“Am I going to create this moment from my past or am I going to create it from the insight I receive about its potential?”


, of course you all create from the past at this point because who you are, what clothes you have in the closet are clothes you already bought, the food you have in the cupboards are the food you already bought. The way you have your hair is the way that the hair grew out of your head yesterday. So you are creating your current moment from the past.

But what we see happening and the shift that is available to you is that you’re starting to know that by drawing the line in the sand about your thoughts and opening to insight you’re actually able to create from this moment and then moving out from this creation more than simply reconfiguring the past into another experience. That starts to give you a lot more influence in the physical structures in your life, your body and even instantaneous manifestation kind of stuff, which you’ve always been so keen about.