Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

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Last year a few of my long term friends have decided to suddenly cut me out of their lives. Although I am able to respect their choice, I have a hard time comprehending their reasons, as I know myself to be a very loyal friend. There was no overt reason that I could see, nothing was communicated. I feel I am in a loop where I try to understand them for being able to simply turn away from a friendship after decades of shared experiences. It triggers a pattern that speaks of being unwanted and my knee jerk reaction is to withdraw into myself.

Ah, I know from personal experience how painful and confusing this one is!

The nature of relationship seems to be changing. I’ve found myself having profoundly short (as in the time it take to pump gas into my car!) relationships that I even grieve a bit for even though they don’t have any of the hallmarks of a traditional relationship. I mean, I didn’t even talk to this person! I just pumped gas near him and I felt like we had an entire relationship during those few minutes. The first time it happened, it really unnerved me. Now, I try to be super present in all of these brief encounters as they are revealing so much more than they used to.

Your description is quite different of course. You had long-standing connections with these folks. The Eloheim teaching that helps me the most in situations like this is: We Are No Longer a Match. Acknowledging that we have become mismatched gives my brain something to do in the absence of knowing the answer to

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, “Why?!?”

People grow and evolve (or don’t) and can become energetically mismatched.

Here is a page from the booklet of our Levels of Creating deck describing Level 5: This Experience is Mine. In it, Eloheim reminds us that friendships change as we evolve.

You also said:

It triggers a pattern that speaks of being unwanted and my knee jerk reaction is to withdraw into myself.

Try the Look out the Window tool when you get stuck in this pattern of only seeing the rejection. It’s a different way of using this tool; I suspect it will be helpful. It’s so easy to fixate on the confusing parts of our lives. This tool helps you see the more that is also present.

Look out the Window

Many people have said to us, “Nothing changes in my life. I don’t feel abundant and I don’t know how to be in the moment.” This one tool with help with all three issues!

Each day spend some time gazing out the same window. It’s great to try and do this at the same time each day, but it’s not essential that you do. As you gaze out the window, require yourself to notice something that you have never noticed before. It may be something obvious, like a bird on a branch or it may be something more subtle, like the shade of green in the leaves or a shadow on the sidewalk. At first, you may be tempted to say that nothing has changed; however, there IS something different. Look deeper.

This practice will help you recognize the changes that are constantly occurring all around you. Developing these new neural pathways will make it easier for you to recognize the changes that are happening in YOUR life.

Each time you look out the window you will notice more and more aspects of your world. As you start to see your surroundings as “full” you will begin to notice fullness in other parts of your life as well. As you see the abundance in one area of your life, you will learn to see the abundance that surrounds you in all areas of your life.

This practice asks you to hold still and BE. Be sure to notice your body relaxing as you take this time. It’s a lovely way to be self-loving and access the moment.

We suggest teaching this tool to children. They will grasp it immediately.

It’s also super important not to beat yourself up as a result of these changed relationships. Eloheim has only ever given us one rule: Don’t be mean to yourself

Don’t Be Mean to Yourself (Four-Year-Old Child)

If there’s something you genuinely want to change about yourself, you don’t have to be mean to yourself in order to change it. Take a moment and let that sink in. You don’t have to be mean to yourself to change.

You don’t berate a child about learning to walk, or talk, or write. You say, “Hey, it’s OK, let’s try it again.”

Yet, you will be extremely critical of yourself at nearly any opportunity.

How do you know if you are being mean to yourself? If you’re talking to yourself in a voice that you wouldn’t use with a four-year-old child, especially somebody else’s four-year-old child, you’re being mean to yourself.

When you find yourself being hard on yourself, simply ask, “Would I say this to a pre-schooler?”

No, you would not.

It’s OK to have a new plan or to desire something different for the future or to reevaluate how you handled a situation; that’s all growth. But beating yourself up is so contrary to everything we teach that we have made it our only rule: You don’t get to be mean to yourself.

Oh, and be aware that someday soon we are going to evolve this tool. Someday soon, we are going to lower the age. It will be, “You can’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a toddler or an infant.” Since you can be fascinated by EVERYTHING an infant does (Oh look, it’s a poo poo!), you can, eventually, be fascinated by anything YOU do, as well. Imagine that!

In the end, you may never understand why your friends made this decision. I find comfort in this Eloheim idea:

If thinking could have solved it, it would have solved it long ago because you sure have thought about it enough.

Remember: Understanding is overrated

You’ve been taught that “understanding” is a worthy goal. You use your amazing brain to “wrap your mind around” something until you understand it. We say “understanding is overrated” to remind you that understanding something with your mind isn’t the only way you can interact with it. There is a vast amount of insight from your soul that you can access on any subject. Reminding yourself that “understanding is overrated” will help you break the habit of limited thinking and remember to open to your soul’s perspective.

Continue to grow and invest in yourself! As you do this, you will magnetize people who resonate with the current version of you. People who appreciate and desire to connect to your truth. People who value what you value now.

Many Blessings,
Veronica & Eloheim

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Received by email.

I just got my create reality cards in the mail and I’m playing with them right now! So exciting!

It’s already working.

I’m watching a Level 2 belief, “I’m too fat to teach yoga at Studio X,” change to Level 3 “Because I have created these extra pounds. I have failed myself and I won’t get hired,” change to Level 4 “I’m tempted to be mean to myself about my weight, but I am going to choose differently.” WOW!!

I replied asking if I could quote her and received this response:

Yes absolutely you can quote me and you can even add my progress Level 5 “Look how interesting my creation is – how can I work with this?”

This entire process happened within a matter of minutes!


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Level 5: This Experience Is Mine
Level 6: What Trigger?

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