order to then vibrate out healing – rather than try to bring in ills to heal and then send back out some how. That is far less efficent than to bring (create) healing within and then vibrate that changed ripple out.

You can have compasion, but you don’t need to bring their ills in or take responsibility or take on the pain of the world. Remember, that each and every one of those people is having their own list, is having their own closet, is having their own expericne, and their own Soul’s desires.

There is not judgment about WHY you are doing it, we just want YOU to know why you are doing it.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Do I have to heal the World? What if I want to?