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February, 2009

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ELOHEIM: Consciousness and Fear – My Story

Before the meeting of 2-18-09 three interesting things occurred:
1. I forgot to plug in the laptop, so we don’t have video of the first 30 minutes or so. Managing electronics while in an altered state is a tricky proposition!
2. I requested that Eloheim summarize their teachings about fear.
3. I told a story.

The story was about my recent encounter with a police officer. I have been driving for about 26 years and had never been pulled over for a moving violation.

Recently, on my way through the Sonoma Plaza after dropping off some promotional materials for the Well Being Expo I am producing, I was pulled over for running a stop sign.

The experience continues to teach me quite a lot!

The officer was tucked in at a four-way stop keeping an eye out for folks running the sign. I saw the officer and actually thought, “Wow, he is looking for people to pull over for running the stop sign.” When he quickly pulled in behind me I thought, “He must have somewhere to go.” When he put on his red light I thought, “He must need me to get out of his way!”

He didn’t.

By this time my heart was racing and my body felt so strange. I didn’t have a clue what he wanted or why he had pulled me over. I didn’t know what one does in this situation AND, I kept remembering that Eloheim had used the example of getting pulled over as an example of how to deal with fear.

So, I watched my fear as best I could. It was on the brink of being emotionally overwhelming. However, I really knew that this feeling had a lot to do with my core emotion (everyone has one and mine is ‘fear of being kicked out of the tribe’). I kept watching it and tried to also keep my wits about me.

The conversation with the officer seemed to go on forever, but it was probably only a few minutes. He said that I ran the stop sign. I said that I knew the stop sign was there, felt that I had stopped, and that I had seen him watching the intersection so it is unlikely I would have ran a monitored stop sign.

Then he said the first very interesting thing (I am paraphrasing), “it is strange that we could have such different views on the same event.” Ah, I loved that comment! That put me into a more conscious place immediately. I didn’t find it strange at all. I thought that was the bit that made more sense then anything else that was happening!

You see, I was talking on my cell phone while I was driving. It is legal to talk on your cell hands free in California, but I still felt strange about doing it. Plus, I was leaving a message for a friend who I was ‘worried’ about. I WAS IN LOW VIBRATION.

I feel that I attracted the officer’s attention with my low vibrational state. He saw it as running the stop sign. I saw it as being less than fully conscious of what I was doing.

Once I got that big Aha, things shifted somewhat. I could feel the fear voice saying things like, “this is going to cost you money, you are going to have to go to a class, etc.” But, I knew that it wasn’t about money or time, it was about this moment. So, I focused on what what actually happening right now.

I was able to keep money/time fears at a minimum. The overwhelming adrenaline is another story completely though. Wow, the body response in this situation was so intense!

At some point during our conversation, I heard the small voice say, ‘make the request.’ I asked the officer if he could give me a warning. He then said the second most interesting thing of the conversation, he said, ‘How can I give you a warning for something you don’t think you did?’ I LOVED THAT RESPONSE! It was so conscious.

I replied that I would consider this driver’s training 25 years later and I promised to be more conscious about stopping fully at stop signs.

He said, OK, and let me go with a warning.

Whew! Shortly thereafter my cell phone rang. After stopping the car (!) I answered. It was a good friend saying, “My husband just saw you get pulled over on the plaza and I want to make sure you are ok. I am hosting a meeting at my house in five minutes, but I knew I had to call right away!”

Which goes to show:
1. Sonoma is a small town.
2. I have great friends.
3. I didn’t get kicked out of the tribe! (ah, the healing of the core emotion, such a powerful process)

The residual processing of the body’s reaction to this was much more difficult to process than the actual experience. I was in a lot of discomfort for the remainder of the evening. It has taught me so much that I am actually grateful for it now, but WOW was it hard at the time.


Audio recordings of the four meetings held in February, 2009


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December, 2007

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Last night’s meeting is currently available on line

We broadcast the meeting last night. We are still working out the bugs (to say the least!), but you can listen to the meeting at this link:

Go to the bottom of the page that shows up and you will see the links for the meeting files. They will be there for 60 days after the original broadcast.


May, 2007

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Eloheim: 05-09-07 Feeling Worthy, Description of the Spiritual Path

This clip follows a discussion of the Creating Mind (see previous clips for information on the Creating Mind). The conversation flows into a discussion of self worth. This clip also includes a description of Eloheim’s pathway for Spiritual Growth.

If you don’t think you are worth it, work on that first!

Lack of worth is the deepest habitual pit there is.

Eloheim: 05-09-07 Feeling Worthy, Description of the Spiritual Path

Eloheim: 05-09-07 When an experience turns into a trigger, What do I do?

When an experience becomes a trigger of your Core Emotion or of a Habitual Response, what do you do? Very powerful clip!

When you are thinking ‘I have to stop this’ you are not giving yourself an option. When you can hold and say ‘oh yeah, this is happening’ you can say ‘I want this other thing’. It immediately decreases the amount of energy that is being put into the trigger. Whenever you say ‘I have to stop this’ where is your energy? On ‘this’, the thing you don’t want.

Any judgements that you apply to the trigger feeds it. Stop, pause, do what you can to be still enough to make a new choice rather than continuing to grind away in the habitual response.

Invest your energy into what would you rather be experiencing. The smallest energy you put into judging where you are at deepens the habitual pattern.

Eloheim: 05-09-07 When an experience turns into a trigger, What do I do?

Eloheim: 05-01-07 Experiencing the Healed version of the Core Emotion Stability

Here is another clip from our recent Santa Rosa meeting. One of the group member’s Core Emotion is about stability. Eloheim uses this Core Emotion to give a really interesting example of how the healed Core Emotion shows up in your life.

Eloheim: 05-01-07 Experiencing the Healed version of the Core Emotion Stability

April, 2007

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Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

This amazing clip begins with Eloheim responding to a group member’s question about why she had had such a hard day recently.

Eloheim continues the comments to explain how our childhood experiences become assets for us as adults.

They then expand this idea to talk about how we go about experiencing personal growth or as they call it our “Inner Olympics”.

The old way of doing it (personal growth) was to experience challenges. The new way of doing it is to challenge yourself….to look at your core emotion, to look for the gift, to ask why, why, why…

You are only in comparison with you! Can I handle this situation better than I have handled it in the past? Can I look at this in a new light? Can I find the gift here? Can I trust? As compared to five years ago, or five minutes ago, or five seconds ago.

The Spiritual Journey isn’t a competition with anyone other than who you are now as compared to who you were a moment ago and who you will be a moment from now.

The only person to whom you prove who you are is yourself.

Eloheim: 04-18-07 Your Inner Olympics AKA Personal Growth

March, 2007

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Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #6

The next example of a healed core emotion is a group member who’s core emotion is about connection with Source. She knows that she has looked to other people for that connection instead of going to Source

It is important to remember that it is ok to have that with other people, you just don’t want to have it in sort of this ‘junkie’ way. It can’t be the overriding driving force of your life, that connection goes to Source. But you can desire for connection, you are in the human form, you are going to want to be around other people. It’s a natural part of the human experience. Be careful when you are all looking to connect with Source instead of relying on other people that you don’t fall into the trap of I don’t need anybody because I have Source…..For the fulfillment of your core emotion drive, you rely on Source for that. This frees you up to have genuine experiences with other people that aren’t demanding them to behaving in certain ways in order to meet your unmet addiction….Why are you in my life? …. Be really careful that the people in your life are not only in your life just in your life to get your fix but are in your life for other reason. You are in my life because I can tell you the truth, etc.

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #6

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #5

Continuing with clips from the 03-21-07 meeting and the disucssion of healed core emotions.

This next clip is Eloheim discussing a core emotion that centers around having peak experiences. The group member has had success healing this and shares his experiences.

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #5

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #3

Continuing the examples of core emotions, we come to a group member who is triggered by both criticism and praise. Eloheim asks him to consider, “Do I agree?”.

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #3

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #2

In the second example of healed core emotions from the 03-21-07 meeting, Eloheim talks to a group member who’s core emotion is centered around connectedness and finding the perfection that he knows is possible. Here are a couple of quotes from the clip:

Your circumstances are creating the opportunities for you to get to where your dreams are. They are not burdens to be slofed around until you get to your dreams. They are what needs to be in order for your dreams to occur.

If you put it out there that you have certain desires, you have to have room in your system for those desires to have space to come in and that might mean a big clean out of the closet….dealing with the moment, dealing with where you are.

Eloheim: 03-21-07 Examples of Healed Core Emotions #2



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