The Eloheim and The Council session of October 5, 2011 was quite unusual. The Guardian’s started the meeting by removing the bottom 3 feet of energy from the room. Then, they called in a new layer of energy and put it at the top of our fields. Strange but true! Folks felt it happen.

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The result was that the energy of each chakra moved down one and the crown chakra was given access to an entirely new energetic.

It is quite amazing to work with the chakras in this new way.

Eloheim did a mini session on each person present to illuminate how to incorporate this new energetic into each chakra. I’ve included a video of Eloheim describing the new crown chakra energy. Each part of this meeting was incredible and filled with great examples. Plus, you get to see members of the group!


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in October, 2011


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