PLEASE NOTE: Eloheim and The Council have spent all of January exploring the Levels. This is incredible information.

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To see how Eloheim’s tools work with the levels, visit this page and this post.

This meeting continued the exploration and has been called “my favorite” by more than one person.

After recent meetings about illuminating static, the focus now shifts to how to get rid of our static, with Eloheim re-addressing levels and fractals. Determining which level the individual static is coming from can help shift our relationship to it.

Guardians: This is a time of expansion-ness. You are ready to let go of your limitations. 2013 is about being aware of more possibilities and, the more you clear, the more the possibilities transform into probabilities – and the more you will have genuine choices. Take responsibility. Be in the experience of clarity; you can always find something to have clarity about in each moment. “What is true now?”

Visionaries: Don’t lose sight of the Big Picture. The anguishes and challenges of the day are not as big as you imagine them to be; they sit within the bigger picture. Notice your more quiet days, the days when you are largely un-triggered. Give those quiet moments and days their due, because you build up your muscle by recognizing them. And when you are triggered, just observe and bring it back.

Eloheim: In the meetings, we need you to be more serious and more personally-focused. Each meeting is a sacred opportunity. You are asking us to help you change.

Levels and static: Any experience you are having can be had at various levels. As a personal exercise, take one experience – or one static – and use the different levels to have evolving perspectives on it. The example chosen for the session was the fear of failure. [Eloheim draws the fractals as they talk.]

Level 1, Duality. In a way, this is a simple level, very limited and very blunt. You are in “failure” or “not failure.”

Level 2, Victim hood. On this level, if you’re in “failure,” you blame things and people outside of you. You are at the mercy of outside forces, no matter where you are or where you go. Someone, or something, else is telling you who you are, and you are influenced by how others think or feel. “It’s happening TO me.”

Level 3, I create my reality. This is the beginning of “Light worker” territory, trying to pull more responsibility into yourself. But most tend to just switch the blame to yourself, to now be in self-victimization. “I did it to myself.” Failure feels like a bigger failure here because it’s a much tighter circle within yourself: “I’m afraid of failure,…I create my reality,… I experience failure,… I’m a failure,… I’m afraid of failure….” This is hamster-wheel mind territory, an empty pit with a lot of “why, why, why?” questions, but no depth and no way out.

Level 4, I take responsibility for my reactions to my creations. At this level, when you are in fear of failure, you choose to NOT pick the habitual reaction of “I suck.” You notice the old path where you got stuck in the past and say instead, “I am tempted to….” while staying in neutral observation, with no story attached. BE in awareness, and open to insight. “I take responsibility for my emanation.” “I am willing.”

Level 5, This trigger is mine. This level is a resting place after the huge leap of level 4. Now you hold the trigger (“I am a failure”) close to you, front and center, and you don’t give it away to anyone. Pulling it back in, you can experience the depth of the trigger, and notice the potentials for juiciness. “This trigger is part of what makes me me.” “Whoa, check this out. It’s happening FOR me. What ELSE is here?” You know there is a reason for this; that there is something to be experienced or learned here. Acceptance. What is, is. You can’t transform what you don’t love, or at least accept.

Level 6, What trigger? This level is the result and reward of resting in level 5. The activation, the trigger effect is gone and you are left with Awareness. The trigger is no longer a trigger, but an awesome place to abide in. This IS my first choice!

Level 7, Oneness.
This is the level of unity and synchronicity. All is good; there are no bad guys or bad things because if your triggers aren’t enemies, then nobody else can be. Everything is part of you, everything is an opportunity for growth. Your “failure” now becomes an access point to other people and ideas. This level sounds airy-fairy until you actually experience it. [Note from Veronica: When I made the original graphic, I forgot to put “It’s All Me” in the description of this level. During the session, Eloheim realized that the energy at this level wasn’t being fully described. We sorted it out and the new graphic is below.]

Level 8, Watch it move. This is about being totally in Experience and not in outcome. Watch your emanation move in the world.

You can observe these levels not only in yourself, but in others, and you will be at different levels in different situations. This is about being in observation, not in judgment.

When you ask your questions of us, be very aware on what level you are asking them and try to at least be on level 4 or 5. Make grounded, clear statements,based in the now.


Seven sessions held in January, 2013

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