Volume SIX of the Birth of The Council series includes transcripts of SEVEN Eloheim and The Council channeling sessions held between March 17, 2010 and May 5, 2010.

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This volume teaches us how to become comfortable and thrive while acknowledging that we will always have questions. We are not here to discover a final answer; we are here to explore the question, “Who am I?”

We can reduce suffering by shifting away from: “Will I ever get there?” to: “I am there, and I just need to reveal the truth of me.” We can do this by asking ourselves: “What does this really tell me about me, what does this really show me about me, what is this illuminating about me?”

If you find yourself triggered by what this exploration reveals, remember that triggers are an opportunity for you to better know yourself.

New Council members included in VOLUME SIX:

The Warrior

New Tool in VOLUME SIX:

What is the question of me?

VOLUME SIX includes 29 tools:

Answer the question you wished they had asked; Big toe, left elbow; Candle wax; Clarity vs. certainty; Color with all the crayons; Energetic billboard; Equal signs; Fascination, integration, emanation, magnetism; How ridiculous does it have to get?; I am willing; Law of attraction/magnetism; Money mantra; Neutral observation; Preferences/Judgments; Relanguaging; Re-queue; Say “no” first; Short factual statements; Shovel or ladder; Superhero powers; This emotion is a choice; What is in your lap?; What is IS; What is the question of me?; What is true now?; Where am I lying to myself?; Who answers the door?; You can’t have change without change; You to you (compare).

Additionally, VOLUME SIX includes 137 definitions of terms and concepts.

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