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March, 2009

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ELOHEIM: Emotions and the Spiritual Journey ~ 3-25-09

REMINDER: Eloheim will be in Martinez, CA this Sunday the 29th at 4:00pm. Email for details.

I received a request for Eloheim to talk about emotions and how they relate to the Spiritual Journey. This meeting includes a lengthy discussion of romantic relationships including information on living with an unconscious partner.

This meeting is so full of information that Lois took 8 pages of notes!

Here are a few highlights from the first part of the meeting.

  • Why have emotions have been given an unassailable pedestal to sit on?
  • “Rather than telling you what you are, the emotions become the raw material for you crafting who you are.”
  • A definition of Bliss and the path to achieve it.
  • Where does romantic love fit in? Romantic love furthers the spiritual journey; it shows you where you are ready to grow and gives you a companion on the journey.
  • Romantic love is a biological reaction. The spiritual journey you take together is the loving act.
  • How am I processing my triggers while honoring how that impacts my partner?
  • At some point, you have learned enough about fear.
  • Later in the meeting:

  • The Choice for Consciousness doesn’t need props!
  • Service is ‘old school!’ Emanate a balanced state. That is what you have to offer now.
  • A question that includes Eloheim’s favorite word to say, “squelch!” What do I do with the anger I have squelched?
  • The end of the meeting:

  • A discussion of the big changes coming in the last half of 2009 and all of 2010.
  • A discussion of what non-physical entities attend the meeting.
  • A discussion of how Eloheim’s presence at the meeting is changing.
  • 3-25-09 – 108 minutes
    -How do we trust the emotions we are having?
    -What about “sleeping partners”? When romantic love vs. spiritual growth becomes a necessary choice.
    -Telling the truth is an act of consciousness-deep lies are embedded in fear.
    -All relationships can teach, but what are you wanting to learn?
    -Re-learning is only necessary if you choose.
    -The choice for consciousness does not need props;-i.e. equipment, place, environment, etc.
    -The ultimate act of Free Will is to align your desire for free will with your desire for consciousness;no one can make you and only you can decide to.
    -Consciousness has a global effect–hundredth monkey syndrome.
    -Spiritual Cleansing-break down the emotion-Why Why Why Why-be willing to see.
    -Negative self talk is NEVER allowed.
    -People habituate out of boredom;fill your space with neutral observation-body evaluation.
    -Define the stimulus of ALL emotions; happy and sad.
    -Eloheim talks about who they are-who is present at the meeting.
    -We cannot tell you anything until you ask! the gate must be opened by you and your questions.


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    February, 2009

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    ELOHEIM: Transcript, What are you afraid of?

    The last three Eloheim meetings have focused on our relationship with fear.
    Eloheim has made it clear that a major step in the Spiritual Journey at this
    time is to learn that fears are “options not mandates.”

    Recently a wonderful volunteer has come forward to transcribe some of the
    Eloheim materials. This allows me to offer Eloheim quotes to supplement the
    videos I have already provided.

    A lot of your fears, and this means everybody, are fears about:

    “I won’t be able to handle it. I won’t be able to handle it therefore it has to
    be bad. This is bad because I can’t handle it.”

    Where the reality that is being handed to you now is, “This too shall teach me.
    And I don’t know what I’m capable of handling until the moment arises because
    I’ve never been “challenged” this way at the vibrational level I’m currently

    This is one of the key components of this discussion tonight. Please take this
    with you. You have not experienced your world from the vibrational level that
    you are currently occupying with the supporting vibration of the planet at the
    level the planet is currently occupying. You’ve never had to deal with life
    from this place, therefore any fear you have of not being able to handle it is
    actually negated by the reality of,

    “I don’t know what I can handle. I have not been asked to handle this yet.”

    So you’re afraid of something because at a previous vibrational level and/or a
    past life you were not able to do it. .. you’re still carrying that
    reluctance,”I’m not capable, I’m not capable.”

    When the moment arises that you have to deal with something and you bring this
    high vibrational attention to it, with the insight of the Soul, conscious of
    the fears that you’re experiencing, all of a sudden they fall away.

    We saw this happen with Veronica when her cat went missing, she didn’t think
    she could handle it, she didn’t think she could do the things that she’s done
    in the process of looking for the cat, she found herself crawling around
    underneath the house, she thought, “I never in a million years would have
    thought I would find myself underneath the house,” but there she was underneath
    the house. She literally sat there with a flashlight thinking, “I’m under a
    house! How can I be under a house? I should be afraid!” But she recognized,
    that uncomfortable, yes. Afraid no. Uncomfortable, yes; Not a preference;
    Wouldn’t do it again given the choice.

    But making the choice to get up and make a speech, or climb underneath the
    house with a flashlight or believe in your own human ability to believe in your
    own body’s connection to the truth; That’s what you’re being asked.

    That’s why we’re talking about this tonight. Because the fears are telling you,
    “you can’t” and the “you” they’re talking to is a previous version of you.

    And if you don’t get conscious of the fact that the “you” that fear is talking
    to isn’t who you are [now], it’ll be more challenging than it needs to be for
    you to deal with the things that come up. Understood?

    So you are here saying, “I’m well, yet I fear being unwell,” but the reality is
    that the vibrational level that you’re able to maintain is the ‘well vibration’
    and the fear of the old you somehow coming back and taking that away from you
    is just the body saying, “we’re really unsure of what’s going on here.”

    That’s where you reassure your body: We’re on the path; Let’s be conscious. And
    when the fear comes up you say, “Yup, that’s the old fear, that’s the old me,
    the old me lived that way. I don’t live that way anymore. How do I live? I
    live from insight, I live from consciousness and I live from awareness that
    fears are not controlling me, they’re simply advising me. And I can say yes or
    no to their advice.”

    For more information about this meeting, please visit:

    January, 2009

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    ELOHEIM: Speaking of SERVICE ~ 1-21-09

    This clip is from the beginning of the meeting held on 1-21-09. A request was made for Eloheim to discuss the concept of Service as proposed in President Obama’s inaugural address. The entire meeting was 80 minutes.

    Here are quotes from the opening talk:

    Becoming conscious of what’s going on is the byproduct of being called to service….it is the consciousness it takes to a ponder the idea of serving that’s actually the actor in this dynamic.

    Consciousness is the greatest service you can do. Conscious acts are the greatest forms of service you can offer. It matters less what they [the acts] are, than that you do them consciously.

    You want to be in the most conscious frame of mind possible, in order to interact at the highest vibrational level possible, so that you serve at the deepest level possible. Not just by painting, but by emanating.


    Audio recordings of the five meetings held in January 2009


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