Morning Message #2014-15 March 22, 2014

Life. You are surrounded by it. The sheer abundance of living things is almost incomprehensible. Yet, it’s always there whether you notice it or not. Let that be an example of the abundance of choices available to you. They are present even if unacknowledged or unexplored. Look out your window and see trees, plants, grass, and dirt yet know that with a closer look or even a tiny bit of magnification you would see bugs, worms, and other creatures. This is a great example of the levels of experience available to you in every moment.

All those different types of life are there for you if you choose to look. All these different levels of experiencing this moment wait for you as well.

Today, seek to see another level of any situation you find yourself in. What more is there? At a minimum, you can always try to see that people are “fixing their fears” in the way that seems right to them.

What else do you find when you look with new eyes?

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Today’s MM was inspired by finally capturing and releasing this tiny mouse. I had to modify the trap using quarters to make it work with such a light mouse!