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March, 2018

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Dec, Jan, Feb Recordings AVAILABLE Now!

We have had such a powerful winter with Eloheim and The Council. Catch up today!

The “Phd Program” started in November. Read about that here.
It continued in December and January.
In February I channeled in a non-English language for the first time ever WHILE doing hands on healing! Meet THE HEALER here.

August, 2017

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$8 Eloheim Recordings!

As is my tradition, August means PRESENTS FOR YOU!!!!

This year, I have put all of the meeting packages on SALE!
There are 42 different packages for just $8 each (because August is the 8th month!)

The prices have never been this low before!!!

See all of them here!!!


, Happy to you!!!

February, 2016

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September, 2015

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Sanjay Shares His Eloheim Experience

Sanjay’s first in-person experience with Eloheim!


Eloheim channeling sessions in London!

August 8, 9, 11, 15, and 16

Our time in London was tremendously powerful. Eloheim worked one on one and sometimes one on two (with couples/families) throughout the sessions. There is really something for everyone in these five channelings.


From Anja LĂŒâ€‹
Sitting with Eloheim is like sitting with my best friend.
The best friend who knows my entire truth, who sees who I am, who I were and who I’ve become over the years and in this case lifetimes.
The best friend who doesn’t judge but observes neutrally and appreciates my unique journey.
The best friend who shows me different ways and points of view and always lets me decide what feels right for me.

Their presence makes me feel safe and loved and appreciated. I feel uplifted. I feel raised. I feel seen.
They speak to my soul and tell me what it needs and wants.

I know there will be a time when I can do the same thing just by myself.
Until then I’ll sit with Eloheim again and again chatting about human evolution, my evolution, basking in my own light shining through them.

Thank you Veronica for your commitment to this work and Eloheim for your infinite patience, cracking humour and true love!

💖💖💖 I am a new woman since London … again!!!

There are interesting changes that I notice since I worked with Eloheim in London.

Before: I could see my 1 2 3 and 4th chakra in colour, the other three were more of a feeling sense
Now: I can see the blue, indigo and violet of my 5 6 and 7th chakra. I always work with white light when I do energy work but for the first time in my life I saw my crown as violet

Before: I was struggling to make a proper link between my heart and throat chakra and I often stammered due to innacurate energy flow
Now: I can link my heart and throat easily and I stammer much less.

My perception has expanded. I do a lot of energy work and I work with different energy centres regularly so the way I perceive them and the quantity of detail I am able to perceive, tells me that my brain evolves and is able to encomapss more and more.

Watch 16 hours of channeling right here on my site or download to your device!

Order the entire event


Price: $49.99
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April, 2015

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Protected: April 8, 2015 replay page

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

March, 2014

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An Invitation from Eloheim

We offer energetic alternatives. You ask questions and we offer energetic alternatives to what you are currently experiencing.

Let’s call your current experience energetic A.

You express that energetic to us and we formulate an alternative to that (could be called an answer or solution, but truly it’s another of infinite possibilities you might choose).

We have some skill at presenting an energetic alternative that is close enough to A to make the option accessible, yet far enough away that real transformation can be had by exploring it. Let’s refer to it as energetic B.

As you listen to our answer, you are trying out energetic B. Doing this often provides a new perspective on energetic A. This is frequently described as an “aha.”

Aha’s have the power to transform your experience, yet are often fleeting experiences.

You must be willing to surrender energetic A (which often presents as a deep habit) or it is difficult for even the most profound aha to penetrate for long.

At the first retreat, we offered the energetic alternative of a deep exploration of “What is true now?” We held this energetic for the group for the entire event. We stripped out the extraneous and explored what remained. This facilitated a powerful connection with the truth of you.

At the second retreat, we offered the energetic alternative of a “static free zone.” The opportunity was presented to feel and live from a place that facilitated letting go of stories from the past thus removing the energetic disruptions they were bringing to the now.

This year’s teachings will offer the energetic alternative of, “What trigger?”

We will assist you in dropping the remaining temptations for static generation, help you clearly see any lingering victim energy, and support you as you take the firm stance of, “I create my reality through choosing my reactions to each and every one of my experiences.”

We are currently broadcasting this energetic alternative.

You can connect to this energetic at any time.

If you find that you want connection with a community of others who are exploring this energetic alternative, you can join us at one of our in-person group events, sign up for our online Q&A, attend our European retreats, or come to Sonoma for our third annual gathering.

Veronica keeps the Facebook page and website updated with new material (typically on a daily basis). The website also features a deep archive of our teachings including 475 YouTube videos.

If you prefer a one-on-one session, we offer that as well.

We are here and we are ready to facilitate the transformation you seek.

Eloheim and The Council

June, 2013

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Website Tour

Our new website is PACKED with new features. Watch this video to learn about them!

November, 2012

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Foundational Gratitude – A New Look at Thankfulness ~ 11-21-2012

I really enjoyed the “fireside chat” we had with Eloheim during this meeting. Eloheim described where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. The Visionaries had a new take on the question, “What are you grateful for?” It was a lovely session!
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May, 2012

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The Opposite of Victim Mentality??? ~ 4-25-2012

The most important need of the current times is staying in our own energy and the Council continues to guide us further into living from that place.

The Guardians acknowledged the presence of our heart chakra emanation. They asked us to give ourselves the permission and opportunity to use everything as a learning experience. These ideas create within us the space for discovery and exploration of self. As we look into the world and see triggers, know that they are our teachers and an opportunity to learn about our self. This facilitates us accessing Level 6. (Level 6 is: What trigger?)

The Visionaries spoke about the consistency we are now experiencing in our emanation as we take our truth to the world. Its not about “Am I in my power?” It is now: “I AM in my Truth” which is a very powerful place. They further encouraged us to notice our energetic emanation as we interact with people in the world and ask, “What are they showing me about me?”

Eloheim explained more about the heart chakra, reminding us that the 4th chakra is, “YOU experiencing the world.” They pointed out that we often associate emotions of heart break, sadness and loss with the heart chakra but they are really memories and energetics. They are the memories which resist what IS. The heart chakra is more about knowing of self and delighting in our truth and experiences. When we accept what is, we might experience some physical pain yet we allow ourselves to move towards transformation and healing. There is NEW learning. If when we are in memory we are in the loop of the resistance and suffering. The choice for consciousness is challenging, but familiar suffering is never ending.

An effective affirmation and realization is, “Some kind of a disastrous blockage thing to my
plans is no longer the interesting place. It’s more fascinating for things to work out and have to experience that new place of worked out.”

Eloheim also addressed body issues. They discussed reprogramming body responses and changing the relationship to body’s habitual responses, especially pain and fear. This is a very important key to staying in our own energy.

The Girls enhanced the point of respecting, loving, and using the wisdom of our bodies by making the most of the body’s experience and remembering to be in appreciation of being incarnated in to physical form.

Fred pointed out about the spontaneous nature of souls and the Earth experience is chosen by souls who are of an extremely curious nature.

The Warrior explained that coming to Earth is considered “rocking the establishment” in the soul world. By coming to earth we are up for spontaneity and surprises as we go fulfilling our desired experiences.

The Matriarch reminded us about the beauty of the step-by-step process. Taking smaller steps and breaking it into pieces and exploring that in a way that it does not ask so much of us. Being present to that small step is how we influence the passage of time.

To order the entire meeting for $2.99 (audio download and video replay) please visit our shopping area and scroll down to 4-25-2012.

November, 2011

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3-day Retreat with Eloheim and The Council, Aug. 31, Sept. 1-2, 2012

Join us for our inaugural Retreat with Eloheim and The Council

August 31, September 1-2, 2012

A 3-day intensive at the beautiful Westerbeke Ranch
in Sonoma, California

Let’s build community while using the energy

of 2012 to fuel personal transformation!

For more details, please click here.


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