It’s so habitual to imagine a step far down the line rather than stay on the current step in any project.

After all, the current step is the place of uncertainty. How will it work out? Will people like it? Can I do it?

The make-believe 50th step in any project is a way to get “fake certainty” for a bit. However, it doesn’t move your project forward and frequently results feeling worse!

“Why was I thinking about things down the road and not actually DOING something? I will never get this project done!”

Stay on the step you are on. If it feels too big, break it down into smaller and smaller steps until the step you are on feels managable. Even if that means the step you are on is taking a breath.

Use the What is True Now? tool to connect you to your body and the moment.
Use the I’m Tempted To Tool if you find yourself drifting into the future.

Step by step is the only way anything has ever gotten done! It’s totally ok!

Yes, it can bring up feelings of uncertainty. Uncertainty is not danger! Uncertainty is the place where creativity lives. It’s the birth place of the new. It truly OK to be uncertain!

Here is an audio clip with more on the 50th step teachings.