This retreat will offer fun ways to learn more about Eloheim and to study the tools for conscious living.

It’s perfect for those that are new to Eloheim’s offerings AND for those that would like to review the foundational teachings.

There are no set times for attendance. Everything is at your own pace.

A great way to get to know Veronica & Eloheim and to connect with their amazing community.



Really awesome course. This was really wonderful and I learned so many new tools to help me. Thank you so much! I look forward to the next one!

This has been amazing! I experienced such a strong commitment to immersing in this online retreat. I’ll be taking it all in for quite some time. Loved the enthusiasm and open sharing. And Veronica, your gifts of creating this – wow – thank you so much!

Thank you Veronica, I’ve been slowly working on the tools you’ve posted. I’ve found the tools easy to understand, I love your matter of fact way of presenting, making it all feel very ‘normal.’

I have really enjoyed this opportunity to become familiar with the teachings/tools of Eloheim and the others. I will continue to learn more and practice in my life. This has been a great opportunity.

What I liked most about the teachings is that each steps are described in details with good examples and they are accessible to anyone whatever is your level of consciousness or your education.

The greatest compliment I can give this work is that I am more now who I wanted to be and only a margin of who I was. Each step provided growth

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, expression, self awareness, integrity. My path is unique, and yet the tools / information supported me finding me the entire way. It has truly been a blessing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost?

100% FREE!

When does the retreat start?

It starts when you register! You will receive an email every other day for 30 days. Each email will feature Eloheim teachings. Each teaching will build upon the ones that came before!

I can’t be online everyday, can I still participate?

Absolutely! It’s all at your own pace.

I’m brand new to Eloheim’s teachings, is that ok?

Perfectly ok! This retreat is a wonderful introduction to Eloheim.

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