This powerful session included a of discussion about the Levels of Creating. It ended with Eloheim talking about our relationship to time and providing an exercise for us to do. The Q&A was four days later and Eloheim and Mary continued their conversation about time then. Watch the YouTube video for more.

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March 12 ~ Sonoma

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March 16 ~ Sonoma

Price: $6.99


Guardians: There is a great need of support for where you are right now, what you’re stretching to. You are “stretching” into new potentials.

Visionaries: We see the energy as “tighten down the load” as in a heavily-loaded truck. You need to get out to pull and tighten the ropes – take in that little bit of slack that has built up. You’re doing a very profound thing. One foot is in the old place and one foot is stretching to the new place. Don’t keep one foot planted in the old-certainty place. Lift it off it without losing balance. It’s not easy – it requires effort – but it can be full of ease, grace and satisfaction.

Eloheim: Level 6 – what trigger? – can feel like silence, like a deep quiet. The worries have momentarily turned off and given up the hold they had on you. In the silence, there is no frame of reference so it can bring up uncertainty and discomfort. And the moment you think “…but…” you invite familiar suffering to return. Old patterns come back and pretend to offer certainty. So the need to face triggers is not going to ease up. It will continue to be “hard”. Level 6, which would seems to lead to bliss, really means that you’re not who you used to be. It’s new and it feels uncertain.

For sensitives, level 7 – it’s all me – would seem to be your worse nightmare. But it is not the same thing as psychic overwhelm. Level 7 is an OUTWARD “it’s all me,” not an inwards overwhelm.

-Choosing. You have to keep choosing your reaction. Even if you feel tired of doing that. If you stop choosing, you’re in victimhood. The choosing WILL get easier because it transforms into a healthy habit.

-Don’t try to be “nice” to others from a triggered place. Wait and get centered first, so you can be in your real truth. Loving yourself has to come first.

-Show up to the change, the new way things present themselves. Show up for this. Let the familiar have a different place in you.

-Difference between choice and stance: Choice is when you point to a trajectory. A ‘stance’ is how you hold, moment by moment, as you either re-commit to the choice or re-evaluate it as you go along.

-When you feel confused, the step you’re trying to take is too big. There is nothing wrong with taking a ridiculously small step. Very small steps give you a feeling of reassurance, which creates more pathways going forward. Every day, find something to do a ridiculously small step on. Then you will feel reassurance instead of falling into habit.

-Feeling that intense quiet? Make a line in the sand – “I’m not going to try and “understand”. Understanding is overrated. Level 6 is about holding the space as a doorway to drop into. It is a HUGE evolutionary difference. Allow things to be changing. Don’t let fear or worry into it. Choose fascination instead.

-For your unhealed core emotion, have favorite tools ready to go. Just being aware of what it is, and aware when it is present, is sometimes enough. Usually, it’s so habitual, it can be hard to catch. Likewise, the success of the levels is knowing what level you are in. It’s not a hierarchy so much as it’s an awareness. And, then you choose.