Navigating money challenges can often feel like it’s two steps forward and 1.99999 steps back. It’s about time for THAT to change!

This book offers new insights into the underlying issues that affect your relationship with money, and thus your relationship with yourself and others.

It’s designed to show you why money challenges you, and offers you straightforward, easy-to-use tools to come to a conscious, healthy relationship with abundance.

Subjects covered:
The built-in properties of money, “equal signs” about money, the Law of Attraction and how it’s really a Law of Magnetism, the beliefs that cause us to push money away, does money really “Make us safe?,” new insights into our perspectives on “rich people,” guilt and triggers about having more money than others, how to steward the funds we have, charging for work that others feel should be free, and much more!

Included: Nine tools to shift your relationship to money and 67 definitions of terms and concepts.

ebook in PDF, mobi, and epub formats


Price: $2.99