It’s Saturday so we have a sneak peek into our book The Choice for Conscious, Tools for Conscious Living, Vol. 2
From the Introduction and continued from last Saturday’s sneak peek:

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Sometimes the gift is not that obvious. Like when you:
Spill the orange juice

That’s why it matters what you do when the ice cream or the orange juice or the milk spills on the kitchen floor even if no one sees you. It matters because you’re emanating a new vibration into the planet and if you handle that consciously, what is this teaching me, balanced, neutral, it matters you
You reach in the fridge, you’re distracted, you grab the orange juice, it slips out of your hands and splash. There it is all over the kitchen floor. And the immediate reaction is probably, “you dummy now what or I don’t have time for this” or a variety of responses of those natures. Ask instead, “What is this teaching me?” It has to be a shift in paradigm from this is happening to me into this happening for me. The dropping of the orange juice is happening for me to learn something. It’s not happening to me to make my life harder. So why is this happening for me rather than why is this happening to me? Many people go why is this happening to me? Okay, well just change it, why is this happening for me? What do I get to learn? What do I get to see? What’s next? What’s new? How can I have a different experience with this than I have had in the past.

Because you know what it’s going to feel like to get all ticked off at yourself for dropping the orange juice. You’ve already learned that side. Did it give you bliss? No. So that’s our standard here. Did it give you bliss? No. Okay, so now let’s try something else and see if that leads to bliss and the something else in this case it’s why is this happening for me? What’s it revealing? What is it teaching me? And if you’re upset, frustrated, feeling stupid, hearing negative talk in your ear from your mind or hearing negative talk from the people who live in the house with you, it’s teaching you that you’re allowing yourself to be a victim because there’s a boundary there. I dropped the orange juice. This doesn’t give you the right to rag on me. Sorry. There’s a boundary right there. Did I throw the orange juice at you? No. I dropped it. That’s all that happened.

That’s all that happened, yet in many cases it’s as though a criminal act has taken place. Either you think you are a bad guy for doing it or someone in your house thinks you’re a bad guy for doing it, or your mom or your schoolteacher voice or your dad voice saying you’re an idiot for doing it. And those are the voices. Who is answering why did this happen for me? Is it your soul or is it people from your past or authority figures or x, y, z person who lives in your house and are you giving them permission to say those things to you? Either the school teacher, the parent, the husband, the wife, the boss now that you’re going to be late, you know? Are you giving them permission to say to you that you suck? And most of the time you give people permission to say those things to you because you’re saying it to yourself. So are you talking nasty to yourself?

Don’t talk nasty to yourself. It’s off the list. It’s not allowed. It’s just not allowed. It is not part of your reality anymore to talk nasty to yourself. Like most of you wouldn’t take a hammer and bash your fingers with it. We can pretty much assume that’s off the list. Yet you’ll bash yourself energetically by your little verbal voice all day long. It’s just not okay in the sense that it doesn’t get you anywhere.

So just stop is possible. And because you’re at such a higher level of consciousness dropping low vibrational patterns is so much easier because it really is like dropping a big heavy weight you’ve been dragging around. But if you say you idiot or you say oh shit, you set that boundary right away. No. Okay, wait. Stop. I don’t get to diss myself. Nobody disses me, I don’t diss myself. Period. So there’s another way to look at this and you just invite yourself to.

So it’s not like you get to have a double whammy of you said oh shit I dropped the orange juice. Oh dammit, I talked nasty to myself. Oh no, I dropped the orange juice and I talked nasty to myself. There’s no hope for me. Oh no, I’ve done it again. So please don’t play that game. It’s just okay I caught myself talking nasty to myself. That’s not going to help get this cleaned up and it’s not going to teach me anything that I don’t already know. I know very well how to talk nasty to myself, I’ve already learned that, I don’t need to learn it anymore.

Regardless of how challenging it feels, you still want:
Healing above all else

Do you have the courage to think about yourself?

Do you have the courage to focus on what is true now for you? Do you have the courage to be in that space? And of course, courage is: feel the fear and do it anyway. It’s not: it’s easy. It’s not: it doesn’t hurt. It’s not: it’s not hard. It’s: yeah, it’s all those things and I’m going to do it anyway. Why? Because I want healing above all else. I want healing above easy. I want healing above no difficulty. I want healing above numb. I want healing above all else. It doesn’t mean healing is hard but it does mean healing is typically intense. But it has a very intense payoff as well.

Next time you’re tempted to be in the past or the future, we invite you to say: “Am I courageous enough to be with me now? Am I courageous enough to attend to my concerns about me? My fascination about me. My insight about me. Am I courageous enough to do that?” And you will find that the answer to that question is very revelatory because you may do it for a second or two, and then off you are in the past or the future again, and then you can look at that one more time. Are you courageous enough to make it about you? Are you courageous enough to deal with your own reactions to you focusing on you?

The idea that you do the internal transformation and right as you’re ready to walk out the door with it, the fear of change, the desire to stay small, the survival instinct, and probably other things, all collaborate to say, “No, no, no, don’t let anybody know and don’t you dare change because that could be dangerous. And who knows what will happen if you change?” But that’s the moment when you have to take that risk of allowing yourself to walk the truth of you in the world. And not just walk the truth of you in your little cave. Because there is that place where you stop and say, “No, no, no, I can’t be that big. I can’t shine my light that much. I can’t emanate the truth of me to these people.”

And at some point you have to say, “I want healing above all else. I want healing above all else. My desire for healing is stronger than my fear of what will happen if I shine my light. What will happen if I tell the truth of now? My desire for healing is stronger than that.”
“Emanation of the truth of me comes first, I want healing above all else, and when I walk the truth of me I have such a richer experience that then that richer experience is emanated into the world as options for other people to experience.” And then you’ll start to create community around the truth of you. And when you create community around the truth of you, that’s real stuff.

The exploration of knowing the truth of you, the exploration of this different relationship to triggers, is literally becoming a new friend of yourself.

There’s plenty of friendship to create within your own self. So if you start to feel like, “Oh God, I won’t have any friends,” well, you’re finally making a friend with you. So if you feel lonely, get to know yourself. One of the best ways to do that is when you get triggered, make a choice. How do I want to interact with this trigger? How do I want to interact with this trigger? Is it going to freak me out or is it going to fascinate me? You can be fascinated and have a survival instinct response at the same time.

So it doesn’t mean if you have adrenaline and it doesn’t mean if you cry, it doesn’t mean if you feel fear or get sweaty or whatever, that you’re not fascinated or that you’ve screwed up or you’ve blown the opportunity if you know, “Wow, I’m kind of freaked-out right now, and I know I am,” then you’re fascinated. That’s the key to this whole thing. That’s the place where you give yourself that freedom. That’s where you’ve made a choice, because you’re non-habitual. “Oh, I’m freaking out. Oh, I’m not letting myself freak out but I’m tempted to freak out.” That’s really the liberation here and that’s the gift we want you to give yourself.

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