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March, 2017

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The Uncertainty Series

7 HOURS of Audio


Eloheim has stated: “This is the most important information we have ever given you.”

Here is what I wrote after one of the sessions:

Personally, this information is blowing my mind. It has shifted so many things. I’m almost speechless about it. It’s that good. ~ Veronica

A comment on this series:

This is the most powerful information I have ever listened to. These last 4 sessions, I’ve now played 3 times each and still unraveling it. WOW all round … I can barely focus on anything else. This is deeper than DEEP!

I’m so appreciative that I’ve found Eloheim and the Council, this work is the best because it’s pure transformation.

I also want to thank every one who’s taken part in the live sessions because the sharing has been incredible. I listened to these audios as Eloheim recommended, looking for what was also true for me in each persons uncertainties and the clarity that came forth. It often felt like I was also the other .. I’m really starting to experience for myself the Oneness of it all.

Uncertainty is my new best friend.

Some uncertainties we can more easily ignore:

How does my computer actually work? How many blades of grass are there in my garden? Is it going to rain today?

Some uncertainties consume us:

When will I find love? How will I pay these bills? Will I ever reach my fullest potential?

How you navigate uncertainty is a choice.

These recordings support you as you heal your relationship to uncertainty leading to a calmer, more centered, more confident approach to life.

7 hours of audio recordings.

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February, 2017

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The 50th Step

It’s so habitual to imagine a step far down the line rather than stay on the current step in any project.

After all, the current step is the place of uncertainty. How will it work out? Will people like it? Can I do it?

The make-believe 50th step in any project is a way to get “fake certainty” for a bit. However, it doesn’t move your project forward and frequently results feeling worse!

“Why was I thinking about things down the road and not actually DOING something? I will never get this project done!”

Stay on the step you are on. If it feels too big, break it down into smaller and smaller steps until the step you are on feels managable. Even if that means the step you are on is taking a breath.

Use the What is True Now? tool to connect you to your body and the moment.
Use the I’m Tempted To Tool if you find yourself drifting into the future.

Step by step is the only way anything has ever gotten done! It’s totally ok!

Yes, it can bring up feelings of uncertainty. Uncertainty is not danger! Uncertainty is the place where creativity lives. It’s the birth place of the new. It truly OK to be uncertain!

Here is an audio clip with more on the 50th step teachings.


April, 2016

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The Uncertainty Spectrum


The Uncertainty Spectrum

“You’re here to explore uncertainty.”


This amazing call introduces the Uncertainty Spectrum.

Uncertainty is a fact of life

, and we spend much of our life being afraid of it — thanks to our preprogrammed Survival Instinct. Using Eloheim’s new skills with the computer and a chart they spent several weeks keeping Veronica up at night devising and refining, Eloheim explored how we can move from fear to fascination while in uncertainty.

Eloheim said, we want to help you understand, once and for all, “How all this works.”

Constant uncertainty is not always danger, Eloheim states. When you don’t let the survival instinct run your life, you get to explore and live life as Homo spiritus.

During this call, Eloheim became extremely emotional with the love they hold for us all and had to pause to collect themselves before they could proceed.

The place where we say I know I created this terrible thing and I don’t know why or how makes us a victim of our own creation, and this is where uncertainty, danger, and the survival instinct lives. You are NOT victims of yourselves, Eloheim declares. You are always exploring uncertainty.

Eloheim explained that when you have uncertainty and fear but ignore it or avoid it, you’re simply coping, pretending, and lying to yourself. When you are in uncertainty and fascinated, you’re in discovery. Their teachings show you how to get from one side of the spectrum to the other.

The Uncertainty Spectrum is divided into:

Fear (experienced as intense through ignore) – which creates judgement, control and rejection.

Fascination (experienced as neutral through exploration) – which creates peace, centeredness, openness, and creativity.

Eloheim asked for caller input and examples for each part of the graph, then they explained what the types of examples lead to and how to get unstuck. They suggested we use this graph to get to the other side of the middle line and to create a larger discovery zone. The center line is movable and we can shrink or expand either side. This is where the levels of creation teachings and tools come in.

According to Eloheim, if you find yourself on the left side of the graph, then the Survival Instinct is in charge. At this point, stop everything, apply tools, and transform your experience. Choose fascination and discovery. Ask, what is the real gift here?

“Every single thing we have taught you has led here.”

90 minute audio/video
Watch on demand or download to your device

Price: $14.99

February, 2014

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2014-02-16 ~ The Fireside Chat, Don’t MISS!

We held our monthly Q&A with Eloheim on the 16th. Eloheim answered the questions listed below which were submitted online. Then Eloheim did a short talk for our new introduction to Eloheim video (above). The energy in the room STOPPED as Eloheim was talking. It was so powerful! Eloheim “was kinda in a mood to talk” invited John and Mary who were in the room to ask questions. The “Fireside Chat” was PROFOUND. The conversation started with climate change, disasters, uncertainty, energetic instruction/construction/healing, opportunity, static free living, the uselessness of worry, information overload, Eloheim’s plan for the advancement of their teachings, a potential format for the next retreat, and SO much more! Continue Reading…

October, 2013

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What’s It Like Past The BIG THING That Bothers You?

The October 9, 2013 session featured Eloheim and Fred! I had watched a video (see below) about the Hubble Deep Field and was very interested to hear Fred’s comments about it. I have received so many emails and comments about Fred’s talk!! People really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. You can watch the ON DEMAND video replay of this meeting by ordering it below.

Guardians: Potentials are sparkly in the room. You are ready.

Visionaries: You feel ready for the new. At the retreat, we held the energetic of the post big-thing open for you. It put you in uncertainty which gives you the opportunity to allow change. In uncertainty, you don’t use control, tension, old patterns. You just relax into it. You allow uncertainty deep within you, without any resistance. This puts you into level 6 and upwards.

What is your relationship to uncertainty? Most of what’s in your life is already uncertain. So when a survival instinct thought comes up, catch it, decide if it’s giving you anything new or useful – and, if it’s not, then dismiss it. And THEN, for transformation into the rich Homo spiritus experience, you embrace uncertainty. That’s the next step. You say “Oh, there’s uncertainty. And I’m uncertain by nature.” You own it. Use the word “uncertainty” in place of the old labels of fear, anger, confusion, sadness, etc. It’s all under the umbrella of uncertainty. “I am just uncertain” puts you in a state of vulnerability. Relax into uncertainty just as you relax into breathing. You are mining uncertainty for what it offers.
Continue Reading…

Making Peace with Uncertainty

Reblogged from http://johnbecker.solfeggiosound.com/wp/?p=70

In this post, John refers to the exchange he had with Eloheim at the recent retreat.

You can order the retreat recordings and watch Eloheim interact with John and all the other participants too. Learn more here.

Join our next retreat October 6-9, 2014. Learn more here.

Here are some highlights. Follow the link above to read the entire post and his follow up posts.

When I agreed with Eloheim that I would be totally open and be with myself for 1 minute a day I had no idea what I was really agreeing to. I would suggest that you be really clear with yourself before agreeing to anything with that guy because he will take you for a ride, just saying. Continue Reading…

September, 2011

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It’s ALL Possible, What Will You Choose? 9-14-2011

The Eloheim and The Council channeling session of September 14, 2011 continues a string of meetings that just get more and more powerful. This session marked the first time that any of us could remember that I had to take a break between Council members! Just watch this video of the Visionaries and you will see why.

Later on, Eloheim explained at length that the heart chakra is the uncertainty chakra. The wonderful repercussions of that are nearly impossible to describe.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

There’s no more blueprint! 9-9-2011

The meeting of September 9, 2011 was special in many ways. It was the first time we held a “remote” webcast. We all gathered in a beautiful garden for a potluck dinner at Mike and Nanci’s house and then moved into their living room for our session.

The entire Council contributed to our gathering. Notably, The Visionaries announced that “There’s no more blueprint.” WOW!!! Eloheim added an very important component to the Uncertainty series. We also revisited some tools from the past that The Council wanted to make sure we were keeping in mind. Eloheim spoke at length about money and debt.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

August, 2011

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The Uncertainty Series – 5 Sessions

I have created a package download of all five sessions on evolving our relationship to uncertainty. Eloheim has stated this is the most important information they have ever given us. It sure has changed my life!


Price: $19.99

In this clip, the Visionaries share their insights.

In this clip, the Guardians contribute an overview.

In this clip, the Girls share their views on this new teaching.

Integrating Uncertainty 8-10-2011

Eloheim continues with part three of their series on uncertainty which began on July 27 and includes the meeting of August 3rd.

During this meeting, Eloheim uses the white board to describe how to incorporate the new revelations about uncertainty with many of their tools including: Circle of Possibilities, Vulnerability/Weakness, Short Factual Statements, and more.


Audio from all six sessions held in August, 2011


Price: $9.99



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