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Questions answered during this session include:

What is the next step for me? The most beneficial shift I can make right now, and the best way to do that?

My 24 year old daughter just agreed to take a job in India for a year. She’ll be traveling to Uttar Pradesh early December — one of the poorest regions of that country — to be part of a team developing leadership curriculum for rural women in the hopes of preparing more women to run for office and be elected into local government. I have supported her her whole life to be bold and follow her dreams — and her actions in part are aligned with some of my own dreams — but at this juncture, I’m tempted to be more afraid than I usually am about the adventure ahead.

There’s the piece that we are very close, and my daughter has been for me a sort of solid relationship through these years when so much else has felt shaky. India feels really far away, and I don’t know what it will be like for me to be so far apart from her and for so long.

But the biggest piece is that with the violence going on in the Middle East, Ebola outbreak and spread, and the violence and misogyny that I know is prevalent in that part of India, I’m afraid for the safety of my daughter in a way I’ve never worried about before.

Could you please provide prospective for me. How do I make this the best year of my life, and how can I support her to follow her dreams and be safe?

at the end of September I told my boss that I quit my job to the end of this year. The weeks before I saw that I have to change it -I was looking at the hole situation and knew “this is it, it does not have to be more ridiculous than that”. It felt really free to tell everybody, this feeling only lasts for a few days. Now I often feel like I am drained after work – I really try to distance myself, put me in a blue bubble etc.. I need one or two days off to get back to me and being not affected to the work. What is in my energy that I am not seeing, could you please share that with me?

Since coming home from the retreat, I have been feeling fatigued almost all the time, no matter how much I sleep. I have also been going into an unconscious state while meditating, though I don’t think I’m asleep. Can you check into my energy and help me understand what’s going on and how to best manage it?

I have been using the last few months to integrate experiences and learnings from the past few years. I feel like I have a very stable foundation for the next phase of my journey. This does not mean that life is a piece of cake, yet it’s so much more smoother and transparent. It’s a very centered and peaceful place from where I mostly take action from these days. Especially with others I feel so much more connection and much less judgement / expectations. I am willing to receive anything you would like to share.

I am having some strange things happen when I am sleeping at night. This has been happening on and off for a long time and recently it seems to be more frequent. When I am sleeping I get awakened and I see things close to my face. I usually get really scared and gasp or sometimes swat at what I see. Mostly it’s a grey smoke and sometimes it’s actual intricate visuals. One time I saw very clearly what looked like a mayan drawing and one time I saw a faceless person. CREEPY. Can you tell what is happening?

I’ve thought about many things I might ‘talk’ about…and no questions have come.
Not sure if it’s because I went to bed late last night listening to Fred’s fractal meditation…and fell asleep to it… Sooo, the best question for me at this moment, then, is to ask for your feedback…given my physical & financial situations…in these times rolling out before us in such interesting ways. Thank you all for how you are able to thru Veronica…and that you are available to us in such dynamic, profound, loving ways.