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May, 2011

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Working For Money & How to Build Your Marriage ~ 4-27-2011

I will say it again, WOW!!

The meeting of April 27, 2011 was very unusual for me. It was powerful for many people, but I want to talk about how unusual it was for me.

First off the Guardians and the Visionaries spoke powerfully about the idea of “Where we put our expanded attention” which was introduced last week. Follow this link for more information. https://eloheim.com/5674/choosing-where-to-put-your-attention-4-20-2011/

Then Eloheim came in. I just watched Eloheim’s section and it seems light and fun like it typically is. However, that is not what I experienced channeling it. I felt things in my body I have never felt before. When Eloheim stopped the meeting to set the energy (just before the YouTube video starts), I had a very intense buzzing in my chest. They truly were setting and holding a very specific energy for the information they were going to bring in. They were VERY serious about this. I guess I am going to have to teach them how to make a serious face so everyone knows when they are being this serious!

The day after the meeting was extremely challenging for me. It took 36 hours to feel like myself again. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Eloheim has asked me to hold off on making further comments about all of this as they want to address it in the next meeting.

Eloheim also talked about how to handle the low-vibrational thoughts we still experience and addressed instantaneous manifestation.

The Girls followed up on Eloheim’s discussion and talked about vibration and multi-tasking.

Fred spoke about the energies of Uranus.

The Warrior continued their story focusing on the energetic jumps we are experiencing and how we can lose ourselves in the rapidity of transformation.

The Matriarch closed the meeting by talking about the changes in our crown chakras.

It’s not WHY is this happening? It’s WOW this is happening!

This subtle shift of language facilitates a huge shift in perspective. Experiences are here to facilitate growth, expansion, and transformation. Nothing happens TO you, it all happens FOR you. You create your reality by choosing your reactions to your experiences.

Shift your perspective to WOW and then allow for your changed perspective to change your life.

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January, 2010

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ELOHEIM: Why are we here? How can I get love? 1-20-10

Hello everyone!
Before I get to the quotes and video from the January 20, 2010 meeting, here is a bit of news:

1. Friday, I was interviewed by Anne Mackenzie for her new project, http://freepsychicnewsletter.com/ I am the featured practitioner for February. Sign up at her site to get the February edition as soon as it is released and for a chance to win free sessions with featured practitioners. One of the prizes is a 30 minute private session with Eloheim!

2. Webcasts are happening weekly! $10 per meeting or $40 per month. This includes a download of the complete audio recording of the gathering. Here is a testimonial from a webcast participant:

While I’m writing this I just wanted to say how sincerely I appreciate your putting the Wednesday meetings on line for those of us who are on the same path but far away without any sense of community. I would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to share your meetings with all of you that have the gift to be able to be there in person every week. Karin

Now, on to January 20, 2010! Another powerful meeting with The Guardians, The Visionaries, The Girls and Eloheim. Visionaries answer the question, “Why are we here?” The Girls continue their discussion of relationships, Eloheim answers questions including, “How do we handle people not loving us the way we want them to?”

Don’t slip into a service mentality! The Visionaries

Be present to yourself. The Visionaries

You can only be a gift to all if you are emanating your complete self. If you are emanating a service vibration you are NOT being a gift. The Visionaries


Eloheim: The change that you’re here to facilitate, is the change to emanation of your complete ensouled self. Would you say that to a four-year-old child of a friend? The relationship you have with yourself, would you have that with someone you love? What is true now, what is fascinating about this moment, if I don’t go in fear where can I go into fascination?

Visionaries: Be present with whatever is in your lap. As you show up as your completeness you are a gift to all. Why are you here?

The Girls: Every single person in your life is there by your choice. If you’re interested in exploring being a creator and you’re interested in pushing the 2012 timeline and you’re interested in ascending and you’re interested in being Homo spiritus and you’re interested in ensouling the human form for the first time, then you have to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life on a much, much, much deeper level than you’ve ever been willing to before.


Audio recordings of the five meetings held in January, 2010


Price: $7.99

April, 2007

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Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

This amazing clip begins with Eloheim responding to a group member’s question about why she had had such a hard day recently.

Eloheim continues the comments to explain how our childhood experiences become assets for us as adults.

They then expand this idea to talk about how we go about experiencing personal growth or as they call it our “Inner Olympics”.

The old way of doing it (personal growth) was to experience challenges. The new way of doing it is to challenge yourself….to look at your core emotion, to look for the gift, to ask why, why, why…

You are only in comparison with you! Can I handle this situation better than I have handled it in the past? Can I look at this in a new light? Can I find the gift here? Can I trust? As compared to five years ago, or five minutes ago, or five seconds ago.

The Spiritual Journey isn’t a competition with anyone other than who you are now as compared to who you were a moment ago and who you will be a moment from now.

The only person to whom you prove who you are is yourself.

Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

March, 2007

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Eloheim: 03-14-07 How do we know what to Pray for?

The meeting of March 14th was unique. It was primarily an extended conversation between Eloheim and two of the members of the group about their primary relationships. It was incredibly personal and powerful, but not necessarily easy to clip and add to the site.

This section focused on the idea of determining what we want to manifest or, said another way, what we want to pray for. This has been confusing to me for many years and Eloheim helped me understand the process much more clearly. This clip also includes use of the Why, Why, Why tool

Eloheim: 03-14-07 How do we know what to Pray for?

Eloheim: 03-14-07 More information on using the Why, Why, Why tool

This very interesting clip gives information on how to use the Why, Why, Why tool with others. Eloheim reminds us that we are not using the Why, Why, Why hammer!

Eloheim: 03-14-07 More information on using the Why, Why, Why tool

Eloheim: 03-07-07 What if I can’t choose between many paths?

This clip is the answer to the question, “What if you are not sure of what direction to go? ….I can think of four or five different paths to go and I am waiting for a lightening bolt…”

February, 2007

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Eloheim: 02-21-07 Do I have to heal the World? What if I want to?

This clip focusing on knowing ‘why you are doing what you are doing’. It came out of a comment about creating illness as a way of connecting with the collective consciousness. Here are a few quotes from the 5 1/2 minute clip:

You want to heal the world? Heal yourself first!

You need to take care of your own self, your own business, your own closet, your own list, your own soul in order to then vibrate out healing – rather than try to bring in ills to heal and then send back out some how. That is far less efficent than to bring (create) healing within and then vibrate that changed ripple out.

You can have compasion, but you don’t need to bring their ills in or take responsibility or take on the pain of the world. Remember, that each and every one of those people is having their own list, is having their own closet, is having their own expericne, and their own Soul’s desires.

There is not judgment about WHY you are doing it, we just want YOU to know why you are doing it.

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Do I have to heal the World? What if I want to?

Eloheim: 02-21-07 Getting Sick and using the Why, Why, Why tool

In this clip, Eloheim talks about illness and potential causes. Included is an example of using the Why, Why, Why tool and tips on how to make it more effective.

02-21-07 Getting Sick and using the Why, Why, Why tool

Please note: Always consult a physician if you need medical care or advice. Eloheim’s comments are not meant to substitute for medical care. Always use your discernment.


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