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March, 2013

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Eloheim Responds to the See-er ~ 2-27-2013

A powerful follow up to the introduction of the See-er last week. This meeting was an explanation of the See-er’s contribution to The Council, a sharing of experiences, and a clarification of just what happened last week! Continue Reading…

February, 2013

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First Channeling of the See-er ~ 2-20-2013

Wow, our February 20, 2013 session was sure special! We had the first channeling of the See-er. This energy was VERY powerful. Here are some comments I received:

While listening (online) to the last meeting when the new energy came in, I felt what was happening. My body reacted with spasms, shaking, pulsing, shivering. However it wasn’t scary, I welcomed it. I had tears of joy and the sense, “Yes, I am ready, I have been waiting for it.”

The indescribable feeling I experienced at last night’s meeting was a powerful activation of my heart chakra. It was also a powerful validation of the step-by-step process of vulnerability, trust and revelation I’ve experienced in my journey into conscious physicality in my own body-world.
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