Morning Message #2014-14 March 20, 2014

Reflection. In the midst of all this change and transformation, be sure that you are comparing you to you. There are two good reasons for this. The first is that it offers you a chance to acknowledge progress even as you are still in the growth process. The second is that it makes it easier for you to be kind to yourself.

It’s always tempting to compare yourself to another or to some external standard offered by society. This frequently leads to you judging yourself harshly and falling into a being mean to you pattern. Much spiritual development is only perceivable on the inside (at least in the beginning). Comparing you to you may be the only measurable progress anyway!

Be nice to you! Notice your progress using your own standards. Consistency in your conscious choices will lead to your external world noticing your transformation. Even then, compare only you to you.

Step by step you’re blooming. You are moving your train to a new track. Step by step, it’s happening.

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