The March 13th session featured a very funny Visionaries message followed by Eloheim explaining Level 9! Learn more about the levels here.

Watch your trajectory. When you live moment to moment, you are uncertain about each next moment, but you can point yourselves well. Imagine a wind-up toy car which you “charge” up and then put on the floor. When you go into victim hood, it’s as if you’ve crashed it into something! So point it well. When you have challenges on the path, use the tools and be conscious. When you get weary, if you didn’t go into victim hood, then you don’t need to start over from the beginning. You can juice yourselves back up by finding something fascinating. Fascination is always part of you as a soul, just as the survival instinct is part of your body.

Level 7 is where you surrender the idea that triggers are outside of you. “It’s all me.” Level 8 is, “Watch it move,” like ripples in a pond. Your emanation just goes out and you don’t know where it will go. (Though, in the future, you might). It just moves. And you also are a movement, a movement of creation, a flow. You are not something fixed.

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As you move into the upper levels, continue to take level 5 with you. “This trigger is mine” helps you take conscious ownership of any discomfort you feel. If you are confused, be clear about your confusion. “I don’t know what I want.” “I am tempted to….”

The next level is level 9, the “Choice-less choice.” You still have free will, but it becomes irrelevant; it ceases to matter. The next step is so clear, even if it may be uncomfortable, that nothing else is as loud. The clarity of action to take is indisputable and it moves you – like the ripples on the water, or the parting of the Red Sea. There is an urge, a compulsion, with your clarity, and no fear of the perceived ramifications. Your individual intent for spiritual progress is an example of a choice-less choice. You may feel weary, but you have no choice about continuing to do it.

This is not just about moments, which you may have experienced, but about a whole new way of living, a completely different paradigm of experience. But to live this way asks something new of you. Don’t bail out of this tension by going into old fears and habits! We don’t want to see the tension in your body if you do that; it’s like slipping into victim hood from a high energetic level. Don’t fall for the idea that “if this was right, it would be easy.” (It’s not easy). And this is not about service mentality. Though it may look like service, the “choice” is not for the other person. It just is. You clearly recognize that the parting of the Red Sea has occurred and the next step, the next moment, is pristinely clear. You wouldn’t want to do anything else.

It’s a moment-by-moment experience. The trajectory says nothing about what you will find, only where you are pointed. So as you walk in the uncertainty and discomfort of that, take all your tools with you. “What is true now?” And find whatever is fascinating in each step, each option. Clarity is the path, so try to get familiar with what this clarity feels like.

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The Visionaries encourage us to “point ourselves well!”