Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

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still struggling with people deliberately living past me.. ignoring me completely. it emotionally hurts and I get stuck in attempting to get a response. or some clarity to the void they offer… being kind, curious but getting nothing in return leading to hurt and anger and oversharing and out of character behaviour to get a response. always returning for more emotional neglect ..like it is an unfinished project. it leads to an enormous waste of time and effort.. low self-worth. and oversharing..unhealthy it mostly happens with shallow selfish assholes that pride themselves in being unbothered towards you.. I slowly become hostile and rotten towards them..I’d rather live past them. stuck.

Thanks for sharing!

I can really feel the challenge as I read your words.

Whenever people report experiences that repeat over and over as you have (always returning for more emotional neglect, unfinished project, etc) I suspect that the Core Emotion is involved. Plus, over the years I’ve developed a bit of a 6th sense for when people are speaking from their Unhealed Core Emotion and that sense was screaming as I read your share.

Here is a two minute audio clip of Eloheim introducing the Core Emotion to a private session client.

Your core emotion is unique to you and unique to this lifetime. I have been working with my core emotion since 2004 and it still reveals powerful opportunities for transformation on a regular basis. It is the key to so much of my personal growth. It is quite common for people to report that a Core Emotion session changes their lives in less than an hour. Email eloheimchannel@yahoo.com for details about Core Emotion sessions.

Becoming conscious of your core emotion often answers questions along the lines of:

“Why does this keep happening?”
“Why do I always react that way even when I know it isn’t for my highest good?”
“Why do I feel stuck all the time?”

Awareness of the core emotion also tends to answer long standing questions like:

“Why did that relationship end the way it did?”
“Why didn’t that job work out?”

Eloheim will walk you through a step-by-step process which they have designed which allows them to determine your core emotion, to show you how it is showing up in your life now, and to teach you how to transform your relationship to it. Your unhealed core emotion can feel like a burden, however your healed core emotion is your greatest asset. Such powerful work!! Email eloheimchannel@yahoo.com for details about Core Emotion sessions.

Other things to keep in mind

You said: it mostly happens with shallow selfish assholes

Here is one of Eloheim’s ideas that’s be quite comforting to me over the years:

4 billion
There are at least 4 billion people on the planet who won’t agree with you, won’t like you, or will never meet you. This number is likely underestimated. When we say, “Oh, you have found one of the 4 billion,” it is not to dismiss or diminish their views, but to comfort you that this is a common phenomenon and put it into a perspective that hopefully helps you manage any triggers that come up. The energetics of this idea are similar to saying, “There are other fish in the sea.”

It feels like you are waiting for one of these folks to validate or permit you to be your truth. Choosing to interact with these types of people has the energy of “giving away your wax.”

Candle Wax (Nobody Gets Your Wax)

This tool is based on an analogy: You are a candle. You can share your flame—your emanation—but don’t give away your wax—never, never, never, never. If you give away your wax, you give away yourself; who you are is diminished.

Your wax is that core amount of attention, of rest, of nourishment, of peace, of quiet, of meditation, of walking, of dancing, of whatever it is that you know feeds you as a person and keeps you whole. You’ve been letting pieces of these things go to other people because you thought, “Well, if they’re happy, I’ll be happy.” Or you thought, “If they’re happy, at least I won’t be so distracted by their needs.” The truth is this drains you and you’ll be further drained if you continue.

The first step is to set boundaries so that the people you’re giving your wax to don’t get any more wax. This change often elicits a strong reaction from others. It’s common for them to throw fits, call you selfish, or call you other names. Don’t allow their reaction to cause you to return to giving away your wax; that’s an unsustainable path.

Boundaries don’t mean: “I don’t love you anymore.” Boundaries mean: “To have love to give, I have to love myself first. I can’t give from this drained place. I have to give from a whole place.” If you keep giving from weakness, eventually you’ll have nothing left; but if you set boundaries, you rejuvenate yourself. When you drop service mentality and take care of yourself first, you’re able to offer something extraordinary. The candle is lit and the flame is giving off light. When you love yourself well, it’s like putting the candle on the windowsill so everyone can see its light.

Reorient your focus to YOUR experience of YOU!

What Is True Now?

Asking yourself, “What is true now?” is a way of coming into and staying connected to the moment. Answer the question with obvious things: I’m wearing blue pants. It’s Tuesday. I’m sitting down. The sun is shining. Use whatever you find yourself noticing.

This is a powerful way to interrupt habitual patterns and can be used anywhere and at any time. What is true now? I’m lying in bed. I’m driving the car. I’m holding a spoon.

Each time you do this, you bring yourself out of the hamster-wheel mind and into the now.

Additionally, “What is true now?” will also help you connect to your soul’s insight.

Once you are in the moment, further inquiry can lead to answers that are not coming from your mind. What is true now begins to be answered by an “aha” from the soul.

By asking yourself what is true now constantly, you’re creating a very quick way to become present in the moment and you’re developing a strong connection between you and your soul.

If what is true now is answered by a sentence of, say, more than say 10 words, it’s your mind. An “aha” from the soul is going to be shorter than that. It doesn’t need to be lengthy because it’s not processed by the mind. It’s an energetic truth expressed briefly in order to really sink in. If what is true now starts to have a lengthy explanation, suspect that the mind is encroaching on the soul’s turf and ask the mind to shut up.

When used with consistency and consciousness, what is true now can be used to uncover unconscious coping mechanisms and lies that you tell yourself.

Remember! You are a chooser and you are choosing how much of your attention you give to these interactions.

Choose and Choose Again

The transition from the fear-based operating system to the consciousness-based operating system is not done in a straight line. You must choose and choose again for transformation. Habit is very strong; the survival instinct runs very deep; cultural and DNA pressures are intense. Your choice to grow spiritually requires spiritual discipline and persistence. It is an act of committing and recommitting to the journey.

Remember: Fear (and habit) is a choice, not a mandate.

Thanks again for sharing your story!

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More on the Core Emotion

I had a session with Eloheim where I got to work out what my core emotion is for this lifetime. Wow! Talk about eye opening! It was definitely an Ah-ha moment. Just from asking some key questions, Eloheim was able to put together the core emotion from my answers. It was like getting the most important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Once they are in place you can see the big picture.

Looking over the past 46 years, I can see how my core emotion has been managing my relationships with family, friends and even my pets. I could sense there was a pattern, but I couldn’t figure out to make things better or even what the issue really was.

Because of this session, I now know what I need to work on and how to address it so that I can be more successful in my relationships. Because of my work with Eloheim, I now have a mantra that reminds me of my past patterns involving my core emotion and allows me to step outside the pattern and do things in a better, healthier way.

It’s almost a relief, because it feels as if I have moved to a different level that involves more self love

, and that is okay. My session with Eloheim couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been struggling with some friendships that had run their course. After this session, I was able to make the decision to move on in a healthy positive way.

Thank you Eloheim for all your help, and thank you Veronika for having the courage to bring Eloheim to us.

TP – Medford, OR

I felt very light and worry free after my core emotion session with Eloheim. . .it’s all for me and I now know how to frame my experiences to better understand what is being shown to me for my learning. Intellectually, I know other people and their behaviors/judgments don’t define me, and now I feel it differently – have encompassed it in a deeper way. I feel safe in myself in a new way. And now I have this tool, specifically for me thru knowledge of my core emotion, to help me be my authentic self when I’m tempted to evaluate myself thru the actions of others. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you, Veronica and Eloheim! Kim

I deeply enjoyed my Core Emotion Session with Eloheim.

They are easy to talk to and their advice is very grounded and practical.

Finding out about my Core Emotion was immensely helpful for me. It explains a lot of situations in my past to me – why I reacted in a special way and what I can do now to change things. I already began to implement different techniques and my interactions with people became A LOT easier and more pleasant because I am now very clear about “how I tick.” That is a huge improvement for me!!!

After the session my life started to become more enjoyable and a lot of magic is taking place. I simply love it and I can recommend Eloheim very much. I also love the tools they share – they changed my life!!!!

Lots of love and thank you Veronica for making it all possible!
Diana in Austria