August 12, 2009
A person attending the group for the first time asked Eloheim to summarize their teachings.

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Eloheim: The primary thing is we are all about choosing for consciousness and exploring within yourself places that you’re unconscious, where you’re habitual, where fears are running their patterns. And as you choose for consciousness, a couple of different things happen.

One, you start using a different part of your brain. As you start using a different part of your brain it starts sending different signals into your physical form. Those different signals that are being sent to the physical form start to give you more control over how your body presents, how your body experiences the world. Also, as you choose for consciousness you raise your vibration, and by raising your vibration you make yourself more closely matched to your soul’s energetic. And by getting the past and the future out of the moment, you allow yourself that space we talked about for your soul’s insight to come in and give you access to the Akashic Records, so you don’t have to run your lifetime based on your limited mind, but you can run your lifetime based on the soul’s information.

We’re helping people get out of the fear-based operating system and into the consciousness-based operating system and in between those two states is where you are —which is called the messy middle ground— which is: sometimes you’re conscious, sometimes you’re unconscious, sometimes you’re oblivious, and sometimes, boy, you really know what’s going on. We try to give tools and opportunities for people to really observe where and how they’re interacting with others, whether it be in physical structures, the world, people, jobs, cats, dogs—you name it. And how those interactions can be used for personal growth, rather than be all about what that person is doing wrong or that person’s doing right.

You’re in a process of evolution. You’re evolving out of the Homo sapiens space into the Homo spiritus space. Homo sapiens is a fear-based existence, whereas Homo spiritus is a consciousness-based experience. It’s often called Ascension. And you’re not ascending out of the body, as many people have erroneously understood that word to mean. You’re actually allowing the soul’s energy to ascend through the body and fill you. The soul isn’t somebody who’s taking you over. The soul is your expanded self that has all of your lifetimes and all of your time between lifetimes, all the time before you started having lifetimes, everything about you, including access to the Akashic Records and other souls that a portion of that soul has been allocated to this lifetime. And what we are hoping to help you do is to be able to embody the extent of the soul that was allocated to this lifetime.

Most people run about 18 percent. Most of the people in this group are in the 40s now. There’ll be a big jump and they’ll go from 40s to 70s soon. We expect with this fear thing that we’ve been attending to, that’s when things are really going to start to get interesting. But right now most people are in the 40-to-50 range. When we started talking about this stuff they were in their 20s, so there’s been a huge shift.

Question: What do the numbers mean?

Eloheim: Your soul is vast, infinite, and immortal. There is no way you can stuff an entire soul into a human body. Human life does not require the entirety of your soul. But there’s a percentage of your soul that has been allocated to be experiencable in this lifetime, and we’re talking about the percentage of that section that you’re currently experiencing in this incarnation. And that percentage, like we said, for most people is somewhere around 18. Maybe 15, for some people it’s 12. But in the teens. Most of the people who regularly come to this group are experiencing something around 40. Some are experiencing more, some are experiencing less and no, we will not give you your numbers. Just take it as a generalization. Most of you have doubled. That’s good enough, right? Right. But when you start to get into 75 percent and in that range, that’s when you start to experience a lot more control over the body, a lot more control of how you are physically in the world, i.e., instantaneous manifestation, recognizing that the paradigm is completely dictated by your internal world.

When you start to recognize that your internal world really is creating your reality, that isn’t just hot air, and your internal world is completely under your choice as to how you experience it, that’s when you start to experience things like instantaneous manifestation because the manifestation is based on your experience of yourself, not how you think it’s going to be if you could do blah, blah, blah.

That’s a rundown of what we’re about and what we’ve been teaching.

Note from Veronica: Here in 2012 we have 10 books published and more on the way. We just completed our first retreat with Eloheim and have another scheduled for September 2-5, 2013, we offer live webcasts of our public channeling events, and I have private sessions with Eloheim available. Quite a lot of progress in three years!

From the forthcoming book: Birth of The Council, Vol. 2

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