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October, 2012

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Guilt and Uncertainty – What to do? ~ 10-03-2012

We had an unusual meeting on October 3, 2012. Eloheim did a mini session with each person asking two questions:

  • Where is the place within you that you are not allowing for transformation?

  • What is the thing you wish we would say to you?
    The answers were so revealing and powerful. The session lasted nearly two hours and was 95% Eloheim. Continue Reading…

    July, 2011

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    How to Find the Clarity Beneath Your Uncertainty 7-27-2011 ~ Part 1

    Our recent Eloheim and The Council channeling session of July 27, 2011 was quite unusual. We spent nearly the entire meeting discovering, “The clarity beneath your uncertainty.” Be sure to have something to write on/with when you listen so you can participate in the quick, but powerful exercise Eloheim designed for this meeting. This meeting is part 1 in the uncertainty series. See 8-3-2011 for the next part.

    I received this email after the meeting:
    “Thanks for the very interesting session this evening, it has already provided a new slant on things.”

    This comment was posted on my Face Book page:
    “I have never seen an exercise that cuts to the quick like that!”


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