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March, 2016

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Sneak Peek inside DISCOVERING YOU

Are you “drained from doing too much”? Are you trying to answer the question, “What am I here to do?” Do you feel trapped and confused by your life? Are you wondering how you can take care of yourself AND meet your responsibilities?

Kay was feeling the same way when she contacted Eloheim for a private session. Eloheim’s answers to Kay’s inquiries are so powerful and apply to so many different life situations, I knew before the session was even finished that they had to be offered in book form.

Follow along as Eloheim offers Kay a new, empowering perspective. Eloheim’s insights include 12 tools specifically tailored to help Kay (and you!) discover “What is true now?” and how to use that truth to live more fully.

From Kay:

“Eloheim is a straight-talking, humorous resource for my soul and for any and all who feel lost within themselves. I was questioning within my being who I am as an essence, and my place in this world; this session helped guide me to the important spark of light and influence that I emanate….! ( As opposed to the sometimes random feeling of being just another cog in the wheels of life.)

Eloheim as channeled through Veronica helped point my feet in the right direction.

The information here while simple in its wisdom had a profound effect on me claiming my birthright as a divine co-creator of my wildest dreams!!”

Order ebook or paperback on Amazon by clicking here

Sneak Peek Saturday – Birth of The Council



Veronica has channeled since 2002. During that time, she worked almost exclusively with Eloheim. Beginning in June, 2009 she started channeling additional groups to form what eventually became known as The Council. This process unfolded over a 56-week period. This series of seven books documents the arrival of The Council and details their teachings during this time. Each Birth of The Council book can stand alone, but taken together will allow the reader to follow along with the formation of The Council as well as the progression of the teachings including the introduction, in-depth explanation, and evolution of The Council’s tools.

February, 2016

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Look Inside Our Book CFC2

It’s Saturday so we have a sneak peek into our book The Choice for Conscious, Tools for Conscious Living, Vol. 2
From the Introduction and continued from last Saturday’s sneak peek:

Sometimes the gift is not that obvious. Like when you:
Spill the orange juice

That’s why it matters what you do when the ice cream or the orange juice or the milk spills on the kitchen floor even if no one sees you. It matters because you’re emanating a new vibration into the planet and if you handle that consciously, what is this teaching me, balanced, neutral, it matters you
You reach in the fridge, you’re distracted, you grab the orange juice, it slips out of your hands and splash. There it is all over the kitchen floor. And the immediate reaction is probably, “you dummy now what or I don’t have time for this” or a variety of responses of those natures. Ask instead, “What is this teaching me?” It has to be a shift in paradigm from this is happening to me into this happening for me. The dropping of the orange juice is happening for me to learn something. It’s not happening to me to make my life harder. So why is this happening for me rather than why is this happening to me? Many people go why is this happening to me? Okay, well just change it, why is this happening for me? What do I get to learn? What do I get to see? What’s next? What’s new? How can I have a different experience with this than I have had in the past.

Because you know what it’s going to feel like to get all ticked off at yourself for dropping the orange juice. You’ve already learned that side. Did it give you bliss? No. So that’s our standard here. Did it give you bliss? No. Okay, so now let’s try something else and see if that leads to bliss and the something else in this case it’s why is this happening for me? What’s it revealing? What is it teaching me? And if you’re upset, frustrated, feeling stupid, hearing negative talk in your ear from your mind or hearing negative talk from the people who live in the house with you, it’s teaching you that you’re allowing yourself to be a victim because there’s a boundary there. I dropped the orange juice. This doesn’t give you the right to rag on me. Sorry. There’s a boundary right there. Did I throw the orange juice at you? No. I dropped it. That’s all that happened.

That’s all that happened, yet in many cases it’s as though a criminal act has taken place. Either you think you are a bad guy for doing it or someone in your house thinks you’re a bad guy for doing it, or your mom or your schoolteacher voice or your dad voice saying you’re an idiot for doing it. And those are the voices. Who is answering why did this happen for me? Is it your soul or is it people from your past or authority figures or x, y, z person who lives in your house and are you giving them permission to say those things to you? Either the school teacher, the parent, the husband, the wife, the boss now that you’re going to be late, you know? Are you giving them permission to say to you that you suck? And most of the time you give people permission to say those things to you because you’re saying it to yourself. So are you talking nasty to yourself?

Don’t talk nasty to yourself. It’s off the list. It’s not allowed. It’s just not allowed. It is not part of your reality anymore to talk nasty to yourself. Like most of you wouldn’t take a hammer and bash your fingers with it. We can pretty much assume that’s off the list. Yet you’ll bash yourself energetically by your little verbal voice all day long. It’s just not okay in the sense that it doesn’t get you anywhere.

So just stop is possible. And because you’re at such a higher level of consciousness dropping low vibrational patterns is so much easier because it really is like dropping a big heavy weight you’ve been dragging around. But if you say you idiot or you say oh shit, you set that boundary right away. No. Okay, wait. Stop. I don’t get to diss myself. Nobody disses me, I don’t diss myself. Period. So there’s another way to look at this and you just invite yourself to.

So it’s not like you get to have a double whammy of you said oh shit I dropped the orange juice. Oh dammit, I talked nasty to myself. Oh no, I dropped the orange juice and I talked nasty to myself. There’s no hope for me. Oh no, I’ve done it again. So please don’t play that game. It’s just okay I caught myself talking nasty to myself. That’s not going to help get this cleaned up and it’s not going to teach me anything that I don’t already know. I know very well how to talk nasty to myself, I’ve already learned that, I don’t need to learn it anymore.

Regardless of how challenging it feels, you still want:
Healing above all else

Do you have the courage to think about yourself? Continue Reading…

Sneak Peek Saturday

Sneak Peek Saturday!

Take a look inside our book The Choice for Consciousness, Tools for Conscious Living, Vol. 2

Change is rarely easy; yet staying the same offers no relief from suffering. Confronting the challenge of change is always worth it. We like to say it this way, The choice for consciousness is challenging, but familiar suffering is painful and it’s a pain with no end in sight!

Why is change so hard? Consider the image of digging a ditch:

Digging a ditch

If you’ve been digging a ditch for 50 years, it’s pretty easy to dig it deeper. You already have the walls there, you already have the guidelines and the exact dimensions of the ditch, and you have a plan.

If you decide that you’re going to dig a ditch in a new area, it requires a different kind of attention. You start off by marking the lines where you want the ditch to be and then you need to figure out where you’re going to take the dirt you remove, etc. The new project requires many new actions and perhaps even some new tools.

It’s the same with changing habitual responses.

Instead of repeating old patterns, you’re starting a whole new journey. That changeover requires some consistency. Sure, you can always go back to the “comfortable” old ditch, but we’re pretty sure you have learned all you need to learn about that. Use spiritual discipline to focus on new, healthy patterns to get out of the old rut and open up your life.

If change feels hard, you may be tempted to,

Go with the flow

Comment: “I’m going to go with the flow; I’ll just deal with things as they come up.”

Response: Be cautious about this idea. “The flow” is often a “path of least resistance,” a low-vibrational energetic.

Comment: What I meant is, “I’m going to be conscious about whatever comes up.”

Response: Great, say that instead. It makes a big difference. There is an energetic pattern in the idea of “going with the flow” that is a mismatch with who you are now. Saying, “I’ll attend to what arises,” OK, that’s fine. Saying, “I’ll be conscious about what shows up,” OK, that’s good. Saying, “I’ll go with the flow.” Nope. Why?

Too frequently, “going with the flow” results in you forgetting to set boundaries because the idea is, “Well, whatever happens I’ll just flow with it!” This is not a recommended activity.

We are not suggesting you become rigid; we love for you to explore uncertainty! What we are recommending is that you continue to be conscious as you explore flexibility. Even if you are experiencing someone else’s plans, you can still stand with the intention of observing and making choices, setting boundaries, stating preferences, and using your free will to explore your reactions to your creations.

Another reaction to the challenge of change is to try and get your friends and loved ones to change with you. Be cautious about your temptation to,

Shake shoulders

Continue Reading…


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