Finding common ground. How to do it, why it’s often a challenge.

With the awareness of all that is happening in our world and in the individual nations and communities, there’s an opportunity for energetic leadership, says Eloheim. This call explored how we find middle ground with those who don’t speak our “language.”

Eloheim offered helpful tools to aid us in finding middle ground, tools like making “I Statements” and saying me and mine over and over. We are to own what we are saying.

As society moves, flexes, and changes, Eloheim suggested we not add to the chaos and tragedies. We are to stand in our own energetic leadership, and it starts with I don’t know.

A short question and answer session was followed by Eloheim talking more about how we set boundaries with our bodies in order to keep the energy of the world out.

Eloheim reminded us, as we walk in the world and live from our truth, we are bringing our energetic emanation with us. We are the Monks in the Marketplace (one of Eloheim’s tools). It’s powerful and important, they said.

71 minute audio recording

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