Four Sessions held in September 2019

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September 1, 2019

Eloheim speaks about the energies of September to begin the session and then uses Lego’s to illustrate a series of points about Awareness!

September 11, 2019

Sending an Energetic GIF

Eloheim: It is going to be primarily a Fred meeting. We want to have a check in regarding Sunday’s meeting. You’re continuing to find opportunities to connect with physical objects. People are reporting a feeling of reuniting with friends while doing that.

Donna spoke about her crystals, reporting she felt she had been neglecting them after an experience of connecting with one of them. She thought she may need to re-home them.

Eloehim: Be careful not to relate to physical objects from Personality and that you don’t anthropomorphize them. Go straight to connecting to them with an Awareness perspective. Connect with each one and see if maybe the crystals are happy or that they just want to be rearranged.

We want to say how proud we are of all you and how impressed we are with how fast you are cueing in on this.

Fred: An important caveat: we are doing a lot of energy work on all of you, even those watching the recordings. If you don’t feel it, it doesn’t matter, if you do, cool. Most of the work we’re doing at this time is on an energetic level. Let the words wash over you rather than trying to grab hold of or try to understand it. That’s going to be all Personality and we refuse to engage with your Personality. We have no interest in that. We’re not going to coddle your Personality in an effort to cajole you into an Awareness state. Be present as deeply as you can to the idea that the energetics are happening and don’t worry if you don’t quite understand what we’re saying all the time. The words are literally just helping keep your Personality at bay as this proceeds.

The continuing unfolding that you are involved in is the unfolding that results in you experiencing Awareness on a steady state basis. Where you are knowing that you are an Awareness-based being that has simply been dabbling with Personality, and that you have caught the fact that Personality has interrupted your Awareness experience, and you’re no longer allowing Personality to do that. Personality can not judge or evaluate your Awareness state. If you are questioning whether you’re in Awareness, you’re in Personality because only Personality judges it. You’re abiding in an Awareness state that Personality interrupts or attempts to interfere with, and when you catch that interference, you interrupt that in the way the works for you.

One of the notions we are unfolding for you is the energetic exchange of experience rather than the dialogue of experience. Vocabulary is inherently limited, and as a limitation, it is the domain of Personality. Souls exchange information on an energetic basis. There’s a template that you exchange with each other when you greet another soul. The experience that you have exists in a data packet that you transmit, just they transmit their data packet to you. It’s an extraordinarily intimate exchange.

The exchange of a download is super multi-sensory. It makes for a more well-rounded experience and less likely for there to be a misunderstanding. It becomes an opportunity to get to know each other more and to have a conversation about the meaning of something rather than just a factual reporting about what occurred. It becomes very fractal very fast. Words are not exactly helping us but we have to get this stuff seeded into your fields.

How do we go about having this experience? You practice by tuning in to the physical objects around you in new ways so you start to get more sensitive to receiving energetic information in new ways. You’re learning a vocabulary of energetics. Each thing is giving you an energetic experience in different ways, and each thing helps you build an energetic vocabulary. This might feel out there and woo-woo but it’s not actually not that far away.

Tuning into objects like a crystal or an oil is harder to connect to and likened more to one key on the piano. It’s a very simple, narrow story. Getting energetic stories from people is more like a song, or a concerto, or an orchestra piece. There’s a lot. One of things we will teach you is how to beam each other very narrow energetic stories. It’s a step, and we’re heading that way. It’s better than telepathy because that’s based on thinking, i.e. Personality. If we could get you to beam GIFs at each other, that would sort of like one key on the piano. That’s a start. If you guys were able to get GIFS from each other, how epic would you feel? You would feel like something shifted. A paradigm shift. And if one of you got it and it was right, well you guys would have to have cake! We don’t see it that far off.

What’s going to get in the way? Personality, doubt, some story you tell yourself. Personality is going to get in the way until you set it aside and it can’t. The other thing is–narrowing the packet down to just a one second GIF is going to take time as well. To do that without accessing your thinking process. That’s why we had to do all that work. You had to do the work so we could come talk to you at length and be able to say, I am a being that abides in Awareness and if occasionally interrupted by Personality, I get rid of it. Those are things we are in the process of developing in you. We are working on that neural pathway, detoxing like we did with Veronica so there’s less likelihood that Personality will assert itself.

That whole idea of feeling emotions and feelings from other people used to be typically handled by the nervous system. The GIF idea is going to handled by the sensory system with a bit of input from the nervous system. This is an important muscle to build. Empaths are simply people who are sensitive that are using their nervous system to process their sensitivities. So we’re all learning together here how to use that sensory system to process the information that normally empaths would process using the nervous system and in the process, waking up the empath in you that has always existed but you haven’t used. We’re skipping over the overwhelm step. Have an Awareness experience with physical objects and don’t assign them personality traits that you interact with with your Personality.

Eloheim: While we recover with water and chocolate, say something.

If you catch yourself saying, “I know this is from Personality, but…” just stop. Don’t let Personality make the comment, and see what clarity comes up instead.

A GIF is the tiniest snippet of experience. It’s one note of who I know myself to be and how I experience myself shared in the snippet but have never been able to share with others. If you could take that into the technicolor, IMAX version of what is experienced by another, we suspect you would just weep. Only Awareness is able to interact on that level. The data packet becomes the entire experience and becomes transmitted in some fashion.

Fred won’t be doing the step by step for how this will happen, we will. That’s how it works. Fred comes in, lays down the energetic template, breaks it down, and we walk you through it. Tag team teaching.

We want to talk briefly about emotions. The idea as we move forward is this confidence of being in Awareness, Personality periodically interrupting, and I stop it. There’s going to come a point where you’re going to have an emotional feeling experience around that. A lot of time, it ends up being overwhelming gratitude, awe, amazement. Don’t process that with your brain. Personality will look for ways to suck you back in and might grab hold of that feeling and put it’s own spin on it. That’s a Personality trap. Let there be no opposite when that feeling happens. Let it be.

Eloheim spent the final half hour clarifying things with a young Eloheimer concerning anger, boundaries, values, friendships, as well as helping another mom help her own young Eloheimer.

September 15, 2019

Eloheim answers questions and offers clarification about Awareness an offers and extended explanation of Fred’s energetic and way of being. POWERFUL!

September 25, 2019

Full Council: Plops! The Flavor of You, Transformation and Time, and a Mobius Strip of Respect

Guardians: The energies feel steady as she goes.

We wanted to talk to you a bit about your own energy fields-the combination of your nervous system and your sensory system. As you’re navigating the world and dealing with your own energy systems, as you feel and react, it’s going to be really powerful for you to come to some clarity around what your flavor (they weren’t sure what word to use yet) is. This is exacerbated in empaths who pick up on others’ feelings and so they don’t know what their own flavor is. As you experience yourself, you have your own tone or flavor or signal, and that signal is modified by connecting to the Awareness and the sensory system but is not necessarily revolutionized by that. There’s this other aspect of you that is persistent through this evolutionary process, and what that persistence can look like is the song, the sound of your soul. We invite you to look for and open to becoming in relationship with this eternal part of you that is perceivable through the gingerbread shape via the nervous system in concert with the sensory system.

As an expression of the eternal nature that I represent in a physical form at this time, the expression of that eternal nature is perceivable and will feel or sound or seem like the song of your soul or the tone of your soul or the signal of your soul. Let that float around in all of you and we’ll get back to that another day.

Visionaries: When the Guardians start out with a plop, you know it’s going to be a night! Part of that is Fred’s tricks and taking somewhat of a leadership role, but the other part is that you guys have done a heck of a job in this Awareness journey and faced down that you cannot know what Awareness experience is until you’re in it. It was only six months ago we were dialing in some of these ideas and plopping notions, and now we’re making them into default experiences. You did that.

An invitation as you hear the rest of the Council members is to really, really let yourself surrender intellectualizing what they bring up. The surrender idea. We got away from talking about the idea of surrendering but we want you to realize that coming back to surrendering is really important because Personality will do its best to try to drag you back over to Personality. Continue to surrender the value of thoughts and the notion of I. If you say I a lot, what is it referring to? The word I and engaging with what it previously referred to is all based on Personality. Be very cautious in the way you allow Personality to identify you.

Eloheim: Let’s talk about that I thing for a little bit. It’s a good thing to revisit. Do any of you want to share how your journey with the word I is evolving?

John: At best, it’s just trying to bring in more Awareness and trying not to use I.

Eloheim: The key is to this notion is less about using the word I but noticing who I is referring to. It’s not just your gingerbread shape, it’s you connecting to the physical space around as you do what you’re doing in the moment. When you’re in the moment, it’s Awareness.

Sasha: It used to be like a keyhole shape thinking, the word I. Now it’s sunk into even past the heart space, it’s almost like octopus tentacles reaching out and being in contact with everything.

Eloheim: That’s a good visual. It doesn’t have to be you tuning into everything, you’re just conscious of the things you experience as you go by. That expands your experience as you go by.

Practicing every day is important, it helps to build the muscle of connection.

Ed: For me, it’s not an octopus. It’s like a cloud with me at the center with whatever it touches in rotation. It’s been easier and easier and faster to let go of I and focus on where I am. I am I in the now. It’s easier to let go of the static. To let go and let it happen.

Eloheim: We understand this is weird. The great thing is that what we’re doing is pushing into the weirdness and not judging it.

Tiffany: Thinking about I is weird. Where am I coming from instead of worrying about the word? Go to the place where the I is right now and not getting caught up in the past or the future. Where am I coming from when I’m using the word I?

Eloheim: What you said when you used to say “I am,” the I you used to use was very, very small.

Recently, Veronica was looking in the computer for a variety of things she had prepared as we started this process months ago, so we thought we’d do a little check in with the charts she made back then.

Get present, stopping thinking, paying attention to what your gingerbread shape is sensing (get in the now). Notice when habitual things are being activated.

Experience the difference in the gingerbread shape and explore the sense of expansion. Witness clarity as it rises in the now. I’m not going to think about it, it comes as an unavoidable next step. When this kicks in and Personality is even quieter and quieter, you’re going to live from clarity to clarity. So as you navigate the world now, when you have a clarity, put a pin in it, note it’s a clarity.

Don’t take clarity into Personality to evaluate it or let ninja Personality re-litigate the whole thing way after it’s over or resolved. Awareness doesn’t answer questions, solve problems, or respond to curiosity generated by Personality. Personality cannot tell you what Awareness can give you or what it will be like.

The change you’re making is so profoundly hard but you’ve had millennia of lifetimes doing it Personality’s way. It’s understandable if ninja Personality pops up once in awhile and pushes you into default space. That’s why we wanted to do a little review tonight. We thought a little check in would help and keep you on track. It’s totally normal for Awareness to feel unusual or disorienting as you go through this process. It’s totally normal to have your physical body have random challenges during this process. We want to remind you to not make assumptions about how your body reacts to this new way of being. Don’t make assumptions about any of this. It cannot be explained or described, yet it can be experienced and explored. This is no small thing. There can be growing pains, disorientation, and confusion.

What’s it all for, what’s the value, you may wonder? You have to use compare you to you to answer that. Look at what’s going on in your world right now. It’s really easy to feel disempowered, frustrated or depressed. What’s the point, what difference can I make? You’re energetically making a change in the world that very few people have the capability to make. Billionaires like Bill Gates can make a difference by using their money, connections, and smarts to help others. The number of billionaires who are truly philanthropic might be a hundred. How many people do you think are making a difference in the Awareness way? 1,000? 10,000? It’s a drop in the bucket. Yet every single person who’s living with the recognition of Awareness has the potential to revolutionize how every other person experiences this planet. Personality’s going to tell you what’s the point? When you’re working in this way, you’re not going for a physical, tangible item, you’re going to be navigating the world from Awareness and we can’t tell you how that’s going to look but we can feel it, and it makes us want to cry.

The idea is not to think about this, instead it’s to experience it. Keep doing what you’re doing but more often.

Girls: We find this I conversation really fascinating. For many years we’ve encouraged you to love yourself. As you’ve learned to love yourself, you’ve been doing it in the way you love another, you love their gingerbread, the thing that makes them unique. You’ve tried to love yourself like you love your mother, child, partner. When you start to revise the way you think about I, you’re upgrading the way you experience self-love that is not the same as loving another gingerbread shape. I stops being a gingerbread shape with a past or a future that you know too much about and starts being something more amazing, and your appreciation and love and delight in that becomes a fountain of appreciation, respect, delight and love that is not the same way as you self-loved in the past. We invite you to reflect on how your appreciation for how far you’ve come can be a form of self-love and how that differs from how you have loved yourself in the past.

Warrior: What feels important tonight with all this male energy in here? Chopping wood. Back in our day, there was no machine to help. You did it with the sweat of your brow, the strength of your back, and the heft of your axe. In the process of chopping firewood, it can be very zen or you can hurt yourself badly. The point is, you’re telling the physical object, using the axe, to change shape. Let yourself recognize the transformation that is occurring, experience it transforming, you can start to have the energetic experience – I am making the request of this transformation. The step-by-step of this is that you start to engage with the process of those sorts of transformations and recognize as you do that the only thing preventing the transformation is time and the way you are interacting with it. If you pay attention in a new way to the difference between tree and logs, dirty dishes and dishes put away, long grass and cut grass are the steps involved laid out by Personality because you don’t have an alternative. If you just bask in the fact there is a way for Awareness to navigate the experience in a new way that you just have not opened to, you’ll be building the right muscles. Get clearer in the fact you’re only doing it that way because that’s the only way Personality can do it and you have yet to engage with how Awareness would interact.

There you go–Plop!

I only make the bed this way because this is the way Personality told me this is the way the bed gets made. I only do it this way because Personality told me this is how it’s done. And drop it. Just touch the idea. No thinking. Can you do that?

Fred: We liked what everybody said and they made good points. And we want to see what else we can contribute. We’re doing a lot of work energetically to tune your systems to receive and grab hold of the ideas and plops without resistance.

Back in the day when you wanted to access deep insights, you went to a temple or a guru and may have prostrated yourself to have access. The amount of information you have nowadays is unlimited and that takes discernment. You need to ask, is this supportive for me and my journey? As you present yourself to the information and ideas, as you bring yourself in relationship to the ideas, especially to Awareness teachings, there’s the invitation that you make to the information: come be part of me and I will be part of you. Surrender into the idea that this quantity of knowledge is what I want to be involved with, that I want to receive.

It’s very much like a mobius strip. As you breathe in that notion, a respect grows. A respect is received and given, it’s an unending mobius strip. The Council is offering you the respect of challenging you, of stretching you. You offer the teachings respect, the teachings offer that respect back. There’s a mutual respect. When Eloheim asks you, will you try a little bit more, or at least say, I want to be connected to my physical world as I hurry to the bank? Will you prioritize it enough to give it a few moments? There’s that exchange. Then the teachings have more to give you. You fuel the movement of these teachings forward. When you show up with more to offer, it fuels the teachings. There’s an exchange of respect and that becomes more and more important to recognize. There will come an opportunity for your exchanges to be made energetically rather than verbally, and then that respect, appreciation, and honoring of the opportunity is going to be at the forefront. The exchange is a sacred act. There’s a sacredness that is becoming more vibrantly allowed as you start to recognize that you’re not engaging in a Personality dialogue with each other, rather you’re engaging in a sacred act of exchanging what, in essence, can be described as the soul of you. It’s more of an access of the eternal version that you’re exchanging with others. It’s a very intimate and quite sacred.

Matriarch: Wow, ploppity plop plop. This is the week that we celebrate the 17th anniversary of these meetings. Thank you for being part of that and for adding what you’ve added, for you have been the fuel for the teachings. So thank you. Good night.

Four Sessions held in September 2019

Watch on demand or download to your device.

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