Conversations with Eloheim: MONEY

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16 Questions Answered in this 58 minute conversation – #2 in the Conversations Series

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High level questions about money
1. Does money have any built-in spiritual properties?
2. Would a soul ever desire to experience poverty and lack as part of soul growth?

Eliminating static and baggage around money
3. How can I break the equal sign between money and time, money and happiness, etc. without going into “money sucks”?
4. How can I clear the pre-conceived notion that money creates certainty and safety without having to wait to become rich to find out?
5. How can a woman leave a marriage if she is financially dependent on her husband?
6. How does that relate to alternate expressions (past lives)?
7. How can I let go of the guilt I feel when I have had more money than others have?
8. I see rich people that are stupid, lazy, or mean. Yet, I believe money comes when I’m good, smart and hard-working.
9. How can I overcome feeling triggered when a family member shares their fear of lack of money
10. How can I discover any beliefs that might be causing me to push money away?

Eliminating static and baggage around making money from spiritual work
11. Why do many have a hard time charging for spiritual work and how can this be cleared?

Stewarding your money in a high-vibrational way
12. How can I steward my funds towards their best use without buying into lack?
13. How can I stop wasting money on people or projects that are bottomless pits but come across as a good cause?

Energetic dynamics of manifesting money
14. Is it better to focus on what I desire rather than trying to manifest money?
Collective consciousness’ relationship to money
15. Why do we as a collective consciousness, seem to have a block around changing the money system?

Money Mantra
16. I am in financial flow and money comes to me in infinite ways.


Price: $14.99