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April, 2017

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Special Package – A Deep Dive into the Teachings


Eloheim has spent the last 14 years unfolding a grand teaching. Each channeling session has offered additional insights and clarity as we access a COMPLETELY new way of living on planet Earth.

We are opening the door way to life as Homo spiritus. This isn’t just a “woo woo” notion.

Eloheim is guiding us, step by actionable step. This is Empowered Evolution.

This package is designed to offer key components from Eloheim’s teachings. The ebooks and recordings will jump start your journey. The private one-on-one with Eloheim and Veronica will facilitate a deep dive into your personal evolution.

$147 – A Deep Dive Into the Eloheim Teachings

Thirteen Items

Order Today!

Price: $147.00

Item 1: 25 minute private session with Eloheim and Veronica

10 minutes with Veronica to set the energies and gather background information and then 15 minutes with Eloheim to answer your questions and offer insights into your next steps. Eloheim can cover an EXTRAORDINARY amount in 15 minutes!


Item 2: The Choice for Consciousness, Tools for Conscious Living: Volumes 1-3

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June, 2013

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First Appearances of the Council Members

It always fascinates me how a new Council member joins us.

There’s something quite powerful about the first time!

I created this package so that the audio recordings of all of the first appearance meetings are in one, easy to access, place.

To start, I have a vintage Eloheim session that somehow never got lost or misplaced in all the years since I recorded it. I had to convert it from a cassette tape!

I have channeled Eloheim publicly since 2002. However, I actually channeled Eloheim for the first time in 2000. There was a two-year gap where I resisted connecting with Eloheim. During that time I tried, once, to channel Eloheim and I actually recorded it!

This package combines that recording with the sessions that introduced the other Council members. It’s a total of nine recordings and includes the following meetings: Continue Reading…


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