Some comments about this meeting:

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“That was a landmark meeting last night.”
“Wow! Just wow. I am blown away.”
“Last night’s meeting was for me probably my favorite one. All members of The Council touched me deeply and their energies created a beautiful balancing effect in me and a new level of understanding.”
“The download of last night’s meeting is one that I am going to play over and over for nights to come.”

I decided it was time for the Matriarch to have a YouTube video. See it below. Download the entire session here.

Guardians: Feel into the truth of “now.” Connect to the moment of possibilities and opportunities. See what asks for your attention and set down the distractions. It will arise,then you set aside. Arise then set aside. Come back. Be here now. Leave distraction behind because distraction create more static and less possibilities. Let it fall away.

Visionaries: There is a sea change. Many of you are starting to feel a shift, a shift out of a holding pattern. The heaviness is starting to lift, and you will “lighten” as you continue. But, as you set aside habits and start feeling the change, the old ways that you’ve tried to solve problems, the old habits and patterns, can scream out. You fear losing what is new, try to hang on or reproduce it, and are tempted to go back to old habits. Catch yourself when this happens. Back up. Catch yourself when you go back to thinking. Stay in step-by-step. Follow fascination and living with insight from your soul.

Fred: There’s more here, like fractals. The tools are not just for themselves, but to lead you to the main event, which is living at level 8 and beyond. It’s about being in the permanent fascination of observation, where you go into “it” (whatever that is in the moment) and see what else is there. Watch it move, within and without. Whatever is, IS and the exploration of that is your gift. So, if you are in frustration, be in fascination about your frustration; have a new relationship to it. Where are you going to engage with what IS? Level 8, being in step-by-step fascination about whatever you’re experiencing, is where Fred wants to begin.

Girls: Level 8 is the real deal. But before level 8 there is level 7, Oneness. We prefer to say “It’s all me.” Whatever you’re experiencing, you created it, you brought it in. Anything you perceive, it’s all you, so you need to have a clear relationship to it. If you don’t like what you see “outside,” there is something within you that you don’t like. Notice what you get upset about and know that, somewhere within you, you also have that energetic manifesting. Your external world is a reflection of your internal journey, not the other way around. For example, if you have the idea that “precious things can be poisoned” – including how you eat, – that emanates out into the world as “pollution.” Watch it move. A “don’t-like” emanation is like pouring black paint into a pool of white paint. However, consciousness (“I am tempted to…”) is not black paint. If you just step back, in that little step, it becomes neutral. And by loving yourself, you start letting yourself off the hook entirely, and it’s all white paint. “What am I broadcasting?”

Warrior: So we are walking out across the field, at a time when there is a strong temptation to worry; “what if…., what if…?” You have to decide if you want to waste your time in this way or if you want to embrace your time, and really see what’s there. “What are the bottoms of my feet doing?” To get out of worry, get in your body and get into the moment. Your soul needs to know where to find you, and this is the only place where you can receive insight. Don’t be in a make-believe life “out there” (What if this happens?…) Make a choice to be IN your real life.

Eloheim: Last week, the tools discussed were mainly for the energetics of levels 1-4, given in the period up to December 2010.

Shortcut: You are going to start in level 2 (victim hood) very often, even daily. So be aware when you feel like a victim. Acknowledge it: “I feel like a victim here.” You can’t go from level 2 directly to level 6 (what trigger?) but there is a shortcut from levels 2 to 5 (this trigger is mine) and then to level 8 (watch it move). 2 – 5 – 8 can work, if you are conscious. Acknowledge, accept and transform. Accept and transform.

YOU choose your level. In level 8 WATCH it move – not make it move. It’s not about forcing, doing anything, or being in outcome. Try to rest in 8, in fascination. It may help to have a visual, like the Warrior’s breeze moving through the tall grass, or the movement of water. “Going in” in fascination can take you out of what makes time real. In this space, everything is probable and time can’t affect you.

Fascination (not fear or frustration)

Integration (recognizing your soul’s perspective & alternative expressions)

Emanation (watch it move)

Magnetism (where the circle of possibilities, real choices, come in)

Matriarch: We see you as babies in swaddling clothes, at the beginning of a lifetime of potentials. Yet the baby is living in the moment, in openness. You are holding all the potential of a new-born. You are ready to be that version of you that you hoped for, dreamed of, believed in. You are a great, vast being that has offered itself to a beautiful expansive opportunity to do something profound. You were already delighted at the idea of it, before you even took on physical form, the idea that you would walk this planet in ascended form. That is why you are here. Remind yourself of that.

Be in deep patience. Look for fascination, allow for integration, emanate your truth and become magnetic to your dreams. Focus, make choices for consciousness, and listen for your soul’s insight. And so step-by-step we go, to the place we’ve already known you would get to.


Seven sessions held in January, 2013

This package includes audio of all seven and video of six sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


Price: $19.99