This was an amazing conversation

Quantum Conversations Webinar with Lauren Galen
featuring Veronica Torres and Eloheim
February 17, 2016

The webinar with Veronica and Lauren opens with the story of Veronica’s journey, and her introduction to channeling and to Eloheim in 2002.

Veronica discusses the basis of Eloheim’s teachings regarding duality, conscious creating, and creating your reality. She tells us that Eloheim explains how falling back into habits is a typical human behavior and that E’s many practical tools can help to change those habitual reactions. The tools allow the Current Version of you to react to a situation instead of habits. These tools are “pattern interrupts”and help you change your habits and become more conscious in your daily life.

Veronica then gives a few examples of the Eloheim tools:

I’m Tempted To…. This tool interrupts and changes neural pathways.
What Is True Now? This tool brings you into the current moment, into the Now.
What Is My Big Toe Doing? This is a tool that keeps you in the present and out of the past or future.
Short Factual Statements. This tool is used to untangle your thoughts as you describe what is happening in the current moment.

Veronica and Eloheim say in order to get clarity and to understand each other better, we need to define what a specific word means to both parties. They say, don’t assume to know what a certain word means to another.

Veronica goes on to describe who Eloheim is to the audience and why it is spelled with a second ‘e.’

The next part of the show is a Question and Answer session with Eloheim but before they talk to callers, they give a short message about “Service Mentality.”

Questions asked and tools suggested:

Unwanted houseguests – the Boundaries tool.
Finance/career – the Step by Step tool.
Feeling angry in general – the Don’t Be Mean To Yourself and the Energetic Billboard tools.
Releasing anger – more Service Mentality talk and using the “I” Statements tool.
Roadblocks preventing forward movement and being around negative energy – “tell the world what you want.”
How to stay balanced, centered, and find passion – Eloheim talked about the Hamster Wheel Mind, 50th Stepping, and suggested using all the previously mentioned tools to get out of the past and future and back into the present.

Eloheim sums up the session with “Our work quiets the things that cover up what you already know” and reminds us that everything we need is already within us.

Veronica returns at the end of the Q&A to discuss the Special Offer Package and to let people know about the private Eloheim group on Facebook.

It was a fascinating talk, and we hope you enjoy it!
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