Four Sessions held in March 2021

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March 7, 2021

Part 1: Value Being Present

We have a lot of energy moving in the direction of deepening clarity. When that energy is combined with Spring (around here) and other things that people are feeling renewed by, it becomes a tidal wave of energy that people can grab a hold of. The invitation is to say what’s renewed, reinvigorated, inspired? Personality wants to define that, to have proof and a diagram to follow. We invite you to tap into where that energy might be bubbling up in you, where you might be feeling connected to inspiration. This is the Body piece. Once the Body piece engages, we don’t go back from that, and there’s a ton of support for that new direction. We invite you to look for where that might be happening for you. It might look very different for each of you.

For Veronica, it’s this “book” thing. But she’s not committing or capitulating to the equal sign of it being a book or to the shape this information might take that she wants to share with new people. It’s her way of saying Personality, kiss off! I’m not having you involved in this project. What does that mean? That means catching Personality. Catching it is success. It is so important. And then dropping into presence and allowing for clarity to bubble up.

Catching is the first step, getting centered, letting clarity bubble up, allowing clarity be something you other than you expect it to be. That’s the mechanics, folks. We don’t have to convince you Personality is real. We just have to convince you to catch it. And surrender it. That four-step process of catch it, surrender it, get present, allow clarity to bubble up, that four-step process, has taken five years and is a good solid process that people can emulate.

The fifth step is don’t let Personality judge what comes up. And that clarity can be on the subject or not on what you caught. That five-step process is basically maintenance right now because you’ve got the tide of a trillion lifetimes against doing any of that.

On a parallel track, we’re bringing in the Body piece more and more loudly. Surrendering the requirement that physicality continue to present itself in the way it has always presented itself: the fork is not just a fork, the ottoman is not just an ottoman, and the edges of things are softer than you imagine them to be. We mean that, where you perceive things to end is simply a presentation of physicality that has a changing point. So, the edge of the desk stops being the edge of the desk and starts being that physicality changes at that point, but it doesn’t mean the edge of anything. Of course, the body piece is whacky to talk about because the desire for proof starts to get loud. It’s like okay that’s an idea, but I’m not experiencing myself that way so it’s hard to buy into it that way. Here we go back to the Magic Eye picture. If you don’t stick with it long enough to see the 3D, you won’t see the picture but you’ll imagine you did. This takes consistency, a consistency to remind yourself to not regard physicality as fixed. Be patient with it. And when unusual things occur, accept them as unusual, invite that into your experience. Don’t let Personality talk you out of them. This includes body stuff, desks , ottomans and forks, the vista you see out the window. Letting physicality reveal its reality to you without letting Personality dictate the agenda. That’s why the Body gets it last. This is why we are talking about this last. You needed to get to a point where you are not still so wrapped up in Personality that you just argue with everything that’s possible in the Body piece. It’s possible for you to experience the unlimited version of the fork. If you’re still in the throes of Personality, it’s going to tell you Eloheim is full of shit or you’re wasting your time, in blatant or sneaky ways, anything to get you off that expansive track, which Personality can’t handle. Personality had to be much less strong so the Body piece could get a fair shake. Plus, the body is slow anyway. But now that you’re catching P on a regular basis, it makes room for the Body piece to start to move, shift, and change.

The amazing thing about the Body piece is that it is so infinite. For example, Veronica was watching a new show called Debris. A broken down, alien spacecraft has entered the solar system, and bits and pieces are falling to Earth. The pieces can do crazy stuff so the government is trying to pick them up before other people do. The premise is completely different from any other sci-fi story Veronica has ever heard or read. The pieces can do anything. Anything is possible. We have no idea what this stuff does and we have to figure it out when they find them. Anything is possible. That’s an interesting way to capture the unlimitedness that physicality, aka the Body piece, really has. And that’s not just levitation or woo-woo things. We’re also talking about your perception of life that is based inside your gingerbread shape of what you see, smell, taste, touch and hear in all your surroundings. There’s all kinds of surface area for the Body piece’s exploration of this evolutionary state. The experience of the gingerbread shape while abiding in Awareness is infinite in scope. Everything’s on the table. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of, everything that’s been in the movies. That’s why it’s so imperative to never allow Personality to have any influence on it. So, when P tries to convince you of limitation, get in the way of that as fast as you can. Don’t let it play out at all. Because in order to have the Body piece really light up, you cannot be dallying with limiting thoughts. Don’t imagine unlimited or limited thoughts. Don’t try to think about what it is. Let what it is be revealed to you. If you’re thinking about it, you’re still thinking. You’re being present, allowing clarity to bubble up, acting on that clarity without letting Personality derail you.

When the Body piece starts to light up, it’s super easy to talk yourself out of it because of the survival instinct. It’s disorienting. Okay, you’re disoriented. You are used to being disoriented. That happened when surrendering Personality was a big deal. You have gotten some practice with disorientation.

So, it goes from:
-catching Personality
-to getting present
-to surrendering Personality
-to allowing clarity to bubble up
-to not allowing Personality to interfere with what arises
-to making sure you’re open to it being something you never considered before.

That’s one track we’re on. Parallel to that is the Body piece. Allowing the edges to be softer. We’re looking for the lever within that flips the switch and helps you be in that kind of relationship to physical objects. The edges of physicality need to be softer. You need to surrender your assumptions and previous relationship to physicality, and you need allow physicality to show you its evolved state. And you need to abide in Awareness as all that goes on. That’s a beginning point. We throw this stuff out there and then we spend some time on it while getting feedback from you and Veronica’s experiences. Until that becomes a “duh”. That’s the beginning point of the Body piece. You’re somewhat past the midpoint of the Personality/Awareness piece. So, it becomes duh. Now it’s the practicing, catching it more. It’s not a confused state. We’re not at that point anymore. But we are at the Body piece. That constantly radically changed state with this, we’re not getting reports on that. So, we continue to poke at it in different ways.

And you cannot make assumptions as to how it will be. You accept and we move forward without Personality. Try to remember to remind yourself that the edges are soft, that physicality only appears to you the way it does is out of habit. The only reason this is the way it is, is habit. Personality has dictated a habitual relationship between my consciousness and this piece of physicality, and Personality has proven to be an unreliable partner. Therefore, I want to surrender Personality’s role in this relationship. That’s what we’re looking for. Just stay in that kind of place.

Pick something up and say, everything I know about this was given to me by Personality and I know that’s not all there is to experience. I choose to experience and explore this as I abide in Awareness. And then Personality might say, but nothing happened! Something happened. Might be one grain of sand that went from one bucket to another bucket. It doesn’t matter. We’re breaking a habit that is a trillion lifetimes in creation. We’re chipping at it. Consistency is extremely helpful.

Q: When does healed Personality start?
E: Sometimes terminology gets changed or evolved. For us, we believe the word Personality references an aspect of you that is not helpful. So, when we talk about Personality, we don’t want to try to rehabilitate the term. Because P can be sneaky so it can say, well, this is healed. But it’s still Personality. Calling it healed and unhealed settled your Core Emotion in the beginning of the Personality/Body/Awareness teachings. The invitation we extend now it to set that aside and use the umbrella terminology of Personality (P). And you want to get rid of that, you want to surrender P. You want to experience your uniqueness through and while abiding in Awareness. You experience the world, physicality, gingerbread as Awareness, and the echoes of P are so quiet they are not even affecting you. Your uniqueness remains, continues to express.

Q: What makes you uniquely you?
E: The fact that your name is [blank]. The fact that your hair color, your eye color is [blank]. The fact of the experiences you’ve had so far. All of that accumulates to make you a unique being on the planet. And you don’t stop being a unique being if you surrender Personality. Remember, P is a filter that you are experiencing your uniqueness through. Like running around wearing sunglasses that make everything dark and blurry and you don’t know you can take those sunglasses off. Take the sunglasses, aka Personality, off. You’re all unique. You all have your own soul history that contributes to the fact that you’re unique. You all have your own incarnational cycles here on Earth that makes you unique. You’ve all had experiences you had in this body on Earth contribute to your uniqueness. So, you all are making a unique contribution to the experience and exploration of the opportunity you have for physicality at this time. And in that opportunity, you’ve been given the further opportunity to surrender the filter that you have been using to evaluate your world. And then experience your world in an unfiltered way. Your uniqueness is your soul’s uniqueness expressing as [your name] right now.

Personality is the filter by which you experience this world.

The filter of P tends to show up in offering you limitations as your alternative: this is all that’s possible, you can’t have that, you can’t do that, outcome focus. It wants you to think about the future and review the past. It keeps you out of the presence because presence is the doorway to Awareness.

Personality distorts your experiences, sets goals and moves the goalposts, tells you are not good enough, believes that there’s nothing more than it thinks is possible, it’s an arrogant know-it all, thinks it’s always right, makes up stories about what’s going on, wants to control, and will assert itself in order to control, avoids uncertainty and denies the reality that uncertainty is your constant companion. P tells you not to try, not to do, go, risk it.

Personality continues to offer you a distorting filter of what is possible in your life. Personality gives you more Personality. When you catch Personality and you say no, I’m not going to use that filter to evaluate this now, that’s surrender. When you do that consistently, Personality gets quieter and quieter. But it’s not enough to simply surrender. You have to take the next step. And that’s getting quiet, allowing clarity to bubble up, and then not letting Personality tell you what that clarity is allowed to be.

Awareness is constantly present. We don’t want to mix up those two words. Your uniqueness is what makes you [your name]. Awareness IS the Field of Infinite Possibilities that you currently live in and always have lived in, but nearly every single breath you’ve ever taken has your experience of Awareness being distorted by the limiting lens of Personality. How do we change that? First, by catching it. Then you deal with it.

Your uniqueness is you with your current name, your current body, your current address, your genetics and DNA, the journey you’ve been on as a soul, what you’ve brought and are bringing to this incarnation. That uniqueness is having an experience on Earth right now. We want to support you in removing the filter of Personality so that your uniqueness can explore this lifetime without that distortion. Awareness is always there. You just don’t notice it because the distortion of Personality is loud. It doesn’t have to be that way. Letting go of it allows for a brand-new experience: a vastly changed state.

The easiest place to experience Awareness viscerally is in the present moment. We’ve talked about the doorways to Awareness. Be present to what-is. Present moment. You get present, surrender, are deeply present and allow for clarity and choiceless choice to bubble up. Allowing Awareness to reveal the undistorted experience that you have always had the potential to have. You gotta be in the present moment for that. Not in the past or the future and thinking about them over and over again. One of the easiest ways to know you’re in P is to be in the past or the future. Show up moment by moment, utterly present with what-is, without letting Personality tell you what’s possible or dictate the terms of your experience or drag you into the past or the future about what you’re experiencing. And if that feels weird or different, saying “unusual things is” and you continue to be present. Come back to presence over and over and over again.

Most people won’t value the present. Your Personality justifies current behavior based on your traumatic past. The only place anything is going on, the only place you can make decisions in or take actions in or be a chooser, is in the current moment. Most people will spend no time there. They whine and worry and play the victim. Yet they never spend any time where their own personal power exists. They won’t require themselves to be present. It’s the only place anything is going on. Trauma will tell you the only thing that matters is the trauma. Personality will say the only thing that matters is the trauma. What’s the alternative? Being present. Build a muscle. Learn to value being present.

March 10, 2021

Putting on Gloves and The Body Piece

This is Part 2 of our distillation of the teachings of the last five years or so. Right now, we’re having two tracks happening simultaneously. We’ve got the body track that we talked about on Sunday, about softening the edges of that, and the fork’s not a fork, and all that. So that’s still going on.

Right now, we want to talk about Personality and Awareness. The word Personality is starting to cause a problem. There were good reasons to use the word Personality in the beginning. Personality is the distorted filter through which your uniqueness has been experiencing Earth life. Your uniqueness is that which is your body, your experiences, your interests, your earth life, and all of your soul’s experiences. That combines to create what we call your uniqueness. You are distinct from every other being in the universe. Your uniqueness comes onto Planet Earth, and there are all kinds of things that need to be adjusted in order to keep you on Planet Earth so that you can have the incarnational cycle that you desire to have. So that you can experience density and duality, experience what it’s like to live in an amnesic state to your soul’s epicness. And one of those things is what we ended up calling Personality. Personality, that filter, that distorted your experience of your uniqueness, was necessary in order to allow for things like the amnesia of your soul state, like mitigating the way that the intensity of density and duality affected you. So, you come as a soul, land on Earth and without Personality you’re like, no freaking way, and you get out, because it’s a huge difference. So, on some levels the filter was put in place to help you maintain your willingness to stay on Earth, to maintain your ability to navigate this world. For example, watch when we have Visitors come into the body at one of our meetings and they’re like “boiiiinggg”. They don’t even know how to deal. They usually can barely get a word or two out. That’s not far from what you would have experienced without some mitigation. That mitigation becomes something like what we’ll call Personality, that filter.

You’re 500 lifetimes into this now. You don’t need that filter anymore. You’re at a point where you can say, I can be on Planet Earth without that filter anymore. However, that filter had become so embedded into your experience that it coated everything. And when people say I don’t want to surrender Personality because that would mean I have to surrender who I am, they’re not lying. That is the perception they have. The perception is that that filter is actually who they are. But that perception is an inaccurate perception. That’s why Personality was a good word for it in the beginning. Because your Personality is holding you back. People interpret the word Personality to exclusively mean their identity and not an overlay, not a filter through which they’re experiencing their identity.

So, the word is causing problems. We’re not sure exactly how we want to solve that. Veronica suggested just using the letter P. We might end up using another terminology. For all of you, we’re just going to keep saying Personality. But we want to say, if this word is causing you problems, you’re not alone. But. You gotta get over it. Or find a way around it. A lot of times, when people are expressing frustration over the word personality, they are advocating for Personality to stay rather than recognizing that it’s a word I think means one thing but Eloheim uses it in another way and I’m going to stretch so I can keep up with what’s going on. It’s your choice.

So, you have your uniqueness, which is inhabiting a human form, which is experiencing amnesia to a huge degree about the other human forms it has inhabited, having amnesia about the soul experiences that are had outside Earth lifetimes. And that amnesia is part of what gets removed when we take out this filter of Personality. Because what is Personality typically doing? It’s trying to convince you of limitation. What is one of the limitations it convinces you of is that you don’t matter, you shouldn’t try. And what have been talking about? Reunification of the lifetimes. That’s because less Personality means less filter, and one of the things not filtered out anymore is alternate expression bleed through. So, as we start taking out the filter of P, your uniqueness begins to experience what it’s like to be unfettered. And that’s what we call abiding in Awareness, an unfettered experience of physicality. Still in density and duality, still with tons of amnesia, but no more filter on that. It’s like when some cars have governors on them that keep the car from going over a certain speed. It’s capable of going faster but cuts out when it does. Your Personality says sure you could do that but no one should. P has been a governor. Because you needed it. Everyone has such undisciplined thoughts about everything. The body doesn’t listen to you because with undisciplined thoughts for example, you could hate your hair and end up bald! Personality is basically like child safety locks! We really don’t want you getting into the cabinet with all the poisons until your old enough not to guzzle that stuff. It’s a filter. But you are all spiritual grownups and you don’t need a filter. And we are here to help you get rid of it.

Here’s what we can’t do. We can’t make you earnest. We can’t be the drill sergeant, guru, sensei to push you to do it. This is the lifetime you are doing it on your own. You’re bucking a tide of a trillion lifetimes and bringing earnestness to this. It’s vastly different, so earnestly pushing your lifetime past Personality, that’s on you. We will support you but we can’t make you earnest.

We came up with this super fun example. We were trying to think of ways to illuminate the difference between Personality and Awareness for those having a problem with that. So, imagine that you’re talking to someone and you notice that they’re wearing thick gloves. Wow, every time I see this person, they’re wearing thick gloves. How do they experience the world with gloves on all the time, you wonder? So, you mention to them that you noticed they’re wearing gloves. And they deny that they are wearing gloves. They say, no, these are my hands. We say, everything will be totally different if you take those gloves off. Let’s say, just once you get them to take off their gloves while you’re both at a petting zoo. You tell them how different it will be. Maybe your friend agrees and actually takes them off and touches the animals. The guy goes yeah that’s cool! Then later, as you walk over to the cafe, you notice his gloves are back on. You say, hey you put the gloves back on! Oh man, I didn’t even notice. They just popped on there again.

That’s kind of like what it feels like for us. Whoa, you take them off, and oh there, they’re back again. You can poke him and say, take off your gloves, but the guy has got to want to take them off by himself. Consistent, earnest, willingness to experience the world in a new way rather than continue to default to habit. And of course, you take off the gloves, and the world feels completely different. You have to be willing to be disoriented. That’s tricky. That’s why we could have never taught you this ten years ago. There’s no way we could have encouraged you to be disoriented. You’re feeling too many feelings. You gotta get used to that. But still. You want to be touching things with gloves?

Let’s look at the four phases thing. They are similar to the levels in that you do one and you move to the next one, but not that you never do the previous one again. They are progressive, and you can go back and forth.

1. The first phase is the catching of Personality. There’s this thing called Personality and here’s how to catch it. You already have this muscle with the catching of habit. New people are learning with examples. Stories vs. Reporting, here’s what it is and here are examples from my life and other people. You have to catch where Personality is living. It’s basically invisible. Taking from the unconscious level into the conscious level will wake people for where to look to catch Personality. That is where the consistent, earnest willingness has to be lively. But every bit of catching Personality is success. Catch Personality and have examples where it shows up.

2. Then we have surrendering Personality. That’s where you say, I am no longer going to allow this thing to distort my experience. You recognize where you telling a story about the experience and you say, I am no longer going to tell a story about this experience. I am surrendering Personality, the filter I’m using to navigate this now, and instead allow myself to report what really is true here. I am surrendering the filter, the habit, the addiction, the default of using the filter to cope with the current experience that I’m in. I no longer need or want to experience that. I want my uniqueness to have an unfettered experience of this now. And the trick here is to get really, really super present. You’re not arguing, you’re exploring. It takes diligence. It’s not casual but not impossible.

3. You’ve caught the filter, said no way, surrendered, gotten present. Now what? The fact that that occurred becomes the doorway to Awareness. Then the moment comes to allow for clarity to bubble up and you can wait on it without allowing Personality to pop back up. And the filter of Personality is not allowed to evaluate what pops up. The gloves pop back on unless you don’t let them. The fact that you caught and surrendered Personality is success. P has been a fact of the system that you’ve been setting down so it doesn’t mean you suck if you catch it. It just means you’re standing at a doorway to Awareness. And if you feel disoriented, it does not mean danger, it means change and transformation.

4. As that whole process smooths and speeds up, you end up abiding in Awareness. Abiding is not an action. Abiding is not passive. It’s middle ground. It means dwell. It’s being in Awareness. It has a very specific energetic for us. As you abide in that, you become part of the tapestry. What we mean by tapestry-we become very interconnected with the unfolding. Your experience of physicality, of your alternate expression, of your soul journey, of everything, starts to change because you’re no longer forced into this very narrow space. You’re very oozy and flowy. Anytime Personality tries to intrude on that, it just feels like faint echoes. You notice it, but it doesn’t impact you or drive the show. It doesn’t filter your experience. The disorientation of abiding in Awareness is a very real thing, so you may as well get a heads up. You are all of a sudden saying I’ve spent hundreds of earth lifetimes completely filtered by Personality and I’m finally at a point where I’m having an unfettered experience of reality. Plus, you have matured so much spiritually and have so much more of an open outlook on things-for example, this huge expansion of experience of interaction via the internet-that the trajectory is amplified by the fact that that filter is gone. So, you recommit to your earnestness and willingness to navigate the vastly changed state. Deal with what comes up rather than put the gloves back on.

It’s not like because you get it right once and you’ll get it right forever. It’s okay to bounce around. And if you’re not catching Personality a lot, you need to be. If you’re only catching Personality and surrendering it, it’s time to start using it as a doorway to Awareness. And if you’re abiding in Awareness and feeling disoriented, let’s talk about that, too, so hopefully we can help you. We haven’t talked about disorientation that much.

[Group interactions sharing]

-I keep thinking about the Visitor/Sun interpreter who was overwhelmed by Miss Kitty. I watch the birds visiting our bird feeder and think, no wonder we put on the gloves to deal with the overwhelming experiences offered by Earth. An observation, not an excuse.

Eloheim: Yes, so you can see why the filter got put in place. Hopefully, you can see that you’re ready for it not to be there. Someone wrote to Veronica, I find myself fixated on why we have Personality and I realize that’s probably Personality, and I don’t need to know because we need to surrender Personality, but then I go back to why we had to have it in the first place. So, that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to address this tonight. Because it has been a tool, a coping mechanism. We feel you have matured beyond it. This lifetime gives you the opportunity to be matured beyond that coping mechanism.

What do you think of those four phases? Does that feel clear to you? Do you feel like you could explain that to someone else?

-I’ve been experiencing disorientation. Example: when the mind isn’t focused on herd mentality and duality and external world, it’s very quiet, left with noticing Personality popping up.

Eloheim: Thanks for that feedback. Veronica’s experience of disorientation lately has been around her back and the way she’s been interacting with pain and physicality in general.

-My recent panic attacks have been really good reminders about surrendering into Awareness as I got stuck into the cycle of disorientation of so much fear. I reacted to it by trying to figure it out, which caused more fear.

Eloheim: You were catching Personality, recognizing something was going on but then Personality was taking over again. And then you were trying to catch Personality but then the mind was taking over again. So, you were kind of stuck in the I’m in Personality and don’t know it, I’ve caught it, I’m in Personality and don’t know it, I’ve caught it and had a hard time getting out of that into the surrender/doorway to Awareness part of it.

-I like realizing I was stuck in catcher mode and am now starting to push earnestly into the disorientation.

Eloheim: That’s why this phases thing is really helpful. Oh, that’s what’s going on!

-While sorting through Tony’s stuff, sometimes I realize that Personality is getting involved and sometimes it feels like sadness or grief. How to determine the difference?

Eloheim: Sadness and grief. If you’re present to that experience, meaning you feel sad today and you’re not judging it or trying to making it go away or second guessing it, you’re just present to the fact that the body is going through something. When Personality beats you up in some way or sends you into the future or second guesses the past or tells you you should do it differently, you’re not operating from clarity or choicelessness, you’re getting bashed around by Personality. That would be the difference. You can have the exact same experience but either Personality is in charge or it’s the doorway thing.

-Was doing errands and needed to get back to the house by a certain time. Lost track of time and the need to get home, but it worked out okay. Lucked out but it could have caused a missed appointment. Is there something to keep the focus?

Eloheim: First we have to talk about your question. Your question is letting Personality in. Your Personality is saying you lucked out. Who says you lucked out? Only Personality says you lucked out. We say it worked out. Personality says oh man, you got lucky. The reality is you did your errands and you got home at the right time. We say it came together. That’s Personality moving the goalposts. You’re here on time but you didn’t pay attention to the time so you failed. The “bad boyfriend” example. You suck. Moving the goalposts. Wanting to keep some of the focus, we understand that. Veronica sets alarms because she’s not very good at perceiving time passing.

What we just did with Kate was an example of a catch and a surrender.

Before we switch gears, what we really want to say is, we can’t make you earnest. And if you want Awareness, you have to be the one catching Personality. You have to want to catch it, you have to be the one noticing. Don’t kid yourself that you don’t have any to catch because everyone has lots. Right now, you’re catching blatant Personality, the big chunks. Sneaky Personality shows up when the blatant Personality has been knocked down enough to start to notice it. We’re not even getting into a more detailed description of that. We’re catching and surrendering the big chunks like a sculptors knock off the big chunks from the marble first. And doorway to Awareness, that’s the smaller chunks. Right now, catch and surrender, use the doorway. That needs to be happening a lot.

The Body Piece

Now we want to talk about the Body piece a bit. While you’re doing all that, you’re also having the opportunity to experience physicality. What do we mean by that? The gingerbread shape plus everything else. The Big B Body. What happens when you surrender the filter of physicality, your unfettered experience of physicality begins to kick in. Now this happens last and slowest, and once it changes, it tends not to change back. Levelling up, to use a gaming metaphor. So, it doesn’t tend to happen immediately. Plus, it’s disorienting. So, the body piece is going to be a bit whack-a-doodle, and fun. We’ve played around, seeding the field for years. The Kleenex box, free the ottoman, the fork is not just a fork, etc. We’re on the main road and taking side roads, and detouring back as we figure out what makes sense to people, what is common enough that we can speak to all of you about it. As we look at this body piece, we’re looking for ways to explain it that are similar enough for your uniqueness that you can all gain, learn from it. And that’s the phase of the teachings we’re in with the Body piece. But we’ve been seeding the field for a while now. As we do that, one the things that we’re learning is that the gingerbread shape seems to be affected before physicality shifts significantly. We don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but it’s certainly true for Veronica. Does that feel true for anyone else? Are you having any physical oddities happening and not experiencing any other Big B Body things happening? Veronica is not putting her hand through walls but her back is doing some really trippy stuff. Randy says yes, and we think this is true for Dennis as well.

What’s really powerful about that, that immediately takes on the survival instinct head on. So, if one day you were walking along and you tripped but you felt like the wall was a trampoline, well, wow, that’s a physical oddity but that probably doesn’t activate the SI the same way that like having a lot of physical pain in the body might. And it’s really easy to talk yourself out of the idea that the wall became a trampoline but it’s harder to talk yourself out of the idea that your body has done some woohoo thing. What we think is really powerful about this is the Body piece is going, we’re just going to do the real piece first and if you guys can deal with the physical body doing physical oddities, by the time we get around to the wall becoming a trampoline, it will be okay. It will be whatever. We’ll see how this plays out. The wall becoming a trampoline and you’re dealing with your gingerbread doing odd stuff, and you’re nodding, of course. My body is like a zoomie zoomie so why wouldn’t the wall be a trampoline? It’s accepted. Whereas, if your body is doing what it usually does, and all of a sudden, the wall becomes a trampoline, you’d be OMG. Does that feel true for anyone?

So, it feels like there’s this disorientation and exploration of the physical body, and it makes sense. Because if you’ve been wearing gloves-on some level the Personality is almost like a second skin coating you-you can imagine it’s like taking off the gloves, your experience of physicality becomes way more. This is where we need the sensory system to help process all this stuff.

[The group shared their experiences with this.]

So, some of you might be wondering if you’re actually surrendering Personality. Your vastly changed experiences of your physical body is a result of your Personality not telling you can’t have stuff like that or keeping you so damned busy thinking, remembering obsessively, projecting, that you never actually have a moment to perceive these things. This is juicy.

-What I’m experiencing is not so much physicality but the experience of loving people. Like seeing their unique selves and loving them for that. It’s a little challenging and overwhelming somehow because it feels really risky to love deeply.

Eloheim: That’s a really good point. One of things the filter of Personality does is that it decides is who is loveable and who is not, and who you have permission to express love to and who you don’t. We don’t talk about love much but the truth of you is you ARE Love. Awareness can be also called love. Awareness is that unfiltered, unfettered experience of the uniqueness of others. It’s really easy to fall in love with the uniqueness of others. Yeah, that riskiness, put that in the category of Personality. That happened with Veronica when she reconnected to an old friend from high school and she told him she loved him. He doesn’t have to say it back. There’s no jeopardy from me saying, it’s just truth. In that moment there was no hesitation in her to say that.

-Was in a fog, couldn’t think, sat down in quiet. Huge body shaking. Felt great after, mental clarity, fog lifted.

Eloheim: Excellent. That’s a perfect example of a doorway to Awareness. Personality would say oh you should really be worried you feel this foggy thing. But you got present then allowed for the clarity to bubble up, which in that case was that the body needed to shake a lot, and then, Awareness. Really great example of a nonverbal component. You caught it, got present, and allowed without Personality getting to interfere, what needed to come up, came up, and you abided in the tapestry of Awareness after.

So, it feels like being really present to physicality, meaning, the gingerbread shifts, seems true enough that we can make that kind of generalization: that the filter of Personality being removed results in the experience of the gingerbread evolving. And in that evolution of the gingerbread experience, disorientation can happen but also all these beautiful experiences. Disorientation doesn’t have to be interpreted as a bad thing. It’s just all of a sudden, I’m loving people like never before, all of a sudden, I’m this or that, feeling this, different from the status quo. Disorientation is the word that means change for now. In a year, it might feel bad to people and we may use something else like the word discovery. Right now, it is disorienting. Because you’re breaking out of the status quo.

-When I’m really present out walking the dog, I can feel small pockets of the softness in the sidewalk. So much so that I feel like I could fall over yet it’s all solid at the same time, too.

Eloheim: Ooooh. So that’s an example of physicality, the Big B Body showing up in different ways. There’s our first real good example of that tonight. That’s disorienting. Here’s the thing. Is that uncertainty going to be processed as danger or is it going to be acknowledged as disorientation in the evolution of my experience of physicality? There’s the choice. That’s why disorientation is the right word for now.

It’s the same muscle as uncertainty. I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m not going to interpret it as danger. You purposely disorient yourselves. You go on trips to other countries or ride roller coasters, and you pay to be disoriented. You want to be disoriented from your normal experience. You all seek out disorientation a lot, but when you’re in it, you tend to let survival instinct process it rather than letting yourself abide in Awareness in it.

The quest for understanding, the best it will get you is Level 6, and it rarely gets you that. If you’re questing for understanding, you’ll almost always be stuck. Personality will say you need to understand this more to be safe, and it will move the goalpost all over on you. It will change what success means all over on you. And you just spend your time dancing around and trying to understand rather than ever getting present and letting choiceless choice bubble up and guide you. This is why we talked about the fallacy of information gathering.

This was fantastic. This meeting was really, really good. We are feeling very satisfied that the clarity is here. And you know where that comes from is you have the spiritual maturity to surrender the filter of Personality. And you know how rare it is because you know how rare it is in your life. Even in this one lifetime, it’s a small percentage. Add all the lifetimes you’ve ever experienced plus all the other lifetimes around you, it’s an even smaller percentage.

Here are the graphics that Eloheim references during this session:

March 21, 2021

Eloheim continues the conversation of the “Four Phases” (see the last meeting’s summary for the graphic listing the Four Phases) emphasizing the Doorway to Awareness phase and illuminating how we avoid the doorway and what to do about it.

March 24, 2021

Veronica got her first Covid-19 vaccine shot earlier in the day so Eloheim took the opportunity to dig into that decision. The conversation includes discussion of masks, testing, treatment all illuminating how the filter of Personality is involved, how we navigate a free will zone, and the establishment of Social Contracts between us.

Four Sessions held in March 2021

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