The three Council members who spoke were extremely firm about the importance of the time we are in. If we want to catch the current wave of transformation, we must choose to do so. This is not a time to coast or be in neutral. It is the time to stop being attracted to habitual responses, fears, familiar suffering, or focused on the past and future. It is time to choose.

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Guardians: Be present in the center of you, in the center of the moment. Bring your willingness to “now.” Catching the current wave requires a decision, and a determination not to be distracted. Yet distraction and habit are still very interesting to you – still the largest voice in the room. “Habitually fearful” is what you still fall into in response to chaos, but habit cannot tell you who you are anymore. And, until you give up habit, the Council cannot work with you on the body. If you want radical transformation, you must give up your habitual responses. You can either be in fear or you can be in fascination. The attraction of chaos should no longer be interesting to you.

Visionaries: Just be aware of your habitual responses. You don’t need to change all your habits immediately, but you must catch them. This opens up a chance to be conscious, opens you to insight. “Where am I being habitual?” “Give me a tangible relationship to insight.” KNOW that it is there; know that it is just waiting for you to say “yes” to it. There is an energetic movement afoot that you don’t want to miss. You have more impact on your life than you believe. “I will change NOW.”

Eloheim: You have worked so hard over many lifetimes and now you have a body that your Soul can somewhat energetically match. You have a vast reservoir of You. Your wisdom – a simple Knowing – is right there. Yet there is a go/no go switch: habits, fears, past, future, familiar suffering. All these keep you from the transformation you desire.

In response to questions: Stay in your force-field (presence). Instead of “grounding,” think of running towards regeneration and connection to your Self. Going into familiar suffering seems to be the only certainty and control you appear to have, but your true safety is in your reactions to your creations. “This is my first choice.” In relationships, ask: what am I giving up – and what am I requiring of others – to get my fears “fixed”? “This is what I want BECAUSE‚Ķ.” The important part comes after “because” and may have to do with perceived safety. You can only experience what you choose. And the only “proof” you have that you are transforming is to compare you-to-you.


Seven sessions held in October, 2012

This package includes audio of all seven and video of six (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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