Eloheim’s tool: Mad scientist
From our newest book, The Homo Spiritus Sessions, Collection 1

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If you are in a situation that you are unhappy with, rather than leave the situation, experiment within the situation. Let’s say you are in a job you do not like. Rather than find a new job, consider staying in the present situation but approaching it in a brand new way.

Then when you start to make changes, you’re the only thing that is changing. This makes it much easier for you to see the dynamic play out.

Become the mad scientist and start experimenting, and by experimenting we mean changing what you think the outcome of you being in your integrity is. You think you can’t be in your integrity because you’ll get fired or because they won’t like you or because, because, because. You have all these projections, all these fears about what being in your integrity means. Change your energetic and see how it plays out. You don’t like where you are now so it’s worth taking a chance that it could get better, and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. Make what you are not happy with your little factory for experimentation.

Show up at work and you sit down and instead of saying, “God, look at all this work, look at all these voicemails, and oh, the boss is already bitching at me,” try this, “OK, I’m a mad scientist today and this is my factory. What do I want to create? How do I want to be in this space? I don’t mind the work. I mind the attitudes. So, how are those attitudes true about me? How is my bitchy boss just a voice in my head that’s really loud when it comes out of somebody else’s mouth?” You are able to look at things in a new way because you are not requiring the situation stay the same in order for you to feel safe. You use the process of experimentation to create a reality with less suffering and more self-awareness.



Veronica writes:
I love the mad scientist tool. It’s nice to have such permission to experiment in a difficult situation. Oftentimes, a painful dynamic is really just a specific thing or person and there is actually a lot more about the situation that I like than I don’t like. The mad scientist tool lets me keep the parts I enjoy while I attempt to transform the parts I don’t. It can be a lot of fun!

This is a fun tool. When I become a mad scientist I really see how different a situation can become just by my changing the perception of it. That’s really all it takes. It’s amazing how quickly a trigger can get diffused by using the mad scientist tool.
—Randy Sue Collins

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