Eloheim told me that the March 6, 2013 session would be different and it was! During this session, Eloheim did mini-sessions for the group members which were incredible!! Here’s a quote from Germany:

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“Last night’s meeting gave me deep, deep insights, nearly as deep as my core emotion session.”

Guardians: We feel your energetics expanding into the room in a new way, which we appreciate. There are always going to be opportunities to experience triggers, fears, habits – and opportunities to let those things tell you who you are, and how you can be. You will be tempted to fall for the old version of you, and these triggers and temptations will happen as long as you are in the body. It won’t be going away. So find ways to manage and transform your relationship to the survival instinct. Choose and choose again. Choose yourself INTO the transformed state. Stay the course. And when you encounter a trigger, turn and face it. The intensity of it will abate as you work into it.

Visionaries: We still feel a weary confidence in you. This is a challenging time; there are big energetic flows happening right now, and you will feel this at some level. Study the effect it’s having on you. In any chaos, say “yes” to what is because that’s the only way you can transform it. Remember the Warrior’s take on triggers: “I see you and I pull you close.” You won’t make more of the trigger when you face it; you will decrease it. But if you don’t face it, the “enemy” keeps coming.

Eloheim: Conducted a Sebastopol-type session with each attendee sitting in the next chair. Some of the discussion highlights:

Don’t try to be a spiritual example or helper for others. Your spiritual work is only for you. “This is for me. I know who I am. That’s all I offer and all I will offer.” This creates an emanation which will actually help others more than anything else. When you are filled up with You, then you can interact with others in an open and easy way.

Let the current version of you re-evaluate the situation in your lap. Don’t let the past tell you how to think about or judge a situation or person. Don’t let the past tell you who you are now. When you re-evaluate, say things like “I really don’t actually know that person’s story. There IS more here, if only to look at it from who I am now.”

Being in the truth of you means not reacting as you’ve reacted before – but speaking from your deepest truth in that moment, even if that truth is sadness, pain and vulnerability. “I am going to respond to this moment with my utter truth, which I’ve covered up in the past.” So, rather than navigating by whatever reaction you had in the past, you can go onto a completely different branch of the tree.

When you are busy receiving a lot of information, that doesn’t mean you are emanating the truth of you. Ask if your information-gathering is a distraction. Is it making you more balanced?

Instead of asking, “what’s next?” ask “what’s now?” Scan your current environment for the juicy bits, and then let that dictate what’s next. Fascination is the doorway. FIEM: Fascination – Integration – Emanation – Magnetism. Integration is bringing in the Soul’s perspective, allowing the ah-has. And before you magnetize, you’ll abide in a period of waiting. If you find yourself feeling frustration in that time, be fascinated by something new.

Six sessions held in March, 2013

This package includes audio of all six and video of five sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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