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May, 2011

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Not Do to Get, but BE to RECEIVE ~ 5-15-2011

Hello everyone!
We had a great Q&A this month. The list of questions answered is below. The YouTube video is Eloheim talking about DO TO GET.


Next month’s Q&A will be moved to June 12 as the 19th is Father’s Day.


Audio from each of our five meetings held in May, 2011


Price: $8.99

Questions answered 5-15-2011:

Not so much a question as a statement: I feel as if my “field” is larger and as a result I am becoming more magnetic. It is subtle, but I am noticing more people interacting with my field. It’s pretty cool! On to the question part: Since I don’t have a specific question, I’d
like to know what my soul is currently showing you for me, so that I can use the information.

Metaphorically speaking, my life feels like a car that has been taken apart in a garage with an engine to be rebuilt. A few parts are still missing – like spark plugs, and I need the new tires put on. I’m attending to a number of key things right now – looking for job, potential new housing options, etc. Particularly, I feel like I’m being sidetracked or stalled by other people in my family, and sort of stalled in general. I appreciate insights or tools in how to get unstuck.

I am willing to hear what you have to say about this issue that is residing in my lower belly. I have gone through intense clearing in this area but after a while it comes back. Can you please help me identify and deal with this once and for all and anything else that you think it would be helpful for me to know.

I am currently enjoying the new experience of left elbow pain. I’ve thrown away the possibility of knowing ‘why’ and am currently wringing out the experience to foster change. I say ‘no’ to extra work. As of last week I closed my bodywork business. Cutting away that anchor allows me to have relationships with people that don’t involve my professional hat. It frees me to move to a new city or a sunny beach, change my phone service and dream of being an artsy shop keeper. The possibilities are infinite. I wonder, dear Eloheim, how I might continue to create this new life without all the pain and physical limitations?

Can you talk about the weather patterns? It’s been raining and flooding everywhere. What’s that about?

When I am alone and looking to do something that will raise my vibration what would be the best thing to do?

I find working with a family member drains my energies. Am I violating my own boundaries or is this a new assignment that I have taken on?

I have been having an experience I would like to describe to Eloheim and then ask my question. Randomly out of nowhere I have been experiencing something hard to describe but here is the best way I can say it. It starts randomly that all of a sudden I get this feeling come over me in a quick moment that is a mixture of an instant lightheartedness and a feeling of renewed excitement of the moment that is not caused by anything happening around me. This feeling triggers almost like a memory of a feeling that I have had before. Because of the feeling in that moment it makes me instantly have a new perspective that I can only best describe as a fresh perspective…it’s starting to make me have this realization of wow it is possible to feel this way right now in this moment without anything around me initiating it…it’s basically just a feeling. The moment lasts shortly…but I am experimenting with imitating the feeling myself to kind of spark myself into trying to maintain the perspectives that I have been getting. I hope this makes sense it is hard to describe. My question is can you take a look at me energetically and tell me what you see about this.

About 4 years ago after a dentist appointment my jaw locked up. I have seen many medical and “alternative” health practitioners and no one has an idea as to what is going on. I feel I am holding on or resisting something but not sure what. I have been through times of trying to change it, fix it, but now am getting more comfortable just living with it. The question I have is what is the lesson this has for me?

Lately I’ve been feeling too “big” for my environments. For example, things seem too “small” for me (like the walls are closing in, etc.), making it hard to get comfortable, and I’m much more easily frustrated. I’m clearly ready for a big change but I’m feeling overwhelmed and less and less grounded in the process. I’m currently (desperately) seeking to move into a new home but I feel like I’m holding myself back on this by not addressing this drastic change in energy. Is there anything you can tell me about this?

Can you talk about “Do to get”?



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