“Today I had my Core Emotion session. I was ready! The way that Eloheim zeroed in on it was very interesting to me. Simple! It did not take long at all!

Once the core emotion was revealed, the tools to help heal the core emotion were presented as easily as the core emotion was discovered.

Although it is disheartening to know that I have been functioning from a habitual place for so much of my life (not speaking my truth and the way I avoid it)


, it was fun, easy and a real delight to interact and feel the support of Eloheim and Veronica.

The awareness alone has already changed me. I no longer feel stuck. I can observe my habit and say to my myself, using the tools recommended, “self, let’s look at this another way and try something different!” It will take practice for sure, but I feel excited and up for the change and where it will lead me. I know that healing this core emotion will allow more possibilities and change in my life. I feel movement again, not stuck!

I highly recommend it and I’m sure glad that I didn’t wait too long after discovering Eloheim and Veronica to have this session! Very happy!

Many thanks!!!”

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