Audio from the five meetings held in August, 2010


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If you would rather read the transcripts of these sessions, COLLECTION ONE of the Homo Spiritus Sessions includes the transcripts of the sessions held between July 7, 2010 and August 25, 2010.
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8-4-10 ~ 88 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by encouraging us to bring our attention the moment and be present.

Visionaries: Discussed emotive states and the difference between emotions and feelings. Emotions are habitual, feelings are in the moment.

Eloheim: Expanded on the discussion of feelings and emotions, and took questions to help illustrate the concept. Also, gave us a weather report for the autumn and winter, into spring.

The Girls: Had a humorous time trying to eat a goldfish cracker. Brought the discussion of feelings and emotions around to self-love and the difference between vulnerability and weakness. They advise: Recognize and express your feelings and let that give you vulnerability rather than weakness.

Warrior: Continued the story of going to see the king, and dealing with Eric, illustrating unconsciousness versus consciousness.

Fred: Explained that by discerning the difference between emotion and feeling and delving into feeling in the moment, we allow our soul’s perspective into our being.

Matriarch: Invited us to allow ourselves to take the time to revel in the feelings of joy that can be associated with physicality.

8-11-10 ~ 95 minutes

Visionaries: Delve deeper into the subject of emotions and feelings. The deep knowing of you is facilitated by the clarity you have regarding the difference between the experience of emotion and the experience of feeling.

Eloheim: Took questions regarding emotions and feelings, and used them as examples to go deeper into the subject.

The Girls: Emotions and feelings: The nuances and the aspects that you find yourself experiencing when you experience feelings are going to be far more varied than what you’ve allowed yourself to experience when you experienced emotions. The emotional state is low-vibrational, therefore limiting. The feeling state is high-vibrational, therefore expansive.

Warrior: Continued with his story of Eric and his men joining the group, and some of the situations that resulted from Eric not being his true self, hiding from his desire and need to express his lack of understanding. Also, more exploration of emotions and feelings.

Fred: Explained that your crown chakra is the chakra that acknowledges the entry of the soul’s perspective into the physical form. That’s the place where you make that connection, it comes in through the crown. They hold open the portal between our crown chakras and the soul’s perspective so that we can experience our soul’s perspective more easily.

Matriarch: Explained that what they do is, in essence, hold the mirror of the truth of us up, and also hold us like babes in arms, embraced, to reiterate the security that we can feel within. The truth of us being reflected.

8-15-10 ~ Q&A with Eloheim

8-18-10 ~ 85 minutes

Visionaries: “I am new” – we have tendency to match energies with previous instances of an experience.

The intensity of the moment. Do you have the courage to make it about you, to think about yourself instead?

Even though you’re seeing every little part of yourself – can you love yourself anyway?

There is a high degree of challenge going on right now. Acknowledging Veronica’s challenges resonating at different chakra frequencies for each council member. It’s okay for it to be hard.

Insight into the composition of the Council; how and when each member came in, how they communicate through Veronica, how they communicate with each other.

The overall mission of the council is to balance our physical experience of Homo spiritus.

End of 2010 through 2011 is the year of balance.

8-25-10 ~ 88 minutes

Visionaries: Emanating the truth of you, and allowing yourself to see the places where you feel you cannot love yourself. Where do you not love yourself? Allowing yourself awareness of your shadow places does not mean that you have to fix them, but will give you the gift of releasing the façade of “I can’t love myself because….” A discussion of how short, factual statements can be an excellent tool to work with shadow places.

Eloheim: The concept of home. Examining it as a first-chakra paradigm. Do you carry your stability, strength, security in your body, or do you expect your outside world to give it to you? Also, a short discussion of the difference between feelings and emotions.

The Girls: When you look at the idea of what you don’t love about yourself and figure out whatever it is and then she sit with it, it changes. Sitting with it changes it. And it is absolutely not about you having to fix it.

Warrior: Continues the story of Eric, illustrating making choices and knowing that your creations are your own, and that nothing comes to you from outside of you.

Fred: The true nature of your infinite, and immortal self resides just a breath away in any moment, and it exists for you to access at any time.

Matriarch: When you find yourself triggered or confused, you just say, “It’s possible there’s more here.”