Recently, we were talking on Facebook about our experiences with the Level 7 channeling sessions. Learn about Levels 1-6 here. Someone described their experiences with looking at physical objects a new way and I replied, “That reminds me of the paper bag meeting.” Mary then re-listened to the paper bag meeting and realized that Eloheim actually said that the paper bag meeting was a Level 7 exploration. WOW! I didn’t remember that!!! The March 14, 2012 session could have been the first time Eloheim really dug into Level 7!!!!

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It’s really FASCINATING to rewatch Eloheim step-by-step, slowly and patiently, walk the group through the baseline exploration of, what at that time, was a Level we weren’t anywhere near living.

Now that living Level 7 is actually happening, this review is even more fascinating!

Watch the video or read Mary’s notes below. Donations for this offering are gratefully received!


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Moving to Level 7 – March 14, 2012 – Highlights

What am I wondering about? Catch yourself in that moment and have a different reaction. You got up, you got a bag. Period. Period. Period.
Write down your reaction to your bag.

[Group reported their reactions to their bags.]

Back to the center now. You’re all curious…other people got a better bag… That’s the moment, where you want to be involved in someone else’s experience. It’s just a bag and Veronica doodled on it!

11:22 Part of what we are doing here is moving to Level 7.

11:40ish Hold your energy…what is true now? Not specific to the bag, what is true now about you and your experience thus far this evening?

13:10 Do you realize how much “wondering” goes on?! Stop wondering!

13:40 We’re trying to show you how you use wondering, concern, fear, habit to leave the truth of you behind.

14:15 We want you to be curious about the things that will help you grow spiritually and on the path of ascension instead of the things that keep you small.

14:18 Wondering about the wrong things, and we’re going to use the word “wrong” in this case, wondering about the wrong things keeps you spinning in place.

Your experience is about the bag instead of about you.

15:11-19:20 [E asks the group to report] What is true now about your experience tonight?

19:40 We purposely designed this evening to give you safe opportunities to see what you let bug you.

19:55 What do you focus on instead of focusing on yourself?
Little distractions (E refers to these as triggers)
Oh, that’s my habit to think about that instead of my truth. That’s my habit to make that my truth; their actions be my truth, their reactions be my truth. I’m using that as my truth, substitute truth.

22:18 What you have to be really careful about is your assumptions. You make assumptions about others and act on those assumptions instead of being in your truth.

That’s another way you skip over “this trigger is mine.” (The truth of you is “I am having a strong reaction to that”, and then get on with your day.) Do you want to stay in that strong reaction or do you want to get on with your day? This emotion is a choice.

If you have a strong reaction you don’t have to take the first reaction that automatically comes. That is why we are doing this exercise. So you can see “My bag, I don’t have to stick with the initial reaction I had to it, I can change it.”

22:45 (reasonable to be anxious about the ability to stay in your own truth) You haven’t had much practice. You have been speed-bumping over little triggers. And you have been living from trigger to trigger to trigger. That’s life. That’s what you have been doing. And you have been chipping away at it. So you are looking at “How do I react to stimulus?”

25:22 The way to react to stimulus: 1. Before you engage the stimulus, be in your own energy. Whatever the truth is, anxious, calm, frightened, (etc.). Just be in the truth of it. Don’t deny it. Whatever your current truth is. Let yourself be in your own energy, of your own truth. My truth is whatever it is. My truth is________________. The energy shifts from “what is going on?” to “this is what is happening for me.”

25:40 The “selfish” thing comes up when we talk about being in your truth. But the reality is when you come from your self-centered truth you give the biggest gift you are capable of giving to this world which is the authenticity of you emanated.

31:20 (about going into the past/future) You look for a time in the past when a similar thing hasn’t killed you. Or you look at a time when it went shitty so you can protect yourself from it.

33:45 What is my current truth? If you get stuck, because sometimes it can change you into thinking, just say “I am willing. I am willing to align my freewill with this moment. I am willing to be in this moment.”

This is infinite possibilities. There could be anything in the bag and you are not attached to what it is.

34:50 (then they told us to trade bags) What is your current truth (after the trade, about new bag).

One of the reasons you have possessiveness (about the first bag) is because this bag didn’t kill me so this is a safe bag. If you give me another bag, this might be a non-safe bag. Another way the survival instinct likes to mess you up.

37:55 [reference to group chair preference] “These people have a place they sit. And they have a chair they like. So this is a different version of that without having to disturb the furniture.”

39:50ish We are going to have a comedian come and see if you can stay in your own energy even with the mob mentality of laughter.

41:30 A lot of you had reactions of love for your bags, we want to encourage you to have a reaction of love for yourself having a reaction. “I love my bag.” We want you to be experiencing your experience.

[Internet folks’ reactions]

Kayla: It really doesn’t matter does it?

Eloheim: Now that is an interesting comment. You know why? What matters is your experience? Any stimulus is bringing it back to, what is my truth? And it doesn’t have to be a woo-woo approved truth. It can be, “I am extraordinarily anxious. It brings back bad memories. It makes me project into the future. How many more times are we going to have to switch bags?” We just got a context for the process that we are on.

2:30 – 3:36 The train track we find you guys going down very frequently is reacting to stimulus by muddling around in other people’s energy. “What are they going to do, how they are going to react, what do I have to prepare for or protect myself from?”

Instead we want to go down the train track saying “What is true now? What is true now? What is true now? What is true now? What is true now?”

The truth may be “I am wondering what x,y,z is doing. As long as you have that consciousness in there instead of having the default in there. The default is worrying about what x,y,z is doing without realizing you are doing that. That’s the change we are trying to make.

You can say, “Wow, all I care about right now is ‘am I ever going to see what is in my first bag?’ ” That is a very important thing for you to know. Because you are skipping this moment to be in that future. And, it’s a worry. You are in a future worry.

And you wonder why you have high blood pressure… You are worrying about a future event instead of being here now.

4:40 [we open our bags!] Be in your energy. Ask yourself what is true…

[great rustling of bags and giggling]

Stay in your own energy! Don’t look at your neighbor’s!

10:05 – 10:50 John reports he thought he had little or no expectation but was disappointed he got a napkin, exceeding his low expectations. “How can I be disappointed when I had no expectation to begin with?”

Eloheim: But that is an interesting thing to ask yourself. You had little or no expectation but you still managed to be disappointed. So the truth is you weren’t having no expectation, but you were trying to. And that’s the consciousness path.

13:22 [Internet folks’ reactions to contents of their bags]

14:00 – 14:32 If you are looking outside of yourself for entertainment, for intrigue, for stimulation, for adrenaline, and all of a sudden people are just opening paper bags or that is not interesting to you or it doesn’t trigger those things in you and you forget to go back to yourself to see what is true now…you can feel bored. Or you could just be bored. But usually boredom comes from “nobody is giving me what I am used to feeling when I feel alive.”

We want you to give yourself the truth of you.

15:24 – 15:52 “What was inside the kitty bag was better than I anticipated. It was very beautiful.”

Eloheim: That’s what is really interesting. Projection, anticipation, assumption. Even Richard who just a stupid battery managed to find beauty in the actual experience. Your preconceived notion was that it was going to suck but when you were in the moment with it you found beauty in a battery. See how that changes?

15:53 – 16:30 “What was in the bag became unimportant.”

Eloheim: Again, the thing, the next time you drive the car, the next time you are at the grocery store, the next time you go to work, the next time you come to channeling…it is not about what we are going to experience, it’s “my experience of it.” Everything becomes “my experience of it.”

16:37 “I was surprised how disappointed I was.”

Eloheim: Sometimes that disappointment comes from “This is a present so it is supposed to be something that makes me feel a certain way, the way they have made me feel in the past.” There can so much tied to a little, tiny paper bag with some funny writing on it, stapled shut.

All of a sudden it becomes about the past, it becomes a projection, “I think it is going to be boring”, it becomes “I love it” or “I hate it.” It becomes all of those things instead of what it IS.

“I am holding a paper bag. Period. It has writing on it. Period. I’m intrigued by its contents. Period. I don’t know what is going on. Period. I think I should focus on what is going on with me instead. What is going on with me? Wow, my survival instinct is triggered by a bloody paper bag.”

25:00 Eloheim [in response to a group member] “Oh my god, I felt it and it wasn’t authentic. It was habitual.” It was a habitual receptor of stimulus that wasn’t directed toward that outcome. I felt that person’s energy and I grabbed it out of habit rather than out of “I don’t need to be involved in their energy.”

27:30 [Disappointment in receiving paper clips on a safety pen] It’s not the item’s fault for your reaction to it. It’s easy to say, “Oh, it’s just a paper clip. It’s not its fault.” But what if it’s somebody making a snarly face at you on the bus? Ooooh, then it’s their fault because it’s a person and I can point my finger and blame them for snarly-facing.

29:50 – 30:33 Your truth is so “modulate-able.” Not by facts…or, not by the reality in which you are experiencing this moment but by attachments to other things. Because you expected that it was a bamboo skewer that you would put barbeque on…that was not something to be charmed by.

Here we have this opportunity to see what we can be fascinated by, even in the mundane. And haven’t we said that to you a thousand times?

32:00 “Is what is in your bag?” an analogy for “What is in your lap?”

Tada, good star for Melissa! Now, are you jealous because Melissa got a gold star? Be in your own energy!

32:26 When you are having a hard time determining “what is my truth?”, especially if you are in an over stimulating environment or if you are super triggered, of if you are sad or tired, go back to the body. “What is my left eyebrow doing?”

33:30 – 35:10 [from the Internet] “Always pay attention to your inner experience.”

Eloheim: “Pay attention” is charged. “Be aware of” is the language we would prefer because it is a little more energetically neutral. Be aware of your inner experience. And when you are in an over-stimulating experience be sure you start your action, reaction, response, from your truth. Even if your truth is “I am having a hard time knowing what my truth is.” That is still an improvement over just reacting.

THE END or is it the beginning? wink, wink