Mags (Mary Magdalene) and the Matriarch combine their energy in this meditation offering beautiful insights into the gift the body gives us.


Gingerbread – aka Gingerbread Person Cookie Shape. Eloheim coined the phrase “gingerbread” as a fun way to refer to our physical bodies.

Vastly Changed State – aka VCS – is their descriptor for the …. well VAST change that occurs as we surrender personality and begin living without Personality limiting our experience. The Body/Personality/Awareness teachings are the current phase of The Council’s offerings to us. This is the third phase of The Council’s teachings which began 20 years ago. Learn about all three phases here:

Disorienting Uncertainty – As we surrender Personality and we are no longer subject to the limits and lies we had been living in

, we are naturally experiencing uncertainty. That uncertainty can be quite disorienting as we are also not allowing Personality to define the new experiences we are having. It’s all BRAND NEW.

Veronica Torres channels The Council. The Council is comprised of eight different groups: The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, The Eloheim, The Warrior, Mags (Mary Magdalene), and Fred. During a channeling session, each of The Council members take turns sharing their teachings. Each Council member has a distinct personality, style of delivery, and focus.

The Council is best known for their multitude of practical tools, which support our journey out of the fear-based operating system into the consciousness-based operating system.

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