The meeting of September 11, 2013 was incredible. Eloheim spoke to attendees about how the retreat shifted their lives and the stories were so moving. I haven’t been the same since that meeting. I’ve had big shifts in this 11-year journey with Eloheim, but nothing like this. I’m not the same person.

Here are some highlights from the session. Watch the entire meeting by following the order link below. Join us at our next retreat, October 6-9, 2014 details here.

Guardians: Breathe into who you are in this moment. Breathe into the opportunity that presents itself. You’re here by choice, so let yourself be present to honor that choice. Embrace the truth that you don’t know anything and start from there. The only place that change can occur is in uncertainty. What is your life like past your big thing? It’s uncertain.

At the retreat, Eloheim illuminated that place within each person that was past their big thing. They jumped to the next part, so each person could hear what they needed for the next part of their life. Embrace your post big-thing life, even without any evidence that it has passed. You’re not as trapped as you were before, where you stayed small with familiar suffering. So don’t go looking for it. Stay in the empty space, the blank slate, to allow new experiences.

Eloheim: (Talked with attendees about their post big-thing life).

When the ‘big thing’ comes up for you again, ignore the fact that it wants your attention. It doesn’t hold the same role in your life any more, but it’s still there.

You saw what you wanted and said “I know what it is, and I’m going to grab it!” Rather than being in fantasyland, or the idea that you’ll get it “one day”…you actually GO for it. You now know where “x” is, and you’ll put yourself in situations where you can explore “x”.

Shoes are going to drop. But with tools and awareness, you can see these as opportunities rather than as catastrophes. There are a whole bunch of ways to explore uncertainty, besides with fear.

You are addicted to certainty. Forms of certainty are being in familiar suffering and being on the 50th step, all ways to be mean to yourself. Transformation starts with self-love, so watch your inner soundtrack. Delight in the step you’re on. If you feel inadequate, or whatever your favorite suffering is, ask yourself what step you’re on.

“I’m going to let the love and appreciation in more”. Let it hit all the chakras inside your body. This is an abundant universe. Let it IN, inside the chakra system.

September 11 ~ Eloheim

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2013 retreat with Eloheim