Volume SEVEN of the Birth of The Council series includes transcripts of EIGHT Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between May 12, 2010 and June 30, 2010.

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True transformation requires the courage to face what is actually present. This allows you to work through your shadow areas and be open to the moment without obsessive thinking.

In this volume, The Council offers us a new relationship to the experiences we have created. “You must say yes to your creations. Saying yes does not mean you want it to continue, it means that you acknowledge your creatorship. When you say yes to your creations, be sure to be kind to your body and acknowledge that what it feels is valid.”

They walk us through an examination of where we lie to ourselves, and how to transform those places we fear or are ashamed of. “If you want to have transformation in your life, you have to deeply say ‘Yes’ to what the current truth of you is.”

They provide a reminder that it will be very challenging to love your complete self if you can’t learn to love the parts that you don’t like.

They also explore fresh perspectives on money and abundance.

This volume is FULL of powerful ideas expressed in a humorous, supportive, and loving manner.

The final book in the series completes The Council and launches us into the Homo spiritus sessions.

New Council members included in VOLUME SEVEN:


VOLUME SEVEN includes 29 tools: Answer the question you wished they had asked; Big toe, left elbow; Clarity vs. certainty; Color with all the crayons; Concurrent and cascading fears; Don’t put handcuffs on God; Equal signs; Fascination, integration, emanation, magnetism; Fingertip tool; How ridiculous does it have to get?; I am willing; I don’t know anything; I’m tempted to; Law of attraction/magnetism; Money mantra; Neutral observation; Re-language; Script holders/script holding; Short factual statements; Shovel or ladder; Velcro; Vulnerability vs. weakness; What is in your lap?; What is IS; What is true now?; Where am I lying to myself?; Why is this happening for me?; You can’t have change without change; You to you (compare).

Additionally, VOLUME SEVEN includes 137 definitions of terms and concepts.

Veronica has channeled since 2002, during which time she worked almost exclusively with Eloheim. Beginning in June, 2009, she started channeling additional groups to form what eventually became known as The Council. This process unfolded over a 56-week period. This series of seven books documents the arrival of The Council and details their teachings during that time.

Each Birth of The Council book can stand alone, but taken together will allow the reader to follow along with the formation of The Council as well as the progression of the teachings, including the introduction, in-depth explanation, and evolution of The Council’s tools.

The Council is comprised of seven different groups: The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, The Eloheim, The Warrior, and Fred. Each Council member has a distinct personality, style of delivery, and focus.

The Council is best known for their multitude of practical tools, which support our journey out of the fear-based operating system into consciousness-based living.

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