A powerful follow up to the introduction of the See-er last week. This meeting was an explanation of the See-er’s contribution to The Council, a sharing of experiences, and a clarification of just what happened last week!

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Guardians: The space that you are creating here is like a freshly tilled field, providing lots of nutrients for growth. Your receptivity is high, so potentials are high. There’s a strong sense of collaboration, a feeling of being in this together. Stay in the now and don’t rush ahead energetically to “What’s happening next?”

Visionaries: We thought you would be a bit of a mess (full of too many questions) this week after last week, but you are not, energetically. You have been doing step-by-step for a while and you are changing the physicality of your physical structure – which requires step-by-step. You are now living in your bigger lives. You’re going deeper into the layers and fractals, deeper into your existence, and with more and more of your Soul. It is “stay the course” time. When it gets overwhelming, or you keep getting the same trigger, compare you to you – ONLY. Progress is occurring but you won’t know that unless you compare you to you. Stay the course.

Eloheim: Your True Self is inside and trying to burst out. It’s like the caterpillar and butterfly transformation. Are you going to stay with the old or choose the new? Remember that this is an “uncertainly” place, but it is uncertainly that allows infinite possibilities. Potentials and uncertainty are what you are living right now; this is what we have talked about. What’s needed is loving all of yourself. “It’s all me.” “Even this is me” – that is, your confusion, survival instinct, illness, physicality, triggers, limitations. Level 7 is “that’s me too.” Embrace the entirety of you. When you take a breath, you’re actually filling your entire body with your essence. There’s something very, very powerful about getting “it’s all me” within the body.

Last week showed how energetics can affect your physicality, but your emanation also affects your physical body. The emanation that goes out is very strong, so if you’re angry or wishing things were different than they are, you are putting that out into the world.

Rather than have a lot of questions or qualifiers, choose ONE question – choose the loudest single inquiry and allow that to be the doorway to so much more. How does the energy of the See-er affect what we are doing? Remember the analogy of the cacophonous marching band: it’s like the See-er reached into you, into the band, and said, “We got it! We got it, and we’re going to pull it a little more forward.” There is more about you that you are learning about, more within you that you now want to see – the Pure Truth of you. And you are feeling it in your bodies. There is “What is true now?” energy, but there’s also inwards and outwards movement. Don’t reference your old standards any more. What does right now want to know? Use short, factual statements.

There was a helpful a discussion on dealing with fears. For fears, you can lighten the load by rationally leaving many of them behind. Define what the fears are, in short statements; for example, “I’m afraid I’ll be stoned to death.” At the end of that process, you maybe have five legitimate, current, fears left. Then attend to the one that is loudest. Put it right in front of you. Hold it close like a lover that you don’t want it to leave. “We’re going to dance until I say we’re done, until you change.” YOU dictate the terms to your fear and trigger, which is both your foe and your best friend. “I’m choosing you to meet my goals.” And you will like who you become on the other side of that.

As you go forward, continue to explore the See-er’s idea of the truth of you coming OUT of you, rather than having to go hunting for it.


Six sessions held in February, 2013

This package includes audio of all six and video of five sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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