Four Sessions held in July 2019

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July 7, 2019

Silence May Be Your Best Choice

At some point, we suspect you’re going to realize that having conversations Personality to Personality are a waste of time. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Continuing to navigate Personality to Personality does not generate the evolution we’re talking about; it does not result in Awareness happening. When you want to be in Awareness, you have to be present first. If you don’t like how this is, what is happening in this now moment, you’re going to be in Personality. If the person you’re in conversation with insists on being in Personality, you may not find anything about which to dialogue. We suspect you may have to pull back from some interactions and some people to avoid the Personality loop that goes on with them. Perhaps Awareness stepping in is just quiet. Not a defensive sulking but a quiet presence. Awareness is simply present.

Bouncing off of Personality into Awareness happens when Personality is the default, you catch the temptation to be in Personality, and you to bounce off of that into the Awareness perspective. Veronica noticed that this bouncing off of Personality into Awareness drains her energy. Try not to bounce off too much. Once you catch yourself in Personality, don’t dilly-dally with it. Set it down.

When you know Personality is lively, get present. You can always simply be quiet. Personality wants to defend itself. That’s not a response from clarity. It’s your job to be present and look for clarity. Allow room for clarity to bubble up. Being the calm at the center of the storm might be the answer. The FIP doesn’t have to mean all the things you can do, it can mean making sure you know silence is an option and not looking for the solution for the person with whom you’re having a dialogue. You don’t have to match their energy, let them match yours.

We’ve come to the time to apply what we’ve learned. Being present is the first step. As you navigate that next now, you’re bringing your present self to it and the clarity that arises. You’re being present with people when interacting with them. That looks like: making eye contact, taking the extra step to notice and express gratitude, and recognizing the unique opportunity that will never pass by again. It’s building and being present in the tapestry of connections. You’re actually engaged with what is going on.

As you reach into your life and are present and navigating from Awareness, your sense of self when you take the word “I” out of sentences starts to evolve. You are not your Personality. Being in Awareness offers you more, offers you the FIP. Flatness is a really good word for the Personality experience. Nothing new comes from Personality. What we’re looking at in the long run–by knowing your Personality is not actually who you are–is to break down the limitations. When you’re in Awareness you learn more about yourself instead of a replay of what you’ve already experienced.

Personality has basically given you all it can give you. Personality can only give you limitations and it’s time to surrender that to be in Awareness. Staying in Personality is like wearing shoes that are too small.
A place to be really aware is anytime you feel super rigid or defensive. Is this a boundary, is this clarity, or is this a Personality opinion that hasn’t been considered by Awareness? Am I thinking about the past or the future? Defensiveness or rigidity is a red flag. Is there another way to look at this? Can I just be present without speculating about the future or the past?

July 10, 2019

July 10th, 2019
Bouncing Off Personality

Welcome! We want to acknowledge the Guardians prediction of an earthquake south of here that has since happened. Well done to the Guardians. What’s interesting to us to see is that their perception of the energetic of your surroundings has actually been trained up over the years. They did a regional energetic check instead of just a check-in on the room or a small area nearby. They (the Council members) are growing and stretching, too, along with you guys.

Opportunity. We’re at this profound cusp in the teachings and in the evolution of your connection to accessing your non-Personality state. We feel like you’re more in Awareness and you have to notice when you slip into Personality. You notice when you’re in Awareness and getting distracted or tempted out of it. The ratio has flipped.

Now we want to talk about bouncing off of Personality. We suspect this is most dominant in people. You’re in an activity, you recognize you’re in a Personality dance, you notice and say no, this is not what I want to do so you stop dancing. Then you bounce off of that into an Awareness state. There’s an option to say, enough of this conversation and let it drop. You’re in, you catch yourself, and then don’t try to massage it into an Awareness place. You just let it drop. You go into Awareness about the present moment rather than solving the problem or issue you’re discussing. You connect to Awareness about all-that-is, about this now, and see what bubbles up.

Personality is insufficient. Awareness is a being state, not a doing one. When you’re in Awareness and clarity arises, it’s choiceless choice. Then the urge to action, if there is one, is a quiet message to do something. When you’re in Awareness, the urge to action can be much quieter so you have to notice the subtle messages. It’s not a thought process. It’s choiceless choice. Because that’s the thing that bubbled up, and clarity is so obvious, you don’t need to decide or choose or negotiate. That is the thing to do right now. You’re present and Awareness offers insight about the now. If you’ve already thought it before, it’s Personality. Veronica feels the difference in her body so when she notices her body in discomfort in certain area, she knows she’s in Personality.

One way to be totally present when out in the world is to make a lot of eye contact and express genuine gratitude for someone’s service. This present now is never going to happen again, and one way to be present is by making eye contact.

If there’s anything past “I’m going to be in Awareness,” you’re going to be in Personality. If you add anything to the end of that statement other than “about the now,” Personality is making the decision as to what it is that comes along with “about.” I’m going to be in Awareness about the now. You can only be in Awareness in this now. Awareness is a BEING state, not a doing state.

Being a really good Personality is still only being in Personality. You can be the best Homo sapiens, the best Personality that ever set foot on this planet and yet, if you’re still in Personality, there is a top to what you can give, and for those who have been hanging with us, that is insufficient. You will never make the impact on what you care about that even a smidgen of being in Awareness will impact. Any time you spent in Awareness will make a strongly exponentially impact on all things. If you hang on to all the things that suck, that means Personality is hanging on you. You say, I know my gift to give to this world across the board is from Awareness. I set down all the fixations of Personality and all the messages Personality throws at you to stay in Personality. Every second you spend in Awareness, in that tapestry of connections unfurling, the impact you can make on this globe is exponential and will far exceed anything you can possibly imagine. We promise you this is true. So if Personality tells you “but-but-but you have to care about this thing,” you tell Personality my mission is larger than that.

At this point in the meeting, the group had a conversation with Eloheim about their experiences In Personality and Awareness, offering examples and insights and asking questions.

Q: What is the role of compassion in Awareness?

Every single thing you know about compassion has been filtered through Personality. You’ve never had a non-Personality, authentic experience of compassion in Awareness. However, if you’re in Awareness, the act of compassion becomes a sense of it’s all me. The pain, the celebration of that person is mine, those molecules are mine. When you deeply experience Awareness, you don’t have to have compassion for another’s experience because everyone’s experience is actually YOU having the experience. It’s the sensory system having that experience. You’re using a larger field to experience it’s all me because your nervous system cannot handle it.
Q: If our job is to stay in Awareness, is it about raising the vibration that creates change?

That’s an outcome question, a Personality question. You’re trying to capture what it’s like to be in Awareness using Personality. Anytime you’re trying to explain what Awareness is, you’re using Personality, and Personality can’t know what it’s like. Personality is a fog or a noise, and we’re teaching you how to get that gone so that Awareness, which has always been there, is experienced. We can’t explain what it’s like because it takes Personality to do this and we can’t do that.

At some point, you have to make room for the priority of Awareness. If you don’t, pretty soon, you’re dragging along a bunch of baggage. You can use the Velcro tool when things arise that clamor to be a priority. You can say, I’m tempted to have Velcro for that or I have no Velcro for that.

When you’re running around the world and you’re being super present, we suspect you’ll find a physical sensation accompanies you slipping into Personality. For Veronica, it feels like she shrinks, like a tight sensation in her body.

The difference you can make in Awareness is completely different, on a different scale than Personality. Repurpose Personality wishing, hamster wheel mind thinking, storytelling into being present. Show up again and again even as Personality keeps trying to interfere. We’re in the Awareness Olympics, we’ve had you guys signed up for awhile. We compare you to Olympic caliber athletes because there are only so many Olympians. There are only so many athletes making it a high priority to get into the Olympics.

So you dedicate yourself to releasing Personality, and you show up every day. It’s becoming a way of being. We’re there, maybe a bit disoriented at the moment as you get your bearings, but that’s better than still talking yourself into beginning the journey. It’s a shift, and you’re still stretching and shaking off the effects of the journey.

July 21, 2019

The Experience of Being Present
We want to talk about how it feels to be in Awareness. You know how if you say it often enough, a word comes to feel less meaningful or familiar. Today we want to say instead of Awareness, be present. It’s internal silence, having a quiet mind. It’s very quiet in that there’s no hamster wheel, no thoughts. What are the challenges in that while moving around in the marketplace?

Veronica was recently in the pool exercising and exploring the idea about the transactional nature of an interaction when you’re in the survival instinct. She was exploring the temptation to be in a transactional scenario in all things and how backing out of it can be done by being present. So here she was in the pool. It began to feel like an idea was unfolding, like unfurling clarity, like she was listening to a podcast. It was an illuminating thing.

Being present doesn’t have to mean a meditative state or no thought or holier-than-thou. It means not allowing habitual, hamster wheel, and obsessive thinking to dominate. It means not allowing yourself to be drug into the past or put into the future. That re-evaluation of thought is far different than being present without changing something.

We invite you to share what your experience is of being present. Where do you know within yourself, how do you know when you’re in Awareness? How does my sensory system and my gingerbread shape and my feelings and emotions and thoughts combine to indicate I am present, that I’m in the web of connection? How does it feel in your body? Where does the feeling of being in presence locate in your body?

Veronica feels as though there’s a space in her core that’s centered and balanced, similar to the bubble that centers between the two lines on a level. There’s a sense of clicking in like a puzzle piece, a “deep yes” space. It’s a physical, emotional sensation. There’s an invitation to glide into the web of connection, to the next, and the next moment. Pay attention to that feeling.

Then you have to make sure you don’t drop back into Personality. The moment when someone deep in Personality shows up, treat it like it’s a pop quiz, an invitation to get even stronger. Use it as a heavy training session. Quadruple down. How are you in the experience you’re having? Where am I starting this from? How do I want to interact with this? Oh, I want to be present. I want to dig in with this harder task, put in an extra step, and engage with this. You build this muscle as you exercise this desire to be present and in the web of connection, and when you need it, it’s there for you.

Say you’re in Laos and you have Icelandic money. What you’re trying to use buys you nothing. So you want to have Laos money while in Laos. Same thing for the Awareness thing. If you want to be in Awareness, you got to have the right medium of exchange- Awareness-to offer. You can exchange presence. The currency we’re using is presence. And that presence is our dialogue.

We’re pretty sure you can recognize when you’re present even if you’re not sure when you’re in Awareness:
1. I’m not in hamster wheel mind.
2. I’m not remembering the last time I was in this very same situation.
3. I’m not thinking about what I’m going to do next after I leave this situation.
4. I make eye contact.
5. I express gratitude from presence, not from rote, not from a I-am-leaving-now place.

You’re making your typical interactions more real, putting into your Awareness exercise program. Those five steps make it real and more likely to be an Awareness experience. Then see what that tapestry of connections generates. We feel like each of you could do those five steps.

This experience could be so unusual for the person you’re interacting with that people could get nervous, act silly, share unexpected stories, or have a lot to say. You go about creating a storm of Awareness, and you’re the calm in the center of that storm. Will some people attempt to dodge this type of interaction? Sure. Some don’t want the light shined on them, they shy away. We suspect a lot of times, people aren’t saying no, they just need time to get used to it. Maybe it’s a safe place, maybe it’s an overwhelming place for some people.

It’s kind of a guru thing. There’s a lot that goes into the guru thing. This person is very wise, very kind, very openhearted, but a lot of what goes on is that that person is so present, it’s the only time the audience members get to be around someone that present. Show up wherever you go.

Though difficult to say for Veronica, the urge to interact with some longtime friends who are on a different path than her or unaware of what she is doing has diminished. This has gotten really loud for her. And brings up other emotions. The invitation there when the connection happens is, be present of course, but be present from the place that says, what is true for me in this conversation? Be present to something more, make room for it to be different.

July 24, 2019

Coach Fred Steps Up
Guardians: The energy feels rather clear, especially in regards to what is going on in your society. You are all bringing a cohesive invitation to the Council tonight. We are perceiving the potential in the physicality of your surroundings.

Visionaries: As you are all exploring all the things you are exploring in the movement into Awareness and connection, we arrived tonight at a place where your connection and communication are starting to really deepen. And the opportunities for you to surrender and not engage with Personality are increasing all time.

It’s going to come down now to your commitment to consistently to face where you have been habitual, where sneaky Personality is still there. Assume Personality is still there and look for it and get out of it. Look for where is Personality still lingering, showing up, and uproot those places. This is a habit of many hundreds of lifetimes. Now that you have scraped off the surface of Personality, look for the roots. Be mindful of where it’s trying to flourish.

Eloheim: We’re super jazzed because it’s a yummy time for us right now.
The difference between Awareness and Personality is in the way it’s experiencing and expressing. As you interact in Awareness, you’re not fixated on the notion that you must “problem” your way through it.

Personality wants you to problem to problem to problem. It’s experience and explore what arises as you take the gingerbread shape and interact with the Awareness without the notion we must “problem” our way through it. A lot of times, your identification is “I had a hard childhood” or “I had a problem with that.” When you stop identifying with that, you say, yes they are part of me but they are not the definition of me.

Personality is like the clothes you are wearing, it’s not who you are. You don’t know what someone looks like without all those trappings. Same with Personality and Awareness. As we strip away more and more Personality, you are freed to explore who you truly are underneath, Awareness.

One of the ways sneaky Personality gets in there is by telling you how you should be spending your thinking and your time. Even if you’re retired or semi-retired, there’s still do-to-get floating around in there. Here’s the thing, in Awareness you’re going to have more free time. And you’re going to have to get over the hump of Personality telling you how to spend your free time. In Awareness, Personality isn’t telling you all the things you “have” to do. All that do-to-getting is going to turn into free time. The invitation is to recognize where Personality enters that conversation. As you engage with life with whatever is offered, it’s not enough to be a good Personality at anything. If you recognize there’s tension, frustration, that’s where you stop and say, there’s roots here, and I have to stop and pull out the roots! It’s not just obvious and loud things that now need your attention.

Randy talked about the experience of filling in at her old job, how she slipped into matching the old energy of it, how out of control it made her feel.

The great thing about Awareness is that it’s always been there. This journey we’ve been on has been to illuminate the places where Personality shows up for each of you and help you catch and set it aside. The only thing left is Awareness.

Being present opens the web of connection, puts you in the Field of Possibilities. It expands opportunities for people to have a different experience. It gives others a chance to match energy. And can lead to trippy experiences!

Using the level tool can be helpful. Imagine a bubble in your torso, and when you’re in Awareness, the bubble is between the lines, not forward, not backward, not side to side. If you get the bubble centered, whatever is in front of you doesn’t feel like a chore or a job. It feels proper and correct from clarity because the bubble is in the right place. It feels like choiceless choice.

Warrior: It’s totally okay if you’re struggling once in a while but not all the time.

Delicacy. Situational delicacy, not the snack kind, the situational kind. What do we mean by delicate?

If we’re in a forest looking for dinner, we have to be sneaky to get food. Our eye contact is a connection and an intense gratitude for the animal’s gift. There’s a learned grace to that. Where you put your feet, how you stand, how you hold your weapons, where is the sun, the moon. It’s a delicate balance as you navigate the physical world as you get your needs met. Where are you in relation to what you seek as you get your needs met? You have to pay attention to the details and nuances. As you are engaged with the now, you have to be delicate and notice the nuances. It’s delicate, and by that we mean you have to pay attention to the moment, be engaged with the moment. You’re mindful of the nuances so each part of it is noticed. Each place we put our foot, we must know what we are doing because the wrong step means our dinner flees.

Delicate. We have a strong motivation to be more mindful. What if each time you were not, you would go hungry? If you had to go without dinner every time Personality took over, you might not let Personality take over as much. We don’t want you to starve because you were in Personality. Just think about it in those terms a little bit.

Veronica was thinking, what if the fate of world required me being present right now? She used that tool to jostle her, to make those moment by moment present experiences more important. What if it mattered that much? What if washing your hands in presence literally was the key the door to the FIP? And, by the way, it is. What if each now you treated now like that? And let it unfold from there? It’s a pivotal moment. How present can you actually be? How frequently can you be in presence? Can I be in contact with this now, and can I be in appreciation for what is appearing, for what is unfolding? Can I? You have been well trained by us. Of course you can. Are you willing? Go be willing to do that.

Girls: You guys are yummy and we’re loving the yumminess of you all. We want you to believe in yourselves as much as we believe in you. It’s actually your reality when you turn towards presence and let all that Personality stuff slide off. You’re getting little glimpses and tastes of that visceral reality. That moment when you’re engaging and the miraculous unfolding of the web of connections and FIP that is here is you now. It’s super easy for you big brains to talk yourself out of it.

When you notice when it’s not Personality, well, it feels so good. One of Personality’s greatest tricks is moving the goal posts away from you, as in, it only really counts if you make that goal further away. Compare you to you. Last year, this moment would have been counted as Awareness.
All those things that continually say, this is who you are, you’re able to say, “ah, the voice that says this is who I am is not who I am. I am that which exists when there is no voice saying what I am.”
You’re willing or you wouldn’t be here.

Fred: Energetically we’re going to take you all on a little trip. A long time ago, you made a choice, and that choice was to engage with the idea that Personality could be evolved. You entered into an agreement to access Earth incarnations during which you had experiences. And during that time, you were blind. You tried anything and everything you could think of to find new solutions to fix things. You tried and you tried, to the underlying angst that is present in this physical life, only to find that I am not the potential I know I am. And then you imagine that potential. Maybe it’s money. The better mousetrap. The IS that is insufficient. The human dilemma. As you seek the answer to now, you miss the only solution that exists. Everything else is just you running on a different version of the hamster’s wheel.

Each now is all you have. Your lifetime restarts in every now. Each moment is a rebirth of your potential. It really is like a fountain as it tumbles back on itself. It’s a rebirth of your potential, of possibilities, of experience, exploration, integration, evolution. That is all that has ever actually gone on. And the whole time, instead of engaging with that, you dance with this dream. The only answer to that question is to sink into fountain and allow that fountain to be your life.

There was never a question, simply an experience. Chasing doesn’t answer the imagined question, it’s only a distraction.

Homo sapiens is explained by the idea of the survival instinct. Homo spiritus-Awareness-is not engaging the survival instinct, it is finally realizing the load of nonsense that is that type of ambition. All that ambition is taking you away from the experience you have the potential to engage.

You can continue to dick around with Homo spiritus as long as you want or you can say, I’m done with that, thank you very much. You engage with the fountain of now, this now and this now. The now bubbles up and collapses into the next now. You’re ever actually only in one spot. You’re using the idea that your body moves in space to discount that you’ve only ever been in one spot. And that spot is in the middle of you, the bubble in the level example, the bubble you can carry through the house.

Eloheim has guided you very powerfully and steadily and with a lot of love, and that love they show you is like the waves hitting the ocean shore. There’s Eloheim loving you even if you’re looking the other way or haven’t been to a meeting in three months. We’re coming into our time here, people. We’re more that kind of love that says, I see your potential and I’m going to hold onto that potential, and I’m going to poke at you to help you get to your potential. And when you decide to complain or wiggle out of it, we’re still going to be here poking you. We’re a little more like a coach.

You haven’t even put your baby toenail over the Awareness line yet and it’s already resulting in crazy, cool things happen in life. When you take a proper step into Awareness and put your weight into it, you’re going to be blown away, it’s going to be epic. And we’re going to be there blowing our whistle and saying, “four more laps!” when you want to retreat. We’re going to be standing there not letting you run back, because it’s going to be tempting. We’re not going to let that happen. We’ll still be joking and laughing, and we might be a little more of a hard ass.

Get off that Homo sapien wheel and get into the Homo spiritus’ now. Get into the present. If you’re doing something and it takes you out of the now, you do not need to engage with it, it’s not worth it. That might mean turning off social media or the television. It’s a big step. Find a way to engage with your nows in a new way.

Matriarch: When Fred first showed up, we remember it being really scary for Veronica because she knew he was not like the rest of us. There have been quite a lot of different experiences with Fred. All of that was just to know, like and build trust in them so that when the time comes, you would be willing. You haven’t even seen what that looks like yet. As you progress in this journey, Fred’s role is going to be more prominent. This was just a little bit of a warm up.

You are deeply loved, and you’re admired. What you’re doing is important, and it has been noticed. We would encourage you to carry on.

Four Sessions held in July 2019

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