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March, 2013

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Grief and Regret upon the Death of a Loved One

Once a month we visit Sebastopol, CA. Our Sebastopol sessions are quite different as Eloheim does individual sessions with the people who have questions. These sessions often include energy work. This question was from a person joining the group for the first time. She shared that her brother had died 10 days before and that they hadn’t spoken for 12 years. Eloheim guides her to a new way of interacting with this grief. Continue Reading…

March, 2011

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Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan ~ 3-16-2011

Hello everyone!
Wow, what a powerful week. With the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the general upswing in transformational energies, it sure has been a lot to work with!

The meeting of March 16, 2011 focused on our experience of the events in Japan. The Guardians and Visionaries both shared how we can work with what is coming up for us. The Matriarch closed the meeting. The Warrior, Girls, and Fred didn’t speak as Eloheim spoke for over an hour.

Eloheim did something so fascinating. They asked folks to share what they specifically noticed in the media coverage of the earthquake. Eloheim then illuminated how what we noticed was also what we were working on in our own lives. It was amazing!

The YouTube video this week is part of Eloheim’s introductory comments. There is so much included in this 10 minute video! Eloheim talks about our energetic connection with the Earth and how we are co-creating with her, how we all experience our own internal earthquakes and tsunamis as we experience transformation, how the Internet really does bring world events into our lap in a new way, and much more.

The entire meeting was devoted to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Council offered insights on how to work with our experiences and reactions to further growth and support high-vibration.


Audio from each of our six meetings held in March, 2011


Price: $9.99

January, 2007

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Eloheim: 1-17-07 Grief is Lack, Grief is a Bridge

During the meeting of 1-17-07 we had a discussion of September 11th which brought up the subject of grief. Here are two different clips on grief.

Grief is Lack:

Grief is a Bridge: (the recording did something strange and the voice sounds much different during this clip)


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