Today Mark shares his experience during our surprise channeling in Sedona!

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In West Sedona, nestled between homes of all sorts, is the peace park.

Parking is on the street or there’s a dirt road up a slight hill for handicapped parking. Nothing is paved or remotely modern in this three acre or so area.

On top of a large hill sits a statue of Buddha looking southeast. Below the statue cupped in a man made valley is a huge stupha. There was a sign: a stupha is the physical representation of the body of Buddha and please don’t leave anything on the structure itself.

The stupha is a layered pyramid like structure filled with things held sacred in the Buddhist culture. On the top of the stupha is a half moon. There are seven silver bowls of water at the front of the stupha. Offerings such as crystals, money, jewelry, etc. are scattered along the long bench that holds the bowls. Walking three times in a clockwise manner is suggested for amplification of a person’s desires.

There is a smaller stupha – or feminine version – that was made first a little in front of the larger stupha.

There are benches – prayer flags – assorted statues – mini hills & gullies all over. Even the wild life seemed quiet amid the few humans walking – meditating – praying – thinking – talking. Pets are more than welcome to enter the park as long as they are on a leash or controlled.

A natural fortress of red rocks climbs in the background giving the local residents a beautiful view and protection from the winds from the northwest.

Between arriving late Wednesday and the first channeling of Friday night, Thursday was the perfect day for exploring more of what was in Sedona. I felt rested, refreshed, and wanted to revisit places I enjoyed before and be open to new.

I talked Veronica, Mindy, and Tiffanny into coming along. I parked the car on the street in front of the peace park and we slowly climbed towards the main stupha.

We meandered along. Talking, laughing, looking, thinking, quiet, and sharing the moment together. There was no hurry, no time table, no needs unmet during this walk.

We sat by the large stupha and I rattled some facts & information about the park. Veronica could “feel” a big swirling of energy in the area. Veronica picked this up without going into channeling mode. It was that present.

The formation of red rocks – hills – beliefs – none of that entered the observation. It just was.

I mentioned a little way up from the stupha and statue of Buddha was a medicine wheel. The builders of the peace park, although Buddhist in intent, allowed the original caretakers of the land, the native Americans, to share a sacred structure of their culture.

I wasn’t sure exactly where the medicine wheel was, so I moved ahead to search, while my three companions slowly came forward.

I saw the medicine wheel. It didn’t look like my memories. It was just dirt. A large circle of rocks with a cross representing the four directions dividing it. In the center, a smaller open circle.

I had a book on medicine wheels at home that I had never opened or read. So much to this ritual and I didn’t have the knowledge to share. I pushed through my embarrassment and guilt that I had somehow failed being a guide.

“It’s here. I found it. It’s here.” I happily squeaked when I reunited with my companions. “Come on – we’re almost there.”

We all reached the medicine wheel. I saw the opening at the east point of the cross / circle.

“We – umm – we enter from the east. – Umm – Stop at each of the four points. – Ummm – Call up someone, something. – And exit again. – Ummm.”

(I don’t know anything.) and I was tempted to think I was a failure.

Veronica suggested, “Come on. Let’s just enter it and see what happens.”

I entered first. Took a minute and scrambled through my mind for more to say. Giving up on pulling anything from hamster wheel thinking – I moved to the south position. Mindy entered the wheel as I moved. As I moved to the west – Mindy moved to the south – and Tiffanny came in the circle. Finally Veronica entered and the four points were covered.

No one said anything. In the lead, I didn’t make a move to the the beginning till everyone seemed to move forward.

I was getting ready to exit the circle when Veronica spoke up.
“Really? The Facilitator – here and now.”

The rest of us didn’t say a thing. I stayed in the circle and rotation kept going.

When Veronica got to the north position, she sat on a rock that made a natural seat.

“All right. Here we go.”
(I am willing…..)

I thought of my phone and video, but was so caught up in the moment – the channeling wasn’t recorded.

The paraphrased channeling follows:

“Many come to this place looking for peace. Many circle this medicine wheel seeking peace. Yet what they bring is the past.

The limiting energy of “what ifs” is soaked up by the ground as it is walked upon.

It should be a different way. It could be different. It must be different. Why isn’t it different.

As you are all learning

, nothing is gained by looking elsewhere than the moment.

As you walk upon the earth in the upcoming days, know that your new way of thinking is changing the energetics of the red rocks you step on”

Veronica shared later that a new feminine energy then came along and took the heaviness that had soaked into the earth in medicine wheel and threw it into the swirling vortex surrounding the large nearby stupha.

Veronica later called it: Feminine sky energy

Then Eloheim and the group came together for closing comments. The first comments were reinforced along with more that doesn’t come to mind as I write this a couple weeks later.

Only days have passed, yet it seems like a lifetime ago.

The day of the outdoor channeling, I grabbed a few minutes to revisit the peace park.

The first thing that I noticed was the birds singing. All over the park and loudly. I even actually saw a few birds and witnessed bushes moving with the passage of other creatures.

The energy of the medicine wheel seemed like a fountain of sparkling energy springing from the earth. I didn’t enter it. I felt refreshed just standing nearby.

Around the large stupha, the air seemed raining light of all colors with no swirling motion sensed.

The park had been transformed. I was nosey and looked into the faces of the few people walking around.

The past didn’t seem to hold them in such a tight grip. Some looked peaceful, some were looking for reasons to feel other than peace, and the face of one woman stayed with me.

It seemed to me, the face of this woman reflected a battle. A battle between her personality fighting to hold off the peace the body of the park offered and the insight her awareness could offer to a quiet mind.

When I first brought my companions to the stupha, I mentioned I had always felt a protective bubble around the park. The person who showed me the park years ago, had said the park was protected by four huge invisible Chinese dogs. I embraced the custom of mentally asked permission to enter the grounds.

That last visit, I clearly looked around and saw the surrounding neighborhood. Everything felt wide open. The park was no longer hiding its energetic gift. It was there for the world to appreciate it or not. It wouldn’t change what was offering.

I want THAT. I want to walk the world open and be an energetic leader.

The Sedona retreat helped me find my next step along the path to that realization.

Mark you were an amazing tour guide the entire week. I had no idea you doubted that until I read this. Thank you for introducing me to this park and holding space as I allowed the energies to do their work. I’m so happy we spent time together.

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