Wow, this meeting was SOMETHING! Fred decided to bring in the energy of the levels above level 10. I thought Fred was going to levitate my body. I don’t mean this in a joking way. I was saying “I am willing, I am willing” because it felt like I was going to levitate off the chair.

Here are some of the comments I’ve received:

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As I watched you last night your form began to shift, bend and waver and I believed that you might actually change form! It was stunning to see!!!

Through the internet TV, I felt waves of something washing over and through me. And I thought I could see a radiance surrounding Veronica. And both during and after Fred’s appearance, there was a pixel dance going on on the right side of my screen. It did not affect Veronica’s image, it was off to the right. There was just a series of squares appearing and disappearing all over the lower right part of the screen. All shades of blue. I have not noticed anything like that before.

To me Veronica had a vivid blue silhouette/aura shining all around her. Fascinating. And the energy, whew. When Fred spoke, I stopped thinking, processing and just felt into it. It was a choice less choice! (For my brain to stop thinking is quite a big deal lol.) I could feel us opening, spreading out, infinite possibilities sparkling everywhere. So cool. I have to go listen again….

The energy with Fred was so strong! I first felt it in my heart/chest area and it just spread out through the rest of my body. I was sitting down but felt immobilized and blissed out with the beauty of it!

When Fred came in there was a physical lurch and a thump…like a small earthquake to my left. My body felt like pre-faint, pre-fear, pre-(insert intense physical reaction) during his time…like something would have happened, except we were not doing things the “old way”, through physical senses. Which makes sense if it’s the soul’s perspective, I suppose.

When I got to the Fred section … Within a few seconds, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, my whole body started to buzz, my head expanded (or that’s how it felt) it was intense .. With my eyes closed I could see a galactic type figure, blue then green, massive eyes, small body … I kept peeping at the screen for a couple of seconds each time. Were your eyes open Veronica when Fred was speaking? [no, they were not]… That is what I saw, I saw Fred looking out through you. And you changed …you had a completely different look to you. I barely heard the words … By the time the girls came on I was in an altered state and could barely move! I rested 10 minutes and then replayed the section again and the same thing happened … And then I did it again. I woke from a deep sleep an hour ago and my body is still buzzing … It’s the same buzz I get when I receive insight but amplified x 10! It feels exhausting yet exhilarating at the same time. I feel that same buzz you get when you get stung by a bunch of stinging nettles but without the pain.

Use the download link below to watch Fred’s section.

Guardians: It’s fascinating to feel you open up. This new schedule provides an opening, a widening, and is an unexpected benefit of Veronica prioritizing herself, and asking “What is true now?” (The Guardians made a gesture of opening, to represent the energies they felt. Fred will use this same gesture later).

This is a new opportunity. We find you further along than where we left off, not just meeting us at the last end point. You are leading us. And you are leaving duality behind. For the first time, you have the ability to really escape that force. Duality is either/or. Duality in the past has been wondering: “Does he like me?” and then you try to go into the opposite of “I don’t care.” It’s been a duality coping mechanism. You try to not want the thing you want but can’t seem to get. The new path – of leaving duality behind – is the path of fascination. Find where you’re tempted to find duality in your life; and then catch it. Then pick something other than either/or, and asking “what more is here?” This is the third way. Fascination is like a wonder drug because it keeps you in the moment, out of habit, into body, out of duality, and it finds new paths and opens up more possibilities.

Warrior: You are not fighting a battle anymore, but are conducting a siege. As you walk outside the gates of the castle, what is needed is attention, not adrenaline. Inside the besieged castle are all your habits of today. They are contained now; you know where they are, but you continue to pay attention in case any escape. Stay in a relaxed state of discipline and constant awareness. Attention shortens how long the siege has to go on.

As we meet every two weeks, we’re going to show up serious. Intend to say: “I progressed since I was last here; and I incorporated what was talked about.”

The levels can be pushed-into further, reexamined with an attitudinal shift, revisited with a different emphasis. Up to now, level 7, “It’s all me,” oneness, has been more of an intellectual idea. But revisit it as part of your day-to-day life and creation. As things come up, ask “What does this bring up in me?” If you notice intolerance, ask “Where am I intolerant?” Do likewise with abundance or limitation. The external gives you evidence of your internal world. The picture of what you see comes from within you. “It’s all me. It’s me showing me myself.” So when you encounter something that triggers you, notice and re-evaluate and rearrange things inside yourself.

Going into duality and opposites was an old way of discharging discomfort. But, now, if you are uncomfortable with what you encounter, just be in fascination about that. Fascination creates different chemicals, neural pathways, and life experiences. So return, and return to fascination. “What is this moment about?” When something comes up, and you are tempted to pick the opposite of it, don’t. Don’t try to control it, figure it out, or anticipate how it will be. Be in fascination.

Fred: (An amazing energetic demonstration of what living starting from level 8 feels like. Used the open gesture with arms). This is the true launching point. This is a taste of the open, in the moment, Soul-body connection.

Girls: (Came into an extremely relaxed, loose body and commented on that). Fred just did a serious “we see you.” Fred comes from a huge cosmic scale and is ready to be with you on that level. He has mostly been a goofball and has fun, but then he gets very serious. The level where he can teach you from is a non-limitedness beyond what you can imagine.

Matriarch: Sense us in your power chakra, connect with us there, where you emanate outwards. We’re are there to companion with you, to witness you, to make you feel known, to let that truth out in a way that doesn’t make you feel alone, lonely. When you are in your truth is when you are most connected to Oneness.

Five sessions held in April, 2013

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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