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Change is rarely easy; yet staying the same offers no relief from suffering. Confronting the challenge of change is always worth it. We like to say it this way, The choice for consciousness is challenging, but familiar suffering is painful and it’s a pain with no end in sight!

Why is change so hard? Consider the image of digging a ditch:

Digging a ditch

If you’ve been digging a ditch for 50 years, it’s pretty easy to dig it deeper. You already have the walls there, you already have the guidelines and the exact dimensions of the ditch, and you have a plan.

If you decide that you’re going to dig a ditch in a new area, it requires a different kind of attention. You start off by marking the lines where you want the ditch to be and then you need to figure out where you’re going to take the dirt you remove, etc. The new project requires many new actions and perhaps even some new tools.

It’s the same with changing habitual responses.

Instead of repeating old patterns, you’re starting a whole new journey. That changeover requires some consistency. Sure, you can always go back to the “comfortable” old ditch, but we’re pretty sure you have learned all you need to learn about that. Use spiritual discipline to focus on new, healthy patterns to get out of the old rut and open up your life.

If change feels hard, you may be tempted to,

Go with the flow

Comment: “I’m going to go with the flow; I’ll just deal with things as they come up.”

Response: Be cautious about this idea. “The flow” is often a “path of least resistance,” a low-vibrational energetic.

Comment: What I meant is, “I’m going to be conscious about whatever comes up.”

Response: Great, say that instead. It makes a big difference. There is an energetic pattern in the idea of “going with the flow” that is a mismatch with who you are now. Saying, “I’ll attend to what arises,” OK, that’s fine. Saying, “I’ll be conscious about what shows up,” OK, that’s good. Saying, “I’ll go with the flow.” Nope. Why?

Too frequently, “going with the flow” results in you forgetting to set boundaries because the idea is, “Well, whatever happens I’ll just flow with it!” This is not a recommended activity.

We are not suggesting you become rigid; we love for you to explore uncertainty! What we are recommending is that you continue to be conscious as you explore flexibility. Even if you are experiencing someone else’s plans, you can still stand with the intention of observing and making choices, setting boundaries, stating preferences, and using your free will to explore your reactions to your creations.

Another reaction to the challenge of change is to try and get your friends and loved ones to change with you. Be cautious about your temptation to,

Shake shoulders

Demanding attention, insisting that you be listened to, trying to change someone, needing people to agree with you so you will feel safe. The accompanying visual is that you are shaking someone by the shoulders and preaching to them. You may not actually do that, but energetically that’s what’s going on.

A third, very common reaction to change is to make a:

Lateral Pass

It can be tempting to want to find a way to give responsibility for your experiences to someone else. This transfer of responsibility can look like: “I turn this problem over to my angels,” or “I let my higher self deal with it,” or even “God, take this burden from me!”

We call this making a lateral pass.

The assumption in this idea is that whomever you are making the lateral pass to, is actually ready, willing, and able to do anything with your creation. You are in a free-will zone, we dispute that anyone or anything is here to take away your “problems” or that anyone or anything is better suited to interact with your creation than you are.

You created it so that you could learn from it. Why would you want to give it away? Does it feel too “hard” to deal with on your own? OK, that’s why we have lots of tools to help you interact with your creations in new ways and from new perspectives. You are not alone in your exploration, but you are solely responsible for how you choose to react to your creations.

We suggest that you:

Find the gift

It’s happening for you, for your journey as a soul experience in a physical form. It’s all happening for you to grow. As you raise your consciousness you have the opportunity to start letting all these things that are happening for you collaborate with your intention. So when you feel like a victim and it’s happening to you, you’re sort of like in the blender, spinning around, I don’t know which way I’m going to go next. Now it’s happening for you, you’re running the blender. So it’s happening for you. It’s all a great big gift.

It is. It’s all for you. Maybe we have to buy a big bag of bows and put bows on everything and feel like it’s a present all the time. It’s for me! And when something happens, just imagine. It’s a package for you to unwrap and you’re unwrapping all of the energetic ribbons that are tying it up and seeing what’s inside once you transform it from a box with paper on it to whatever’s underneath.

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