Eloheim on Relationship

Conversations with Eloheim: Relationship

15 Questions Answered in this 49 minute conversation – #5 in the Conversations Series

Relationships are at the core of your experience yet, at times, navigating them can feel so difficult. Eloheim offers insights and clarity to help you bring your most-centered self to your most important connections. Start transforming your relationships immediately! Eloheim’s tools will support you step-by-step.

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Questions answered:

1. How do I know when I’m setting a boundary in a relationship or when I am actually putting out a stop sign to love.
2. How can I better manage the temptation to relate habitually?
3. I wonder what a Homo spiritus male/female romantic relationship would look and feel like?
4. I feel an underlying competition in my relationship, how can I change that?
5. What would help me feel more dependable to myself?
6. What are the common misconceptions/preconceived notions/equal signs which light workers use to create static in relationships?
7. After many years married, going solo calls me. I am rather a loner anyways. Is this rebounding or soul scripting?

1. How can I consciously change my relationship with unwanted nonphysical energies and entities that I feel around me?
2. How do I love myself on all levels?
3. What qualities do I need to have lots of close relationships?
4. I enjoy a relationship with some of my future alternate expressions – am I cheating myself in the now?
5. I often prefer alone time over physical relationships – am I limiting my potential in this expression?
6. How can I see people’s problems as preferred states for them rather than low- vibrational states that make me want to avoid them?
7. How can I be less judgmental, picky, or prejudiced and still maintain relationship standards that are high vibrational and conscious?
8. How do I heal my discomfort with dependence on others?

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