Alternate expressions is Eloheim’s term for past and future lives. This collection includes 25 individual clips, a total of 2 hours 43 minutes, taken from Eloheim’s Q&A sessions and the Wednesday meetings in Sonoma.

1. Introduction
2. Starting the interaction
3. Summary
4. Volcano Lady
5. Very different alternative expressions
6. Clarifications
7. Evolving the survival instinct
8. Mass causalities, asthma and mining
9. Integration
10. Woman by the camp fire
11. Processing
12. Dealing with bleed-through
13. Grey Beard, part 1
14. Grey Beard, follow up
15. The conscious dying time
16. Healing old wounds
17. Other ways of dealing with bleed through
18. Choosing your reaction to your encounters
19. Understanding your selves
20. Practice being interactive
21. Volcanoes at Pompeii and Atlantis
22. Adding to your resumé
23. Back pain and the new grand-daughter
24. Jumping lifetimes
25. Integration exercise

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